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 on: Today at 05:52:29 pm 
Started by popcornhog - Last post by BoynamedWooPigSooie
How many 7-on-7 championships did that result in?

 on: Today at 05:46:44 pm 
Started by nwahogfan1 - Last post by Pig in the Pokey
But ESPN has Missouri as a 75% chance of beating Arkansas.    So we may be in the minority around the country as thinking we will win that game. 

With Vegas setting the over under as 5.5 wins then there is an equal number of people around the country betting that we will not get to 6 wins this year.   SAD!!!
D E R E K  D O O L E Y

 on: Today at 05:44:46 pm 
Started by Kevin - Last post by HogFansReunited
I honestly don't remember - I was a little taken back, "Welcome to Arkansas, you're not in California anymore! lol"

He seems like a very nice guy "Hognoxious" but I could do without the laugh as well... lol!

One of the best people to sit next to and watch a ballgame. Makes some great BBQ as well.

 on: Today at 05:36:22 pm 
Started by Kevin - Last post by TexasDad
So, c'mon...the rest of the story. Was it biscuit or cornbread?

I honestly don't remember - I was a little taken back, "Welcome to Arkansas, you're not in California anymore! lol"

On this conversation of heckling....who the F is the maniacal laugher that we have? I mean whomever it is, they are just as annoying as the Vandy whistler. Ruins ballgames at the park and on TV. So if you're the laugher, and you read this board, for the love of all that is good in this world - S.T.F.U.

He seems like a very nice guy "Hognoxious" but I could do without the laugh as well... lol!

 on: Today at 05:32:51 pm 
Started by nwahogfan1 - Last post by parallaxpig
Mizzou should be the favorite. Until we start beating somebody we ainít getting any respect.

 on: Today at 05:30:43 pm 
Started by popcornhog - Last post by hawgmasta
I just saw this as well, so I guess we have definitely had some talent here on the offensive side at least.

 on: Today at 05:20:44 pm 
Started by (notOM)Rebel123 - Last post by ricepig

 on: Today at 05:18:31 pm 
Started by bennyl08 - Last post by 311Hog
I don't see the difference b/w the two. Nobody is going to bring in a qb that they don't think can win the locker room. Not in the first round at least.

that is what i mean, QB dropping the N word on twitter in HS can't be good for the locker room look. And he played for Wyoming not exactly the meca of football =)

 on: Today at 05:15:39 pm 
Started by bennyl08 - Last post by bennyl08
You should add Clowney and JJ Watt to your list, that worked pretty good but one or the other can't seem to remain healthy.

I see your point though, i guess in my thought Barkley is best player that could provide the most impact for the Browns, then at 4 there will definitely be a QB available probably even the same QB they would take at 1. 

My other consideration was free agency. Sure Tyrod is not a QB to build your team around, but you could bring in a QB from free agency especially if you build up a stout defense, and have some weapons in the offense.

also there is the money angle i think a no. 1 RB would come cheaper than a number 1 QB so less risk of a bust at No. 1 and less pressure.

Eh, Watt and Clowney were 3 years apart so that makes things easier on the salary cap than being 1 year apart. Further, Clowney is still on his rookie contract. Furthermore, what have they done in that time sans a qb? In the four years, to their credit, they've made the playoffs twice. First year, they lost 30-0 in the wildcard round. Second year, they beat a Raider's team sans most of their starters, limping into the playoffs before being drubbed by the Patriots. They'll get to have Clowney, Watt, and and Watson for this next season, but can they afford to keep all three when Clowney comes up for his first non-rookie contract? Do they release Watt who'll be 30 come next season (2019). By the time Watson is good enough to be their center piece, doubtful they'll have both Watt and Clowney which would be the same conundrum Cleveland would be in.

Rb would definitely be cheaper than QB. My god, those contracts are getting expensive. Cousins has 3 seasons of starting, and one playoff appearance as the starter, and suddenly, he's getting 23 million a year? Still, your odds of finding success on the free agency market are slim. I'd go Barkley and a qb at the top, get some OL help in round 2 with their 3 picks, as well as best available at any spot. Try and find a flowers/wise jr rusher later in the draft to help out Garrett. Get some secondary help as well.

They've got Jabril Peppers and EJ Gaines in the secondary, Garrett and Brantley on the DL (and Chris Smith who's been a pretty good pass rush specialist) as star players on defense. Josh Gordon, Jarvis Landry, and Corey Coleman as good weapons at receiver with Njoku as a budding TE. They lost their start OL players in Mack and Thomas over the past couple years, they need help at RB (Hyde is not the answer), and they need a qb. With 5 picks over the first 2 rounds of the draft, and another 4 picks before the 7th round starts, the Browns could in theory build a pretty good team.

Also, playing the devil's advocate a bit, everybody has laser vision on Barkley. Chubb, Guice, Michel, and Jones are insanely good backs as well. Sure, Barkley is definitely this year's Fournette. But I don't think the next 7 teams who drafted a back are really regretting their choice either. 2, maybe even three of those will still be around in the 2nd and can easily, easily give you pro bowl level production at RB. Barkley will give you all pro production likely, but like I said, devil's advocate, maybe they don't go Barkley since the RB group is super talented and super deep this year.

 on: Today at 05:15:11 pm 
Started by holeinthewall - Last post by 99toLife
1 and 2 is no

3 is the 49ers

A part of my family is from the area, and Joe Montana was my favorite/is my favorite player of all time.  there are other reasons but that is the simplest.

Thanks, and by the Way I played in a charity Golf tourney and JOE was on my team rode in my cart at Shadow Glen. Super nice guy.   

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