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 on: Today at 11:34:07 am 
Started by tusked - Last post by Deerhunter
I havenít watched a game all season and will not until there is change.  He is losing fans.  When people stop caring itís hard to get them back.  I really donít care anymore.

 on: Today at 11:32:42 am 
Started by widespreadsooie - Last post by ShadowHawg
This is what eight years should look like at Arkansas and I REFUSE to accept that it cannot happen again.  And I've tried and tried to forget those 20 years of basketball dominance...but I can't.  I guess I should just be greatful for those years.  I 'm trying to shift my focus to baseball cause that's been a fun ride for a while now.  Baseball just doesn't last as long as basetball.

Did you even notice how small the tournament was in the time frame selected?

Basically, the tournament will never be that small again.

The SWC no longer exists.

Those were huge factors in the results you are touting.

Indiana, DePaul, UNLV would love to see those days roll back around also.

I see a lot about living in the past being a problem in the bball program mentioned here. I think that is true but in more ways than one.

College basketball is in a completely different place today. Shot clock exist now, juco transfers have to have an associate degree, pace of play is way faster, 3 point line exists now, tournament field is twice as large, etc

Do you also hold the football program to ancient standards?

 on: Today at 11:31:54 am 
Started by Sho Nuff - Last post by 010HogFan
Mike has made the tournament 3 out of 8 years and you want him fired?

Yeah 3/8 is not good. That's a failing grade in any class you take.

 on: Today at 11:30:15 am 
Started by Sho Nuff - Last post by latrops
Mike has made the tournament 3 out of 8 years and you want him fired?

Turgeon is likely about to make it for the 4th time out of the last 5 years...and did advance to the sweet 16 a couple of years ago.  Anderson wouldn't be getting so much criticism if we were cruising to another NCAAT as opposed to starting over with a young team that figures to lose its best player.

 on: Today at 11:29:40 am 
Started by ParkHillHog - Last post by 010HogFan
Recruiting classes are the lifeblood of being a Razorback fan

The lifeblood of a MA coaching fix is telling his team to "work harder" and "make a play"

"they punkin you!"

 on: Today at 11:29:36 am 
Started by HogFaninMemphis - Last post by 99toLife
He lost around 2 million dollars, as a conservative estimate, by coming back to school. His stock is lower now compared to a year ago. Go when you can go.

Correct: Last year if drafted at #14-#15, he would have $7,000,000 in his pocket the first 2 years  with another $7,000,000 the next 2 years if the team agrees to the next two years, That's $14 Million over the next 4 years.  If he goes #24-25 those monies drop to HALF of that the 1st 4 years. 

 on: Today at 11:28:57 am 
Started by Sho Nuff - Last post by Hogmatic
I want him to make the program relevant again. I want him to have success in the NCAA Tournament, meaning at least a Sweet 16 every few years. I want his teams to play hard and smart. I want to see him make effective in-game adjustments. I want him to recruit better. If he canít do those things and win, then yes, a change needs to be made.

MA has gotten us into the tourney a few times but...at a much lower seed after his coaching led to January LOSSES that lowered our seeds.   MA has made a few changes to zone the last 3 years in February after the season has imploded.  His coaching loses games and hurts our record enough that IF we are capable of sneaking into the tourney it is at a much lower seed. 

So MA gets applause for getting us into the tourney but people don't recognize the damage.  His lapse in coaching and the time it takes him to change his stubborn ways allows our losses to reduce our seed.  For example we could have been let's say a 5 seed but his bad coaching leads to a 12 seed which means we have to play a much tougher first round game.

 on: Today at 11:28:52 am 
Started by HogFaninMemphis - Last post by zebradynasty
Did you pull that out of thin air?

I've never seen that claim anywhere.

The only alternative is that the Gaffords despite being told by professional scouts and talent evaluators the he was a certain top 20 pick and he chose to ignore it and come back. Haven't seen that claim anywhere either. Your scenario means that Gafford was a top 20 pick came back for the sole purpose of becoming a lotto pick...no one with his best interest in heart would have advised that!

 on: Today at 11:28:17 am 
Started by nesjunk - Last post by Amityvillehogger
still not seeing it from Zeb. What am I missing?

We haven't seen it in a Hog uni. Most are going off of what he's done in summer ball.

 on: Today at 11:27:34 am 
Started by tusked - Last post by Inhogswetrust
This just confirms HY as an AD. He's  spineless and scared of the backlash from Nolan

Or perhaps heís calculating and measured and doesnít want to jump the gun and has taken the thoughts and advice of many into his words and deeds. Besides how do you know this isnít simply the proverbial ďwe have faith and confidence in our coachĒ right up until he announces a change will be made. I suspect there are still some people of influence that want to give Mike one more year and others that are ready to let him go. Depending on the ratio itís possible he might just be thinking one more year to placate those still on the bandwagon thinking IF next year isnít any better or only a little better then they will change their mind and give him more of a mandate for change. My point is no matter how the average fans feel and shout out he has to consider the influencers and big donors as well as his bosses.

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