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 on: Today at 02:16:53 am 
Started by Großer Kriegschwein - Last post by kodiakisland
These are my rides.  My son and I share the bobber and I let my daughter put a few miles on the sixty.  Ride to work whenever the weather allows, plus a I have a fun 20 mile loop around the house I do almost every day.  If it's 50 degrees, I'm riding.

Not long distance bikes, but these days if I'm going far, I'll fly.

 on: Today at 01:39:04 am 
Started by hawgrunner - Last post by hawgrunner
Yes, the site. It could be so much better, particularly route-mapping, something Garmin should excel at. It’s functional and I am able to map out our various club rides for club for the A-, B-, & C-groups, but Garmin should look at the things Map My Ride does well.

Do you really not use the Garmin app, HR? The first thing I do when I hit “save” on my device is to open the app to see the data that BT’d over, such as heart rate data & related graph, avg cadence, etc. But I’m a data nerd by trade. I’ve resisted thus far getting a PM b/c that data would REALLY consume my time.

For my Edge 800 I've got all my data right there broken down into 7 pages
page 1 time, speed, distance, time of day,
page 2 Heart Rate, Cadence, Calories, Temp. & Grade.
page 3 avg. Cad, avg HR, avg. speed
page 4 speed, distance avg speed broken down by past mile
page 5 is my map/navigation page
page 6 shows my virtual partner data
page 7 Elevation data page

When mapping a route to upload to the Edge 800 via my usb cable I use "Ride with GPS"
I create my ride then export the file in TCX format.

 on: Today at 01:10:43 am 
Started by redleg - Last post by SooieGeneris
Fancy sports stadiums are a rip off...

Years ago, the "experts" like Stossel said the Superdome in NO would go bellyup within 10 years... How did that turn out?

There are problems with Title IX and some unintended consequences, yes. Many of the blatherers and blowhards concerning these topics blame one party and "liberals" for everything they don't like.

Title IX was signed by Tricky Dick Nixon. EPA? Started by Nixon. Opening relations with Red China and Russia? More Nixon.

Just sayin'...

 on: Today at 01:04:20 am 
Started by Swinesong1 - Last post by Arazorbackguy1
He is the Key to their success.

 on: Today at 01:02:34 am 
Started by GolfNut57 - Last post by GolfNut57
Heading down from Fayetteville to visit my mom for the weekend. Playing Cypress at 1:00. Haven't been able to get out there since the fall. Looking forward to it. Definitely my "home course".

Well you picked a nice day for it. How'd you do?

 on: Today at 12:56:17 am 
Started by Razorbacks#1 - Last post by jry04
We have won numerous games just like we lost tonight. We were due for a big let down because these type of games tend to even out over the course of the season. Take 2 tomorrow and no harm done.

 on: Today at 12:45:16 am 
Started by checkraiser88 - Last post by Calling All Hogs
As I've said several times, Ole Miss is in disarray because of the NCAA investigation. I doubt that they even win an SEC game this year. Heck, even when Freeze was cheating and had his best teams Ole Miss couldn't beat Arkansas.
Only way Ole Miss loses every SEC game is if they pull a surprise and hire Bielema.

 on: Today at 12:22:35 am 
Started by checkraiser88 - Last post by Pork Twain
These are as meaningless as preseason rankings

 on: Today at 12:21:45 am 
Started by redleg - Last post by Salted Pork
John Stossel is the same idiot that back in his ABC 20/20 days that did an expose on XNA.  He called it a boongoggle, railroaded throught the gov't by Wal Mart and Tyson.  He said Tyson intended to fly chicken to Japan and Wal Mart planned on flying electronics back, and the airport was just for them.  Well, XNA went on to become one of the most sucessful new airport if not the most succestful airport built in the last 40 years with the need to expand multiple time in the firs 20 years of existence.   

Moral of the story?  Don't listen to idiots, especially if it's what you want to hear.

XNA is also one of, if not THE, most expensive regional airports to fly out of in the country. It's pretty much Walmart's personal public airport.

 on: Today at 12:16:49 am 
Started by flippinhogmana - Last post by Coach1
Horrible strike zone for us good for them . Not that it matters but autumn was way safe to end the game . Umps so bad . We have to put it behind us and beat them twice.

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