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Title: Will Muschamp preview Arkansas
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“They’re a little unique in this day and age, as opposed to 10 or 12 years ago when they were very normal,” Muschamp said, via Gamecocks Online. “Offensively, Dan Enos does an outstanding job. They have very similar thoughts from when Bret [Bielema] was at Wisconsin to now at Arkansas with some of the things they do offensively. [They’re] more traditional, two back, with big people on the field and play action. We’ve got to have great eye control defensively as far as what we’re watching.”
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Will Muschamp want loss No. 2 to beat the Gamecocks again
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The theme of the day at Williams-Brice Stadium on Tuesday was that South Carolina football coach Will Muschamp doesn’t want loss No. 2 to beat the Gamecocks again.

Considering where they are right now, at 3-2 with an injury list that seems to grows each week, it may not be such a bad idea, even if it conflicts with a few of his personal beliefs.

“There’s no re-dos in life,” Muschamp said. “It’s part of the issues in society, everyone thinks you can hit a reset button and it’s OK, and that’s not the case. There are no woulda, coulda, shouldas.

“Learn from your mistakes and move forward.”

There certainly were plenty of those late in College Station, Texas as South Carolina blew a 10-point lead to Texas A&M.

“We had opportunities to finish [the Aggies] in the fourth quarter and we didn’t get it done,” Muschamp said, “But you can’t let one loss become another one, and you can’t harp on what happened the other night.

“That was a very disappointing loss. We had a hurt locker room and that was strictly my point with the team [Monday] and [Tuesday]. Hey, we’ll restart. Be positive, learn from our mistakes and move forward.

“I have a lot of confidence in this football team,” Muschamp said. “We’ve had our share of adversity and things out of our control, but I think our guys have responded extremely well and I’ve had all the confidence in the world as far as how we will respond Saturday, there is no question.

“We had a good day [Tuesday]. I expect us to have a good day [Wednesday]. I like the leadership on this football team, I enjoy being around this football team. They work extremely hard and they’re a good bunch to be around, so I’ve got all the confidence in the world how we’ll respond.”
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 Michael Carvell‏ @Michael_Carvell

What all 14 SEC coaches said during the Week 6 SEC teleconference
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Will Muschamp, South Carolina:

    On Arkansas’ young offensive players: “I think they’re coming into their own. … They’ve got really good skill players.”
    On series against Arkansas: “We spend a lot of time preparing for them through the summer because they are so different from us defensively.”
    On defense: “Until last week, we’ve played pretty good red-zone defense. … We’ve been really good in the red zone and forced people to kick field goals. … We’ve got to do a much better job on third down, defensively, to get off the field and not be in the red zone.”
    On offense: “We need to get some more production, we’ve got to score more points. … We’ve got to find some ways to get the ball to the perimeter and run the ball better.”
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It time to make Will Muschimp cry!
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 Michael Carvell‏ @Michael_Carvell

Picks for South Carolina vs. Arkansas; plus, the Gamecocks’ latest injury update
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Gamecocks 2-point underdogs at home

South Carolina could be without three starting offensive linemen against Arkansas, according to Muschamp.

Cory Helms (ankle) and Malik Young (ankle) have already been ruled out, while Zack Bailey (ankle) is doubtful.

“I think all three [offensive linemen] have a chance [to play] next week, I really do,” Muschamp said. “Based on that, I’m still holding on to some hope for Zack, but it doesn’t look good right now, but we’ll see how he moves around. We’ve still got some time before the [Arkansas] game. We’ll see what happens.”

This would be the first game this season the Gamecocks are without all three players.
Title: Will Muschamp review Arkansas
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 SEC Country Arkansas‏ @SECCountryHogs 6h6 hours ago

What South Carolina said about Arkansas after beating Razorbacks  #WPS http://sec.news/2yxHOHZ