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Fun race so far.  Everyone's spread out front, but there's been some good side-by-side running.  Good multiple-groove racing.  The tire restriction is playing games with some of these teams too - burn a set of tires now to try to win a segment, or save them for the end and try to win the race.

hog of steele:

what are the sections and tire restrictions?


Lol, I had Ty Dillon as my C driver, but I did have Jimmy as my A guy.


 :puke:JJ :puke:


I smoked the Fantasy this week.  1st, 2nd, 5th, and 6th.  Needed to after such a slump. 


Just got off the plane back home in Texas. The Monster Mile is now my favorite track I've been to by a large margin over #2 Richmond # 3 Texas and #4 Daytona. Lots of action all over the track the whole race. Delaware beach towns were super cool as well. We had a blast  :D ;D :D


I took two of my relatives who had never attended a race and were not fans. They are now fans and want to go to Bristol with me next Spring  ;D

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