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Dale Jr and Talladega

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Im not one to buy into tin foil hat stuff, but who wants to bet that Jr wins one of the 3 plate races that are left even though he hasnt been what I call "competitive" for a couple of years. Will make for a great story and get NASCAR alot of press. Im willing to bet that he will have a car that will pass 3 cars that are drafting together, kinda like the car he had at Daytona after Sr died. Rigged not rigged?


Stenhouse had a strong car in qualifying.  Roush as a whole is much improved and could get both drivers in the chase.  Will be interesting to see if they can carry it over when they go back to 3 teams next year.


Either JR's team doesn't have it figured out or JR is no longer aggressive. 


Credit to Ricky. He had the best car all day and was patient after having to give up the lead.   Paid off in the end.


--- Quote from: BigoBoys on May 07, 2017, 09:29:52 pm ---Either JR's team doesn't have it figured out or JR is no longer aggressive. 

--- End quote ---
Jr, has lost the edge.  That's apparent.


I would have loved to see what he would have been if Senior had not died.

It was fun watching him when he was racing in Busch against Harvick.

It had to be tough with the shadow of Senior hanging over him after his death.


I think his Dad's death was a big part for the years following, but he just never cared much to be a student of the game when it came to tuning.  You had to hit the setup pretty close for Jr. to be effective. 

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