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 on: Today at 03:04:49 am 
Started by Con el Cerdos - Last post by Con el Cerdos
For those interest in the Texas high school playoffs the following links will be helpful.

Couple of links:  first is the broadcast schedule


Second link is the teams vying for the championship in each division


All are scheduled to be broadcast on Fox Sports Southwest.

 on: Today at 02:52:59 am 
Started by diveplayon4thn20 - Last post by Hopeful Hog
Hasn't played much, and me being way out of state, I'm not informed much of his high school history.     

For those of you who are more familiar, am I wrong in the little sample I've gotten from him, that it seems to be difficult to identify his position/role?

I actually see him more as a slot receiver, and maybe punt and/or kickoff returner.  Did he do any of this in high school?   Seems to be more of a "finesse" player, if you will, than a running back....?

I know several people that played against him in high school and to a man they all say that he's afraid of contact. According to them it was well-known that all you had to do to take him out of the game was hit him hard once or twice and he would disappear.

 on: Today at 02:44:29 am 
Started by twistitup - Last post by Sportsguy
Twist, I agree with you.  But, as Oklahawg said, going back to Bud Wilkinson's days at OU, the star players were well paid.  That's how the program was established.

OU has always had excellent Bagmen.  And oilmen with deep pockets to keep the bags full of cash and car titles.

If you believe that is still going on you're crazy. OU turned themselves into the NCAA for having a kid on campus two hours longer than he was allotted. All because the kid shot a commitment video that the school had nothing to do with. They turned themselves in to the NCAA for allowing players seconds on freaking pasta and the NCAA made the players pay the university 4 dollars back.

Their compliance is the toughest there is in this region and it is not close. They have the built in advantage of being in OKC metro, it being a hot bed for corporate jobs and a population boom. They are only 2.25 hours from DFW. They have good coaches. I just don't buy (pun intended) the whole bagmen deal. If that was the case they would get way more players.

 on: Today at 02:37:57 am 
Started by MakingPlays - Last post by masbas3
Lol...the people come here to escape reality, not have it stuffed in their faces.  Either way, it will get served somehow.

Don't you usually go to Bottoms Up on Saturday night to escape reality?

 on: Today at 02:30:43 am 
Started by twistitup - Last post by Sportsguy
Here are some numbers that may surprise you.

Oklahoma has 927,000 more residents than Arkansas.

The population of the DFW MSA is almost exactly the same as the combined population of Oklahoma and Arkansas.

There are over twice as many African American residents of the Little Rock MSA than the Oklahoma City MSA.

DFW is a three hour drive from Oklahoma City and a five hour drive from Fayetteville.

Fayetteville is within a five hour drive of twenty million people.

Arkansas needs a great recruiter. Hopefully we now have one.

 I live in Boomer Sooner territory and can attest that OKC may not be the most scenic, when it comes land layout, but much like Dallas corporations are moving here in droves and bringing in lots of millennials. The gap between state populations seems to widening in Oklahoma favor at a pretty brisk rate. If you think about it, Arkansas has been a state far longer than Oklahoma. Here is some facts/stats that make OU easier to recruit to:

OU is located OKC metro of around 1.5 million people. That same metro is one of the fastest growing metros in the US. They project it will for around 350K over the next decade, as well.  OKC has been named one of the best places to move for millennials over the last decade. Add that Norman has Campus Corner and then 20 minutes north there is Bricktown, Midtown, Automobile Alley, Film Row, Uptown and Deep Deuce districts that have all have condos, bars, clubs, etc that cater to the 21-40 year old range.

There is pro team in the NBA Thunder. You can catch Russell Westbrook, Paul George, Steven Adams, etc roaming the sidelines on any given Saturday home game. Russ shoes up to 2-3 games a year because he is an OU football fan, oddly. Same goes for Blake Griffin making trips to Norman a lot, Buddy Hield, Brad Pitt, Ed Harris, Bill Hader, Baker and AD/AP, etc are random celebrities that roam the sidelines with Toby Keith, Good Ole JR,  Olivia Munn and Kings of Leon who are constants. OU does a good job of making sure there is a bunch of NFL guys that are bye weeks at every home game, too.

Also, DFW metro creeps into the Oklahoma. it will only continue to move further up, so when cities like Houston, Austin and SA call Dallas "South Oklahoma" there is a reason. The Sooners run that area in recruiting, from the looks of it. It is a mere 2.25 hour drive to Norman from Dallas. I have done it hundreds of times, it seems. So, they have a distinct advantage.

To be honest, I think it has to with coaching. Having followed CM when he was coming up from Texas High School ranks, to Clemson, to SMU to Arkansas I have great respect for him. I think he will get the Hogs going. He is a great recruiter and has a really strong staff, in my opinion.

I will keep it real, though. To reach for lofty goals of being like Oklahoma or Alabama in prestige takes a good while. Use Dabo Swinney as an example. Clemson was middle of the road program until he got hired as head coach. Clemson isn't considered in the same realm of OU or Bama yet, but they are on their way and Dabo has been there for nearly a decade. So, it will take patience. It doesn't happen overnight, but I think CM will get WPS there if given the time.

 on: Today at 01:46:07 am 
Started by OLEJACKETFAN - Last post by SooieGeneris
Les Miles has now offered Chandler.   That didn't take long after Miles hired Auburn OC Chip Lindsey.  Auburn has also offered Chandler.

If for some reason he decides it would be best not to play for his Dad, I don't think we have anything to worry about from Leslie..

 on: Today at 01:43:51 am 
Started by diveplayon4thn20 - Last post by Hog are ya
Hasn't played much, and me being way out of state, I'm not informed much of his high school history.     

For those of you who are more familiar, am I wrong in the little sample I've gotten from him, that it seems to be difficult to identify his position/role?

I actually see him more as a slot receiver, and maybe punt and/or kickoff returner.  Did he do any of this in high school?   Seems to be more of a "finesse" player, if you will, than a running back....? 

 on: Today at 01:42:30 am 
Started by OLEJACKETFAN - Last post by SooieGeneris
This thread is an example of why I started the 'why are hog recruits being downgraded from 4* to 3*'

All I get is rankings don't matter, but here we are, 'the hogs are in the middle of the pack in recruiting'  nothing but doom and gloom.

According to Rivals the hogs are NOT in the middle of the pack in recruiting this season.

They're 5th out of 14 teams and are basically tied with Michigan at #10 in the country.

So-called "conventional wisdom" by the always negative on here is: if the Hogs have a recruiting ranking of over #20, we've gotta do better if we ever want to be competitive, "our recruiting sucks" yada, yada, yada.

If we do better like this year, for the teams ranked ahead of us rankings matter, but for us, it doesn't..

If you walked up and handed $100 to some on here for no reason, they would complain the rest of the day that it wasn't more..

I'm not a Sunshine Rick devotee, but I don't see how anyone can go through this life always whining about something/anything..

 on: Today at 01:40:42 am 
Started by jkstock04 - Last post by coach, my back hurts
a little bit on confidence has a lot to do with it. I thought we were looking pretty good on defense in that first half against Colorado state. Then they hit a few big plays and our offense sputtered and we lost all momentum which deflated us mentally.

Put Fresno state up against LSU, Michigan, and Clemson, then start their conference off at Boise and tell me if they look inspired after getting their teeth kicked in a couple times.

App St should have beaten penn state earlier and are playing with a lot of confidence. A mediocre, confident player is better on somedays than a head case all American.

We donít have any confidence and we certainly donít have any all Americans

 on: Today at 01:28:20 am 
Started by KGHawgs - Last post by Uberanubis
CBB had a 9-10 win team in 2015. With the players that went 6-1 to close out the season with the only loss being to a 9-win MSU in OT, he had no excuse for losing to Toledo and Texas Tech except that his lazy ass didn't get the team ready to start the season. That season actually angers me more than any of them, since the potential was so high but they couldn't get their act together until the season was ruined.

But the recruiting looks different if you look inside the numbers.

The average rating of recruits in the 2019 class is .8846.

2013: .8495
2014: .8580
2015: .8656
2016: .8669
2017: .8602

So the average in this class is almost a 4* whereas the average in CBB's classes was often barely a 3*. He signed some highly ranked dudes, but there were a lot of guys signed who were 2* or extremely marginal 3* players--and it showed when so many of them did not pan out.

For another comparison in this class the only recruits without SEC offers are Nwanna, Chavis, Latham.

On the other hand, in this class *most* of the recruits do not only have SEC offers, but they have multiple, elite offers. Even as you down into the 3* guys you see players with elite offer lists.

CBB's best classes had a lot more questionable recruits (many of whom, no surprise, never panned out).
2013: 13 with no SEC offer. 11 with no P5 offers.
2014: 10 with no SEC offer. 4 with no P5 offers.
2015: 10 with no SEC offer. only 1 with no P5 offers.
2016: 10 with no SEC offer. 6 with no P5 offers.
2017: 14 with no SEC offer. 5 with no P5 offers.

CBB signed 112 scholarship players in 5 classes. 51% of them were dudes no SEC team offered. 25% of them nobody in P5 wanted. He signed some very good players at the top of his classes, but the bottom half were all high-risk gambles.

A very few were true diamonds in the rough like Drew Morgan. But the vast majority of them never did much.

Now time will tell whether this class is the improvement it looks like, but if you go by their rating and look at their offer lists, we are at least signing a class that is almost entirely full of players who the teams we will be playing wanted to play for them.

If we can sustain this level of recruiting for 2-3 years we should finally have the kind of depth we need to compete for a whole season and to come out of Fall camp ready to play some football.

this needs to be stickied on both recruiting and MMQB with heavy emphasis on the bold. only difference is each year i would add the amount of total recruits pulled that year for a comparison.

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