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    It’s official, with an annual salary of $3.2 million.


    Georgia has found its new men’s basketball head coach.

    Bulldogs have finalized a deal with former Indiana head coach Tom Crean after receiving approval from the UGA Athletics Association Board of Directors. Crean replaces Mark Fox, who spent the past nine years as Georgia’s head coach. Crean spent nine years at Indiana from 2008-17 before his ouster.

    Thursday's meeting happened in Sarasota, Florida, which is where Crean lives, according to multiple sources. On a conference call confirming the deal, athletics director Greg McGarity said Crean will earn an annual salary of $3.2 million.

    This ends a coaching search that saw the Bulldogs look at two candidates. Crean was Georgia’s second option after it met with and offered former Ohio State head coach Thad Matta earlier in the week. Matta, however, had a change of heart during the late stages of negotiating and decided to withdraw his name from consideration.
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  • league just keeps getting tougher
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  • Crean comes bearing GIFs

    Michael Carvell
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    5 Tom Crean GIFs every Georgia fan must see

    The GIF that keeps on GIF-ing
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    Tom Crean does like to pound the podium with enthusiasm. Reminds me of The Office episode "Dwight's Speech."
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    UGA has provided a transcript of Tom Crean's press conference. It is believed that the best people at the university were put on this assignment and while many thought it could not be done, much like Bannister's four-minute mile and Edmund Hillary's climbing Everest, UGA did it.

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    Just Crean's opening statement (if you can call it that) -- 4,995 words.
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  • Seth Emerson
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    Tom Crean on the possibility of Jonas Hayes being retained.

    ATHENS — Tom Crean has names in mind for his new staff at Georgia, and Jonas Hayes may indeed be one of them.

    Hayes, a former Georgia basketball player, just completed his fifth season as a full-time assistant with the Bulldogs. Hayes has played a central role in the recruitment of several key players, including 5-star point guard Ashton Hagans, who de-committed from Georgia last month because of concerns about former coach Mark Fox’s job status.

    Crean said he and Hayes spoke by phone Thursday night after Georgia made Crean its new coach. And the two probably will sit down and talk again, possibly about a role on the staff.

    “He’s definitely somebody I want to get to know; there’s absolutely no doubt about that,” Crean said when asked if Hayes was under consideration to be retained.

    Hayes, 37, was at Crean’s introductory press conference Friday afternoon, taking a spot in the back of the room along some other members of the staff. Hayes was the only one of Fox’s three assistant coaches who was seen.

    During his press conference, Crean said that he was looking at some assistants he had worked with in the past, but he said he also knew it would be beneficial to have some with a direct connection to this area.

    “Certainly, I’ve got my ideas,” Crean said. “I have to think through that a little bit. There certainly have been people that have reached out.”
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  • Michael Carvell
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    Meet Tom Crean, Georgia’s new basketball coach and blow torch

    Petrino hater Jeff Schultz:
    ATHENS —He spoke for 27 minutes before he took a question — or, seemingly, a breath.He spoke in capital letters. With exclamation points. Fists pounding. Fingers pointing. Sparks flying off the top of his well-tanned head.

    It would’ve ranked as one of the greatest pre-game speeches of all times if it wasn’t just an introductory news conference. Part Zig Ziglar. Part Herb Brooks. Part Knute Rockne.

    Maybe just a dash of John Belushi’s, “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor” speech. A heaping of President Whitmore in Independence Day: “We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day!”

    Really. Just beating Kentucky once in a while would suffice.

    Welcome to the new era of Georgia basketball. Meet Tom Crean, blow torch.

    He won the news conference. I was ready to run through a wall for him (or, as a 5-10, 58-year-old, into the wall).

    “Did I really go that long? Did I lose you?” Crean joked later after being told the length of his opening statement.

    And then: “I’ll never go 27 minutes again. Maybe once.”

    It’s OK. Georgia basketball needs a wakeup call. It needs somebody in the operating room to slap paddles on it and yell, “Clear!” before throwing the switch.

    I’ve never understood why a large SEC school with significant revenue and resources couldn’t compete at a high level in hoops, just as it does in football.

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  • Georgia Bulldogs have friend in Wade



    I’m so happy for my Coach, Mentor,Father Figure and Friend @TomCrean on his new position with @UGABasketball ....The Wade’s are now proud supporters of the Bulldogs!!! Knowing what i know the community of Georgia better strap in because it’s gonna be a helluva ride!
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  • Great hire.....imo.
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  • Not Jerry Tipton
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    Mar 25

    "Happy birthday, dad!"
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  • [url]
    Michael Carvell
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    Tom Crean set to add former Georgia Tech assistant to new Georgia staff

    Georgia men’s basketball coach Tom Crean has found at least one member of his new staff, and it is someone who knows the area well: former Georgia Tech assistant Chad Dollar.

    Dollar was on the Georgia Tech staff with former coach Brian Gregory for five seasons. After Gregory was fired two years ago, Dollar spent the 2016-17 season at Auburn, then spent this past season with Gregory at South Florida.

    Crean and Gregory are both former assistants at Michigan State under Tom Izzo.

    Dollar is an Atlanta native who went to Douglass High School. His brother Don was a longtime high school coach in the Atlanta area. While at Georgia Tech, Dollar was lead recruiter on Marcus Georges-Hunt (All-ACC, now in NBA) and Josh OKogie (All-ACC as a sophomore).
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  • Michael Carvell
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    Tom Crean offers updates on Jordan Harris and recruiting, reacts to Jonas Hayes’ decision

    Crean reiterated that assistant coach Jonas Hayes had an offer to remain on staff. But a day after Hayes was announced as the new assistant coach at Xavier, Crean continued to heap praise on the former Georgia player and assistant.

    “From that Monday on we were together an awful lot, including this morning in there,” Crean said, pointing to the basketball offices. “And he has helped me immensely get acclimated in this area. And for that I’ll always be grateful. Because we hit the ground running in the basketball, we hit the ground running in recruiting. And obviously when you’re the Georgia head coach doors are going to open, but Jonas certainly helped open those, and helped bridge some of those gaps and relationships.

    “We’d have loved to have him stay, there’s no question about it. But I totally get where he is at in this and wanting to have something for his growth. I think he’s a head coach — going to be a head coach. Would I have liked to have him grow into it from here, absolutely. But he’s going to be able to grow into that. That’s what his capabilities are.”
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  • DawgNation
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    Georgia basketball coach Tom Crean ready to measure Bulldogs with manufactured ‘adverse situations’

    Crean has opened eyes by saying he plans to recruit head-to-head with Kentucky coach John Calipari, but no amount of talent will change his philosophy on the importance of mental toughness.

    “No matter where the talent is, it’s only going to be as good as its ability to play under pressure,” Crean said. “The ability to get better and play through fatigue, and overcome difficulties, all those things that coaches talk about.”

    Crean, who previously coached at Indiana and Marquette, said he likes what he has seen so far.

    “They are very hungry to learn, there’s no question about that,” Crean said. “Mark [Fox] did a great job of bringing in young people that care and are hard workers, and that’s been really good.

    “It’s been exciting to watch how much they are around. Being in the office late at night, we’re seeing guys going in and out of the practice gym.”