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    Barnes on Kasongo: "We're optimistic about it, but it's up to the NCAAA ... it could be tomorrow, it could be this afternoon." So no idea.
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    Quick gamer on @GoVolsXtra: Vols hold off UNC Asheville to give Rick Barnes his first career win at Tennessee

    Rick Barnes ignored the 49 points from Punter (31) and Hubbs (18). They combined for 0 rebounds. 'That's a problem'

    Barnes: Can't have two starters w/ no rebounds and another w/ two offensive rebounds. Think about it, that's three starters w/ no def boards
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    Barnes on Kasongo: "We're optimistic about it, but it's up to the NCAAA ... it could be tomorrow, it could be this afternoon." So no idea.

    @GrantRamey ‏@GrantRamey 14h14 hours ago

    Story filed: Ray Kasongo serving one-game suspension, pay $300 in restitution to clear up amateurism issue w/ NCAA. Back Monday at GaTech.
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    GaTech wins 69-67. Vols home Thursday vs. Marshall

    Barnes said "we just don't flow" when Armani Moore is running point. Kevin Punter missed a lot of minutes second half. No smoothness.

    Barnes confirms that Punter was dealing with cramping in the second half, after Vols built a 9-point lead. That's when Vols got sloppy.

    Georgia Tech's last field goal came with 2:23 to go. Tennessee's last field goal came with 1:52 left. Each team scored 29 points 2nd half.

    Final game story from Georgia Tech: Vols stung by sloppy play late
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    Duke only has two players listed UNDER 6-foot-5. Tennessee only has three players OVER 6-foot-5.

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    UT basketball coaches not sure how to solve cramping problem 

    Cramping remains a major concern for the Tennessee men's basketball team. And a remedy doesn't appear to be any closer than it was last week.

    After thigh cramps sidelined senior Armani Moore during the second half of the Vols' Nov. 6 exhibition game against Alabama-Huntsville, they again struck during Monday night's 69-67 loss at Georgia Tech, keeping senior point guard Kevin Punter on the bench for crucial minutes down the stretch.

    Tennessee's coaching staff doesn't know why players are cramping, or how to stop it.

    "That is a little bit perplexing for us," associate head coach Rob Lanier said...
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    FINAL IN KNOXVILLE: Tennessee 84, Marshall 74. #Vols erase 16-point second half deficit and win.

    The last time #Vols erased a 15-plus-point deficit and won was against … Texas, which was coached by Rick Barnes. True story.
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    If you yelled at Rick Barnes asking for a TO during Marshall's run early in the second half, he heard you.

    Tennessee was in the midst of missing its first eight shots early in the second half Thursday night at Thompson-Boling Arena. Visiting Marshall was on a 13-0 run, building a 16-point lead and seemingly running away. The half-empty stands were silent.

    Then Rick Barnes heard a fan cry out some coaching help from behind him.

    “It’s funny,” the first-year UT coach said after the game. “You sit there and I hear somebody yell ‘Timeout.’ I’m thinking, ‘We just came out of the locker room, what else can I tell them?’ At some point in time, they have to figure it out, because I don’t want to be a joystick coach over there.

    “At some point in time, they have to figure it out. I could call timeout after timeout. What am I going to tell them? Will you listen to me for the 15th time? Will you do this 15th time? At some point in time, they have to figure it out.”

    That time was with 14 minutes, 36 seconds left...
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  • Player's coach:

    Patrick Brown ‏@patrickbrownTFP 16h16 hours ago

    Derek Reese has an agreement with Rick Barnes: If he gets 10 rebounds, he can ask to shoot a 3. Not actually shoot it. Only ask.
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    Rick Barnes says after the game that new NCAA rule where coaches can't call a TO during live balls is a bad rule. "They need to change it"

    Barnes said he wanted a TO late in game against Marshall. Looked at official during live ball. Official said no and admitted it's a bad rule

    PG Kevin Punter "chose not to paint" and jacked up a contested three from 25'+
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    There are four media members waiting on the Tennessee postgame presser. And four PR staffers.
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    Notes from Brooklyn: Admiral Schofield's response off the bench, culture creating and bench development

    NEW YORK — If Admiral Schofield needed to vent, he had his chance Saturday morning while trading text messages with Tennessee men’s basketball associate head coach Rob Lanier.

    The freshman forward didn’t get off the bench in a 73-70 loss to George Washington Friday night in the first round of the Barclays Center Classic at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

    He was the only scholarship player that didn’t play.

    “He and I texted each other (Saturday) morning,” Lanier said Saturday afternoon, after an 82-71 consolation-game loss to Nebraska, “because, you know what, we should’ve played him (Friday) night and we didn’t.”

    Schofield was disappointed. And he wasn’t afraid to admit it.

    “Honestly, it’s very frustrating because you know what you can provide,” Schofield said. “But you also have to understand that you’re a freshman and these (coaches) have been doing this for a long time.

    “They felt the guys we had on the floor were the guys we could win with.”

    What Schofield provided Saturday against Nebraska was 12 points in 17 minutes off the bench, both career highs. He made two of his three 3-point attempts and all four free throws.
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    Story: Robert Hubbs III undergoes right knee scope, return ‘undetermined' 

    Hubbs missed time with groin, knee, stomach bug, even a poke in the eye. Consistent production, though.

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  • Rick Barnes is sending Assoc. HC Rob Lanier to handle media:

    @GrantRamey ‏@GrantRamey Dec 2

    Lanier said they're proud of Jabari McGhee for approaching Rick Barnes to discuss transfer "man to man." Said he did it the right way.

    Lanier says Hubbs knee scope "is not a season-ending surgery." Can't pinpoint a timetable for his return.

    Lanier continues to point to "overall competitiveness" in loss at GaTech. Mentioned Saturday they took a step in that loss. Then took a step back against Nebraska. "We really got outplayed."

    Lanier said rebounding problems in Brooklyn (outrebounded 96-60 in two games) goes back to giving up dribble drives on defense.

    Lanier said in George Washington game, while "looking for a spark," they found one in Ray Kasongo. Found one in Admiral Schofield Saturday

    Lanier says they need to utilize Armani Moore in other areas (on the wing, pick-and-roll basketball) to help him beat double teams.

    Rob Lanier said Lamonte Turner would "significantly" change this team if he were cleared before SEC schedule. Changes things for [Kevin Punter] at guard
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    With dribble penetration tracing back to origin of team's struggles, Rick Barnes continues to preach defense.

    Staying in front of the basketball is that take away, if you ask Barnes.

    “When you let people go right by you with not any resistance, it’s virtually impossible to rebound the ball,” Barnes said. “... We have to do a better job fighting to stay in front of the ball.”

    The statistics back it up.

    Out of 346 Division I teams, the Vols are 45th in defending the 3-point line, allowing opponents to make 29.2 percent of 3-point shots. UT is 101st in field goal defense (40.4 percent) and 232nd in scoring defense (74.3 points per game).

    “We’re not asking anyone to guard the ball by themselves,” Barnes said. “We want to have really good support behind us.”

    It’s been a hot-button issue at Pratt Pavilion between games
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    Tennessee's bench will be presseed without Robert Hubbs, who "hopefully" will be back before Christmas via @knoxnews

    Saturday's game at No. 18 Butler is on Fox Sports 1 (2:30pm tip). Tim Brando/Dickey Simpkins (who played for Barnes at Providence) on call
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  • Wes Rucker ‏@wesrucker247  2h2 hours ago
    Barnes: I worked at Texas 17 years, and nine of those years I didn’t have a contract. I didn’t need to sign it. I knew they wanted me there.

    Barnes: I have a great job. I love this job. I have an administration who cares and a great group of fans who care. This is a special place.
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    Hoops Beat blog: UT assistant coach updates Robert Hubbs III, looks back to Butler and forward to FAU/Gonzaga

    Tennessee assistant basketball coach Desmond Oliver on Robert Hubbs III:
    “Our trainer really doesn’t give us timetables in terms of what day or what game. But I’ll say this, I watched him work out last night during our practice, off to the side, and he was moving pretty good, his shot looked good. So I have to imagine he’s day to day. It could be pretty soon.”

    On what changes with Hubbs out
    “I don’t know if it limits us, it just doesn’t give us a weapon that we would have offensively. He’s a kid that can go out there and get you anywhere from 17 to 25 points in a game and do it inside and out. He’s probably our best low-post player because he’s so talented. Even against bigger guys he can just catch it and jump up and dunk it and score it. That’s just one less weapon we have.

    “I think we’ve shown we can have other guys step up. I thought Admiral Schofield (against Butler) started in place of (Hubbs) and had a big game. There are guys who can step up and score. But it’s good to have all of your weapon opposed to guys sitting out.”

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  • @GrantRamey ‏@GrantRamey 8h8 hours ago Tennessee, USA

    FAU wanted to kill Brad Woodson when he checked in Wednesday night. Kevin Punter wasn't going to stand for that.

    Rick Barnes wasn't necessarily sending a message to his Tennessee men's basketball team when he sent Brad Woodson, a 6-foot-1 walk-on guard from Murfreesboro, into the game with 17 minutes, 18 seconds to play Wednesday night at Thompson-Boling Arena.

    Instead, with the Vols leading 41-30, a message was sent from the Florida Atlantic bench.

    "Those guys were talking a little bit of junk, so it lit a fire under us," senior point guard Kevin Punter Jr. said after the game. "When Brad came in, one (FAU) guy told one of his players, 'Kill him.'

    "I'm just like, 'Let's buckle up now, on this possession here.' And we got a stop."

    Punter didn't stop either, scoring 15 of his game-high 24 points in the second half as Tennessee ran away from Florida Atlantic for an 81-62 win in front of an announced crowd of 12,309.
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    Hoops Beat Notebook: Kyle Alexander’s improvement evident vs. FAU | Minding the scouting report | Punter points

    Kevin Punter Jr. took over the game Wednesday night at Thompson-Boling Arena.

    With the Tennessee men's basketball team holding a 53-48 lead with nine minutes, 46 seconds to play against Florida Atlantic, Punter scored 15 points during a Vols' 18-2 run over the next 4:31 as UT coasted to an 81-62 win.

    Freshman forward Kyle Alexander got the credit, though.

    "All those points that KP started scoring through that flurry were really because of (Alexander)," first-year Tennessee coach Rick Barnes said. "He did just a great job of fighting for his space and really doing this job."

    The 6-foot-9 Alexander sparked the Vols (5-4) with career highs in points (six), rebounds (five), blocks (three) and minutes (22).

    His career night against Florida Atlantic, though, started with Saturday's loss at No. 17 Butler.

    "When you watch the film, you have to see where you went wrong," Alexander said. "To be honest, I was kind of embarrassed with how I played (against Butler). So talking to my dad, talking to the coaches, I had to make a decision to grow up, to mature, to be disciplined and do what I have to do.

    "(Against Florida Atlantic) I took care of the little details that helped the whole bigger picture."

    Those details, he added, were as small as getting in the right stance or running the floor hard and ducking into the lane, creating space for guards like Punter to drive to the basket.
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    Story from Seattle: On the friendship between Rick Barnes and Gonzaga's Mark Few, in both coaches' own words

    SEATTLE — Tracing the root of a friendship, Rick Barnes had to go back close to two decades to recall when his path first crossed with Gonzaga basketball coach Mark Few.

    "I think I met Mark for the first time back when I was at Clemson," Barnes, in his first year as Tennessee's coach, said Wednesday night after a win over Florida Atlantic. "It may have been the first or second year at the Top of the World tournament up in Alaska."

    It was Barnes' fourth year at Clemson, to be exact, and it was an 84-71 title-game loss that the Zags handed to a Clemson team that had a No. 5 ranking.

    The two friends meet again Saturday at KeyArena in Seattle, as Gonzaga (7-3) plays host to Tennessee (5-4) in the Battle in Seattle (11 p.m., TV: ESPNU).

    "We've gotten to know each other and he's a wonderful person and great guy," Barnes said of Few. "We just kind of clicked a little bit, but that was the first time I would've met him."

    The two becoming close was as much off the court as it was on.

    "He's always so upbeat," Few said of Barnes on Friday. "He's pretty funny, always a practical jokester. But he has a real heart and great conviction to his faith, which I have the same. So we kind of hit it off there."

    The two coaches getting their respective programs together is nothing new. For the last handful of years at Texas, Barnes and his team have faced Few and the Zags for a scrimmage somewhere between Austin, Texas, and Spokane, Wash.

    One year it was Phoenix. Another year it was Boulder, Colo. They met at the Pepsi Center in Denver once.

    "Once we started scrimmaging, (the relationship) really grew," Few said, "because we would always, after the scrimmage, try to share thoughts on each other's teams."
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  • @GrantRamey ‏@GrantRamey 3h3 hours ago

    Local look at tonight's Battle in Seattle (11pm, ESPNU) from the @seattletimes

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    Final game story filed at 3am Eastern. Don't everybody read it all at once.

    SEATTLE — No consolation prizes were handed out at KeyArena when the horn sounded late Saturday night, ending Gonzaga's 86-79 win over Tennessee in the Battle in Seattle.

    There was no moral victory for a Tennessee team that traveled 2,500 miles to come up seven points short.

    The Vols stumbled out of the gate with an 11 p.m. Eastern tip-off before rallying to erase what was as much as a 19-point Gonzaga lead, going ahead midway through the second half on a Devon Baulkman 3-pointer.

    Still, the Zags had more answers down the stretch, executing in the closing minutes to hang on in front an energetic crowd 16,770, the biggest in the Battle in Seattle's 12-year history.

    "It's more frustrating because we had to fight from behind," first-year Tennessee coach Rick Barnes said after the game. "We had to do that. We could've given ourselves more of a chance in the first half."

    Domantas Sabonis was dominant for Gonzaga (8-3), scoring 36 points and grabbing 16 rebounds. He had 16 points, making six of eight shots, and grabbed six boards in the game's first 13 minutes, 50 seconds. Kyle Wiltjer added 24 points and six rebounds for the Zags.
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  • @GrantRamey ‏@GrantRamey 3h3 hours ago Tennessee, USA

    In today's paper: Robert Hubbs return from knee scope, Devon Baulkman's bench notice and Tennessee's post presence

    SEATTLE — Early in the day, there was no plan for Robert Hubbs III to play against Gonzaga on Saturday night in the Battle in Seattle at KeyArena.

    Three weeks removed from arthroscopic surgery on his right knee, looking into a chronic swelling and soreness issue, Hubbs spent the entirety of Friday's practice in Seattle working out on the side. His participation was limited in Saturday morning's shootaround.

    Then Tennessee men's basketball coach Rick Barnes got a knock on his room at the W Hotel in downtown Seattle about 15 minutes before the team bus was scheduled to depart for the arena. It was UT trainer Chad Newman.

    "He said Hubbs talked to him and felt good," Barnes said...

    Hubbs, a junior guard, played 19 minutes in the 86-79 loss, making 1 of 6 shots.

    "It was a last-minute decision," Hubbs said. "I felt like I could go and give my team as much of my body that I can. I'm not 100 percent yet. A couple more days and I'll be there."

    Senior guard Devon Baulkman was very active during the loss to Gonzaga.

    He scored 17 points, second only to Punter, grabbed a team-high seven rebounds and had four assists, second only to Punter's five. Baulkman made 7 of his 14 shots, including 2 of 5 3-point attempts.

    If anything got his attention, it was the bench.

    "I think he's realizing that Detrick (Mostella) and Shembari (Phillips) can do some things," Barnes said. "I don't think there's anything more potent to get a guy's attention than to let him sit on that bench. I think when that happened, he responded."

    Baulkman played 34 minutes against Gonzaga, his highest since Nov. 27 against George Washington

    "I asked him to do a couple things (against Gonzaga) and he did it, Barnes said. "He was locked in. But to win these games, everyone has to be locked in."

    Poor Post Play: Gonzaga got a combined 60 points and 22 rebounds from forwards Kyle Wiltjer and Domantas Sabonis.

    Tennessee had a combined 10 points and 12 rebounds from its four forwards — Derek Reese, Admiral Schofield, Kyle Alexander and Ray Kasongo.

    "The post guys … Derek Reese has got to give us more," Barnes said. "All we're asking him to do is defend and rebound the ball. Admiral has got to quit just thinking, 'offense, offense.' "
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  •  Jimmy Hyams ‏@JimmyHyams Dec 19

    Tennessee has three players that rank among the top 15 in the SEC in scoring: Kevin Punter (23.0), Armani Moore (15.8, Robert Hubbs (15.3)

    The last time UT’s No. 3 scorer averaged at least 15 ppg was 1976-77: Mike Jackson (15.4) behind Bernard King (25.8, Ernie Grunfeld (22.8

    Six times since 1998 UT's leading scorer didn't even average 15 points per game.
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  • @GrantRamey ‏@GrantRamey 11h11 hours ago

    Hoops notes: Kyle Alexander was "gosh awful" against Butler. Two games later he started. His progress:

    Rick Barnes isn't one to mince words. On the job at Tennessee for nearly nine months, the veteran coach has proved time and again he isn't afraid to say what he thinks.

    No players are spared the candor. Kyle Alexander wasn't Tuesday night after Tennessee's 76-67 win over East Tennessee State at Thompson-Boling Arena.

    "After the Butler game, he was gosh awful, and he knows it," Barnes said of Alexander, UT's 6-foot-9 freshman forward.

    In the three games since playing Butler — wins over Florida Atlantic and ETSU and a loss to Gonzaga — he has 13 points, 10 rebounds and nine blocks while averaging 20 minutes a game.

    In the eight games prior, he had five points, 13 rebounds and three blocks, playing no more than 15 minutes in a game.

    "We said to him, 'There's no more excuses now. You wanted this. Here it is. Now you have to go get it,' " Barnes said.

    Alexander went and earned it.

    "He works," Barnes said. "He's one of the last guys to leave practice every day. He's going to be a terrific player. He'll be a different player in thirty days. Watch how he grows in the next thirty days by what he's getting right here.

    "More than anything, he's starting to see it a little bit quicker. That's what he's got to do, catch up with the speed of the game."

    Against ETSU, Alexander made his first career start.
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  • @GrantRamey ‏@GrantRamey 11h11 hours ago

    Hoops notes: Kyle Alexander was "gosh awful" against Butler. Two games later he started. His progress:

    No one is expecting a lot from Tennessee. Rick Barnes is going to surprise some folks in the SEC -- maybe this year, and if not, in future years. He is a very good coach.
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  • @GrantRamey ‏@GrantRamey 37m37 minutes ago Knoxville, TN

    Story: Rick Barnes says he "doesn't think there's any way" Lamonte Turner plays this season.

    Would know.

    Freshman point guard Lamonte Turner likely won't play for the Tennessee men's basketball team this season, despite an appeal filed to the NCAA by the Vols after Turner was ruled academically ineligible in September.

    "I don't think there's any way he'll participate this year," first-year Tennessee coach Rick Barnes said Monday before practice at Thompson-Boling Arena.

    Barnes confirmed to the News Sentinel earlier this season that Tennessee would appeal the NCAA's decision, but not beyond the start of SEC play.

    The Vols (6-5) open league play Saturday at Auburn (TV: WVLT, 2 p.m.).

    Tennessee hosts Tennessee State (9-3) Tuesday (TV: SEC Network, 1 p.m.) at Thompson-Boling Arena.

    Turner is not allowed to compete or travel with the Vols, but is allowed to practice with the team as a redshirt freshman this season. Tennessee has cited the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act as to why more details haven't been disclosed regarding Turner's academic situation.

    Turner graduated from IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla.
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  • @GrantRamey ‏@GrantRamey Dec 26

    I was Tennessee's shadow in Seattle. From practice to bus, team meals and film sessions, even pregame locker room

    Tennessee erased a 19-point first-half deficit, taking the lead midway through the second half.

    Gonzaga executed down the stretch. The Vols did not. And it can be heard, even while nothing is said, as the bus snakes through the downtown streets toward the hotel.

    Close is progress, but progress isn't nearly as rewarding as a win.

    "Honestly, I really do see it, but sometimes you don't see it when you lose," said senior point guard Kevin Punter Jr., Tennessee's emotional leader, after scoring a team-high 23 points in an 86-79 loss to Gonzaga on Dec. 19 in the Battle in Seattle at KeyArena.

    Progress comes from learning what went wrong. It doesn't make it easier to handle what went wrong, or how to fix it.

    "We've lost five games so far," Punter said. "All five of them, we've definitely taken something from them and gotten better from those losses.

    "Sometimes you can't see the light when you lose, though. You can't see that light at the end of the tunnel."

    SATURDAY pregame

    Game day starts with a 9 a.m. wakeup call and team breakfast 30 minutes later, with a buffet table running the length of a reserved conference room. At 10:15 a.m., strength and conditioning coach Garrett Medenwald brings the meal to a close.

    "Alright, film," Mendenwald snaps, ushering the team down the hall, around the corner and by a bank of elevators. Another conference room awaits, set up with a wall-sized projector screen.

    Barnes commands the room from the front, with a laser pointer and remote to run the film. Assistant coach Chris Ogden chimes in from the back of the room, filling in any gaps in the coach's cadence.

    The Vols devote the majority of the film session to redshirt senior Kyle Wiltjer, a 6-foot-10 Kentucky transfer who entered the game leading the Zags with 20.3 points per game.

    Wiltjer does as much work from the 3-point line, if not more, than he does in the paint.

    "Where does the rebounding start in this game?" Barnes asks his team, before answering his own question as players chime in: "At the 3-point line."

    Barnes and Ogden spout more rhetorical questions while the film keeps rolling...
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  • Wes Rucker ‏@wesrucker247 12h12 hours ago

    Barnes on why #Vols didn’t play well with a 30-point lead tonight against Florida: “We’d never had one before."

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  • @GrantRamey ‏@GrantRamey 59m59 minutes ago Knoxville, TN

    Rick Barnes is 25-7 all time against Texas A&M and 2-0 against Billy Kennedy

    Barnes says he has ton of respect for A&M HC Billy Kennedy. Barnes invited Kennedy to Austin for dinner when A&M hired him.

    Audio: Texas A&M head coach Billy Kennedy discussed tomorrow's game against Tennessee on @KNSSportspage

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  •  @GrantRamey ‏@GrantRamey 2h2 hours ago Knoxville, TN

    Final: A&M 92, Vols 88. Tennessee (8-7, 1-2) travels to Georgia Wednesday (7pm on SEC Network)

    Vols went ahead 82-74 on the Devon Baulkman jumper with 5:44 left. And didn't hit another shot from the field until Punter's 3 w/ 32.0 left.

    Barnes said he told his team "we have a good basketball team" but they have to understand they have to take care of the ball (18 TOs today)

    Barnes says Vols didn't play good transition defense in either half. But difference was turnovers. Led to too many transition points for A&M

    Barnes said his players put ball over their heads and stared down passes too much against A&M zone.
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  • Patrick Brown ‏@patrickbrownTFP  3h3 hours ago
    "We had them the whole game, and we just let it go." How it got away from #Vols against A&M.

    KNOXVILLE — For the first 36 minutes Tennessee played well enough to notch its first win against a top-25 opponent under first-year coach Rick Barnes.

    The last four minutes were another story, though.

    Texas A&M outscored the Volunteers 18-4 in the final 4:12 as the 21st-ranked Aggies erased a 10-point deficit and stole a 92-88 win at Thompson-Boling Arena on Saturday afternoon.

    "We talk about how good we can be and how good we were today, and we just said those last few minutes were brutal to our lead," freshman Admiral Schofield said after scoring 16 points and grabbing six rebounds for the Vols.

    "We had them. We had them the whole game, and we just let it go in those last six minutes."

    All but one of Tennessee's losses this season have come by eight points or less, but this one probably was the toughest for the Vols (8-7, 1-2 SEC), who led by as many as 13 points and were in front for more than 34 minutes.

    For most of the second half it felt like Tennessee's lead was more precarious than the scoreboard showed, but the Vols had an answer every time the Aggies threatened.

    Kevin Punter Jr., the SEC's No. 2 scorer who had 17 of his 19 points in the second half...

    "With all that, and the way we can sit here and pick it apart, we had a chance," Barnes said. "We just didn't take care of the ball. I've told you guys before, if you get a lead, your offense has to protect it for you, and it didn't do that tonight."
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  • @GrantRamey ‏@GrantRamey 23m23 minutes ago Knoxville, TN

    Barnes says his team hasn't had problems with zones or other defenses. It's just lazy passes and bad play creating turnovers. Self inflicted

    Barnes: "Some of those turnovers that led to those baskets was freshmen and sophomores with the ball"

    Barnes on job he's done to this point, how he critiques himself: "Not good enough." Said Vols could've won every game to this point.

    Barnes talking more about new rule where coaches can't call timeouts during live ball situations. Believes that has cost his team few games.

    Barnes said they knew they would be competitive once they scrimmaged Davidson. "I thought we really competed that day."

    Barnes said Armani Moore is Tennessee's glue guy, with all the things he does beside scoring (which has been down drastically of late)

    Rick Barnes says in beginning of year, if Armani Moore wasn't scoring 12-14 points a game, Vols wouldn't be in it. Changed now.
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  • @GrantRamey ‏@GrantRamey 46s46 seconds ago Athens, GA

    From 3: Georgia 11-16; Tennessee 4-18

    Kenny Gaines jam. Rick Barnes just shakes his head. Dawgs lead 61-54 with 7:57 left.
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  • Brad Wolverton ‏@bradwolverton 6h6 hours ago

    Investigation clears U. of Texas athletics of academic-misconduct allegations.

    A seven-month investigation into the University of Texas at Austin’s student services for athletes has found no evidence of academic misconduct but offered recommendations for improvement.

    The university’s president, Gregory L. Fenves, commissioned the investigation following an investigation by The Chronicle last summer that found the university had appeared to allow academically unprepared players to test the limits of its policy on academic integrity.

    Gene Marsh, a lawyer and the lead investigator, interviewed 83 people involved in the program and found “no support for the allegations of academic misconduct or violations of the institution’s procedures,” he said in a letter to the university accompanying a report of his findings. Mr. Marsh added that the investigators knew of no loose ends or unresolved issues and that the National Collegiate Athletic Association was no longer investigating the matter.

    The 49-page report does point out that a majority of the university’s football, baseball, and men’s and women’s basketball players — and more than 70 percent of its African-American athletes — were majoring in education...
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  • @GrantRamey ‏@GrantRamey 19h19 hours ago

    Internal investigation at Texas finds no evidence of academic misconduct under Rick Barnes

    The investigation covered years under coach Rick Barnes, who was fired in March 2015 after 17 seasons. Barnes is now at Tennessee, where a spokesman said Barnes would not comment on the report. Barnes has previously said he was unconcerned by the investigation.
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  • @GrantRamey ‏@GrantRamey  4h4 hours ago Mississippi, USA
    Final: Tennessee 80, MissState 75. Vols (9-8, 2-3 SEC) home Wednesday night against Vandy (9pm, SEC Net). Mostella with 24, Punter 23

    Vols snap 0-7 road skid by holding off a late charging Mississippi State

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  • @GrantRamey ‏@GrantRamey 1h1 hour ago Knoxville, TN

    Rick Barnes: "If it were up to me, I'd dress like Bill Belichick."

    Does not want to wear an orange blazer unless it could somehow benefit a charity and not distract his team nor draw attention to himself.
  • #191 by jbcarol on 18 Jan 2016
  • Wes Rucker ‏@wesrucker247 2h2 hours ago

    I admire Barnes saying he doesn’t want #Vols program to be about him. But with the way recruiting goes these days, it kinda needs to be.

    If you hire a coach who has 600-plus career wins, your program temporarily becomes about him. You HAVE to be able to sell that. But JMO.
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  • @GrantRamey ‏@GrantRamey 9h9 hours ago Knoxville, TN

    Final: Vandy 88, Tennessee 74. Vols (9-9, 2-4 SEC) host 17-1 South Carolina at noon Saturday (SEC Network). Kevin Punter had 26 tonight.

    Barnes: "We just weren't very good." Said team looked like the one everyone expected when picked to finish near bottom of SEC in preseason
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  • Tom Satkowiak
    .@RickBarnesUT still collecting residual checks from NBC for his cameo appearance in Friday Night Lights. 🎬💸💸

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  • @GrantRamey ‏@GrantRamey  10m10 minutes ago Knoxville, TN
    Final: Vols 78, No. 24 South Carolina 69. Tennessee (10-9, 3-4 SEC) at Alabama Tuesday night. 9 p.m. tip on SEC Network. Punter w/ 36 today

    17-2 overall looks good. 4-2 in SEC looks awful. 
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  • @GrantRamey ‏@GrantRamey  3h3 hours ago
    Frank Martin said he loves having Rick Barnes in the SEC

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  • Patrick Brown ‏@patrickbrownTFP 7h7 hours ago

    Tennessee's last win against a ranked team was against Arkansas last January.
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  •  @GrantRamey ‏@GrantRamey 7h7 hours ago Knoxville, TN

    Rick Barnes on facing Frank Martin: "It's like going to the darn dentist. With no Novocaine."
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  • Patrick Brown ‏@patrickbrownTFP 3h3 hours ago

    Barnes on Alabama (1-5 in SEC): They did as much in the non-conference as anybody in the SEC and really helped our league.

    Barnes was an assistant coach under Wimp Sanderson at Alabama once upon a time (1985-86). Went to the Sweet 16 that season.
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  • Wes Rucker ‏@wesrucker247 3h3 hours ago

    #Vols’ Armani Moore: I was one of the tallest guys on my HS team. I never really thought I’d be one of the tallest guys on my college team.

    #Vols’ Armani Moore on why he’s 8th in SEC in rebounding and 2nd in blocks at 6-foot-4: I want to win.
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  • Wes Rucker ‏@wesrucker247 12h12 hours ago

    #Vols coach Rick Barnes still using lessons learned from Bama’s Wimp Sanderson: 

    Rick Barnes spent only one season — the 1985-86 season — as an assistant at the University of Alabama, but Tennessee’s first-year coach said he learned “a lot” during that one season under Wimp Sanderson in Tuscaloosa...

    "I learned a lot from (Sanderson),” Barnes said during his weekly Monday press conference inside the Ray and Lucy Hand Digital Studio. “Coach understood the ‘KISS’ theory — you know, ‘Keep it simple, stupid.' He understood that. He understood players' feelings.

    “He was the first time I've ever been around a coach that once you get into this time of year, we might practice 30 or 45 minutes.”

    Barnes said he quickly saw the benefits of Sanderson’s get-in-and-get-out late-season practice schedule as the Tide looked fresh late in the season and advanced to the Sweet Sixteen — only to lose a close game to Kentucky for the fourth time that season to finish painfully close from the Elite Eight.

    “I'll never forget, I asked Coach Sanderson what was the key to being successful, and he said something he had learned from Coach [Bear] Bryant,” Barnes said. “He said, ‘Recruit well, schedule well, and coach well is the third part. But don't ever lose games by getting beat on the practice court.’ I thought our guys were always at their very best come game time..."