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  •  Ben Frederickson @Ben_Fred  ·  15m 15 minutes ago

    Rick Barnes has his first Tennessee commit. 2015 PG Lamonte Turner announces he has committed to the Vols.

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  •  Adam Zagoria @AdamZagoria  ·  21m 21 minutes ago

    Tennessee assistant Desmond Oliver gets the assist on @2Turner_

    Lamonte' Turner @2Turner_  ·  39m 39 minutes ago

    Thank God for this opportunity and also my parents and coaches for believing in me. I AM OFFICIALLY COMMITTING TO THE U of TENNESSEE! #VFL 🍊
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  •  Ben Frederickson @Ben_Fred  ·  15m 15 minutes ago

    Vols doubled recruiting class today w/ commitments from Lamonte' Turner ( …) and Ray Kasongo ( …)

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    Barnes said he told team it's going to find a way make the tournament this season. Not going to "rebuild." Citing Slab 5 at Clemson.

    Barnes said he's impressed with Robert Hubbs' athleticism, Kevin Punter's work ethic and Armani Moore's toughness.

    Barnes said Armani Moore "wanted to get away from the game" a little bit after the coaching change. Had a great talk with him.

    Barnes wrote a letter to Tennessee about a GA position in 1977. Still has the letter he received back saying spot wasn't open.

    On recruiting, Barnes said UT still recruiting 3 or 4 other guys on top of 2 commits. (Only 1 scholarship left.) Said "that stuff works out"
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    Richard Dale Barnes was born July 17, 1954, the fourth of five children.

    But from a young age, Barnes' father was not a presence in his life, and the family had its share of struggles.

    "Rick came from a meager background," Dave Miller said.

    Without a father, and with Mary working, Sandra, the second-oldest and only girl, became an essential part of the household.

    "She'd cook a lot. Wash our clothes." Tommy Barnes said. "Took care of us."

    "My sister was very important to our family," Rick Barnes said.
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  • Thanks for posting that article.
    I've never been much of a Barnes fan - he was the Texas coach.
    But after reading that article it's hard not to root for him.
    Tough life growing up - still giving back to the community that saved him.
    That's what life is all about.
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  •  GoVolsXtra @GoVolsXtra  ·  19h 19 hours ago

    Rick Barnes: Ray Kasongo brings 'tremendous athleticism' to 2015 signing class  #Vols @Ben_Fred

    Rick Barnes' first Tennessee signee is a French-speaking forward from Canada who offers some frontcourt girth the Vols desperately need.

    UT formally announced the addition of 6-foot-9, 235-pound junior college transfer Ray Kasongo on Thursday, after he submitted his national letter of intent.

    The three-star prospect originally from Toronto, Ontario will have three years of eligibility with the Vols...

    "Ray brings tremendous athleticism to our roster," Barnes said in a UT release. "He's got the ability to run and jump at a high level, and we believe he has the potential to become an elite rebounder.

    "He comes from a wonderful family, he has a great attitude, and I think he's going to be extremely coachable. Ray has a very high ceiling."
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  •  GoVolsXtra @GoVolsXtra  ·  13h 13 hours ago

    Report: Tennessee forward Willie Carmichael to transfer ... 

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  •  Ben Frederickson @Ben_Fred  ·  52m 52 minutes ago

    Barnes on roster: "It's in flux ... Sometimes a fresh start can be great for everybody."
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  • Josh Ward @Josh_Ward  ·  56m 56 minutes ago

    .@tj_ford on Rick Barnes: "Under coach Barnes, I played my best basketball ever."
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  •  Adam Zagoria @AdamZagoria  ·  2h 2 hours ago

    Tennessee's Rick Barnes has done a great job tapping into Canada. Coached Tristan Thompson & Myck Kabongo at Texas. Now Alexander & Kasongo
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  • Ben Frederickson @Ben_Fred  ·  50m 50 minutes ago
    Rick Barnes inherited 5 OVs from Tyndall staff. Has used 3 (Kasongo, Alexander and Izundu). Got commits from 2 with Izundu still out there.
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  • Ben Frederickson @Ben_Fred  ·  15h 15 hours ago

    Rick Barnes wants Memphis on Tennessee's schedule...
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  • Ben Frederickson@Ben_Fred
    Rick Barnes told @SportsRadioWNML that the Vols "could end up on the road" for the SEC/Big 12 Challenge. Slate should be announced next week
    3:54 PM - 8 May 2015

    Patrick Brown @patrickbrownTFP  ·  15h 15 hours ago
    Patrick Brown retweeted Ben Frederickson
    No way they send Vols to play at Texas ... right?
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  • Patrick Brown @patrickbrownTFP  ·  22h 22 hours ago

    Patrick Brown retweeted Tennessee Basketball

    Kyle Alexander's signing is official for the #Vols. Rick Barnes: 'He truly has incredible upside.'
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  •  Ben Frederickson @Ben_Fred  ·  14h 14 hours ago

    As others have reported, Dikembe Dixson now expected to visit Vols on Monday instead of Thursday. Updated in blog:
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  • Ben Frederickson@Ben_Fred
    Rick Barnes told @SportsRadioWNML that the Vols "could end up on the road" for the SEC/Big 12 Challenge. Slate should be announced next week
    3:54 PM - 8 May 2015

    Patrick Brown @patrickbrownTFP  ·  15h 15 hours ago
    Patrick Brown retweeted Ben Frederickson
    No way they send Vols to play at Texas ... right?

     Hugh Kellenberger @HKellenbergerCL  ·  May 14

    SEC/Big 12 Challenge slate little underwhelming outside of UK-KU. Didn't do Battle of Rick Barnes, MSU (and Malik) not involved.
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  •  GoVolsXtra @GoVolsXtra  ·  21h 21 hours ago

    Rick Barnes in favor of NCAA changes that help offense ... 

    Barnes said he's a big fan of the 30-second shot clock and most of the other rule change proposals. Is OK with losing a timeout.

    Barnes asked if he's done recruiting, said he's never done recruiting.

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  •  Ben Frederickson @Ben_Fred  ·  16h 16 hours ago

    Rick Barnes says his offense will be tailored to his roster. Wants uptempo but believes coaches should play to strengths of skill set

    Rick Barnes says his defense wants 3 consecutive stops 4 times each half. Similar to Donnie Tyndall's "gap" goal.
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  • Lamonte' Turner @LTurn1  ·  24h 24 hours ago

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  •  Ben Frederickson @Ben_Fred  ·  53m 53 minutes ago

    Offers piling up for Vols 2016 PG target Jordan Bone, younger bro of former Vol Josh Bone. Picked up Ole Miss offer, per his Twitter account
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  • Ben Frederickson ‏@Ben_Fred 16h16 hours ago

    SEC change means UT basketball will play Kentucky, Vanderbilt and South Carolina at least twice per season

    The past two seasons were the first since 1952-53 [Kentucky was on death penalty, LSU was SEC champion] that Tennessee and Kentucky didn't have a home-and-home. Good on SEC for fixing.
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  • GoVolsXtra @GoVolsXtra  ·  18h 18 hours ago

    Q&A with new Tennessee men's basketball coach Rick Barnes 

    Q: Two of the last three Tennessee coaches, Bruce Pearl and Donnie Tyndall, were fired for NCAA wrongdoing. You have a clean record in that department. How important is that to your legacy?

    A: It goes back to mentors. I remember the job at George Mason. My athletic director told me, ‘We want to win. But not at all costs.’ … The very first time I sat down with (former Texas) athletic director DeLoss Dodds, I asked him, ‘What are you looking for in your basketball coach?’ He said, first and foremost — and I’ve used this term — that we want to protect the integrity of the university...
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  • GoVolsXtra ‏@GoVolsXtra 20h20 hours ago

    ... Strange: Could a coach's past please stay in the past? 

    Most days, Donnie Tyndall diving into pro wrasslin’ would be the top Tennessee basketball headline of the news cycle.

    If only that were the case this time.

    However, on the same day (Wednesday) it was announced the Vols’ deposed coach was resurfacing into the public for a pro wrestling event, Rick Barnes, UT’s current coach, was referenced in a story of alleged academic fraud at Texas.

    William Faulkner, the great Southern author, wrote, “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”

    Bingo. The Vols’ coaches can’t seem to leave their pasts in the past.

    Tyndall would still be ensconced in Thompson-Boling Arena today if not for alleged NCAA violations emerging from his previous stop, Southern Mississippi. He was one and done, fired March 27 after a 16-16 season.

    Now Barnes’ tenure at Texas has been re-opened...
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  • You know, this could end very badly for Tennessee and its athletic director.
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  • Brian Davis ‏@BDavisAAS 3h3 hours ago

    Texas president Greg Fenves supposed to address media about review via teleconference...

    Greg Fenves on academic review: As new president, he was "motivated me to decided to pursue the review we talked about." (sic)

    Greg Fenves: "This is not about any individual, but our processes." Later, he insists, "Everything is fine."

    Texas AD Steve Patterson: "From the men’s athletic side, we welcome this review by Gene Marsh."

    Patterson insists that former men's coach Rick Barnes' departure "had nothing to do with academics." Barnes simply didn't win enough.

    Fenves said he isn't sure if Gene Marsh will contact Rick Barnes. "I don’t think Gene Marsh has decided if that’s needed."

    Texas call wrapping up. In short, Gene Marsh's review of the academic services offered by UT athletics could take months.

    Politically savvy for Fenves to order the academic review. He admits he doesn't know much about athletics. Marsh can bring him up to speed.
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  • News as part of the building Canada to SEC pipeline:

    Alexander, Canadian PG, Joins Hamilton Heights
    Has Recruiting Interest From UT, Vandy, UNLV, Others

    The Hamilton Heights Hawks announced Tuesday that they have added rising junior point guard Shai Alexander from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

    The 6-foot-3-inch Alexander plays for Adidas UPLAY Canada.

    “We are very excited about Shai coming next year,” Hawks coach Zach Ferrell said. “He is a great player and a great person. Shai will be a fantastic addition to our school and basketball program."
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  • sports ‏@aldotcomSports 1h1 hour ago

    Things are apparently not going well for Texas AD Steve Patterson |

    Writing for Horns Digest of the network, longtime Austin-based sports writer Chip Brown went into painstaking detail regarding Patterson's various missteps since taking over the Longhorns program in late 2013. Though many of Brown's sources are anonymous Texas "insiders," the accusations are pretty scathing:

    • Apparently telling the media one thing and former Texas basketball coach Rick Barnes another regarding Barnes' job status. Barnes was fired in March after 17 seasons, and is now head coach at Tennessee.

    Replaced DeLoss Dodds
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  • Patrick Brown ‏@patrickbrownTFP 20h20 hours ago

    Tennessee hoops announces [25-year-old] Garrett Medenwald is the new strength coach for the Vols.

    Prediction:  Will find the returning players woefully out of shape

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  • Patrick Brown ‏@patrickbrownTFP  8h8 hours ago
    Armani "Ronnie" Moore on playing for a third new coach: 'Adversity hits. It's just all about how you respond to it.' … #Vols

    KNOXVILLE — Derek Reese knew something was up.

    One of Tennessee's assistant coaches, Adam Howard, left the program shortly into the season last November, but the everyday grind of basketball and its practices, film study, workouts and games took precedence in the forward's mind.

    So when the Volunteers dropped the hammer on head coach Donnie Tyndall for reasons related to an NCAA investigation of his former program at Southern Mississippi just two weeks after the season ended in March, it came as a surprise to Reese and some of the players.

    "I kind of suspected something, at the beginning of the season, but we kind of forgot about it," Reese recalled after scoring 25 points in his Rocky Top League game on Wednesday night. "Coach Tyndall told us, 'Don't worry about it, everything's just fine.' I just forgot. When it happened, it kind of was a shock. I wasn't expecting it, because I kind of forgot about it."

    Reese, fellow senior Armani Moore and rising junior Robert Hubbs are the three Tennessee players adjusting to the third different head coach of their careers.

    That kind of turnover, from Cuonzo Martin to Tyndall to first-year coach Rick Barnes, is never something a player expects to experience when he arrives on campus as a freshman.

    The feeling-out process between a new coaching staff and its team doesn't happen overnight, but all three players praised the family emphasis Barnes and his assistant coaches have shown so far, and they seem genuinely excited to play for the former Texas coach.

    "Once you go through x-amount of coaches, you never know what the next coach is going to expect," Moore said. "But I think everybody's responding pretty well. We don't have a lot of guys who don't like to work, so that makes it a whole lot easier, too."
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  • Ben Frederickson ‏@Ben_Fred 9h9 hours ago

    Tennessee's Kevin Punter shooting for more assertive senior season, and he's starting by dominating Rocky Top League

    Kevin Punter would like to make it known that he probably could have broken the Pilot Rocky Top League single-game scoring record if he had any idea he was so close.

    “I didn’t know at first, until the announcer called it out,” Punter said. “By the time he called it out, I didn’t have enough time. If I would have known that at 3 minutes, I probably would have tried to go get it.”

    The UT senior guard’s 57-point barrage that led H3 Sports past DeRoyal Industries on Monday night fell just eight points shy of former Vol Jordan McRae’s record-setting 65 points in 2013.

    More impressive than his point total was the efficiency with which Punter reached it. He made 10-of-12 2-pointers and 3-of-7 3-pointers. A 68.4 field-goal percentage is almost unheard of in Rocky Top League...

    Knoxville area summer league features former, current, and near future Vol players.
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  • ESPN Stats & Info ‏@ESPNStatsInfo 1m1 minute ago

    Myles Turner is the 5th Texas freshman to be drafted, joining Cory Joseph, Tristan Thompson,  Avery Bradley & Kevin Durant. #NBADraft
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  • Wes Rucker ‏@wesrucker247 15h15 hours ago

    #Vols hoops freshman Admiral Schofield has older bro (O’Brien Schofield) and two cousins (Bobby Engram, Vonnie Holliday) who played in NFL.

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  • Ben Frederickson ‏@Ben_Fred 3h3 hours ago

    Rick Barnes last night: "I told Shembari Phillips, if you're smart you will hitch your wagon to Kevin (Punter)" ... Punter stays in the gym

    Rick Barnes was also asked about Jabari McGhee's health last night. McGhee practicing at UT but hasn't participated fully in RTL. [Rocky Top League]

    Barnes said McGhee is "probably somewhat cautious" as he gets back into it after foot injury, but is "doing fine"
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  • Ben Frederickson ‏@Ben_Fred 25m25 minutes ago

    Ballgame: Kevin Punter's RTL record 76 points lead H3 Sports to 3rd-place win over News Sentinel. 138-134. Punter is 2015 scoring champ.

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  • Tennessee Basketball ‏@Vol_Hoops Jul 2

    Our new Nike Smokey Grey uniformss incorporate elements from Tennessee teams in 1909-10, 1911-12 and 1940-41.

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  • Ben Frederickson ‏@Ben_Fred 15h15 hours ago

    New note on Rick Barnes'  profile tracks combined basketball earnings of his 24 NBA draft picks: $497.8 million+
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  • Ben Frederickson ‏@Ben_Fred

    Blog: Rick Barnes not placing ceiling on Kyle Alexander

    Rick Barnes raved about 6-foot-10, 240-pound Canadian freshman forward Kyle Alexander

    “We are really excited, simply because he’s only been playing two years,” Barnes said. “He’s played a lot of soccer, so that tells you, one, that he’s got stamina. And he can run. He really can run as well as any guard that we have in our program. Terrific hands. He has a great knack to get his hands on a lot of balls. And he’s quick. But he also is a guy that, offensively, we are going to watch him grow up here. We are right now. Somewhat, each practice we are like surprised with the things he gets done and the way he does it.”

    “He’s really learning the game for the first time. But the fact is he picks up things extremely well. In terms of his ceiling, I don’t know that we would want to put one on him. Anyone that is willing to work as hard as he works, and his body is going to change. It’s already starting to change. But from a skill set and those type of things, I’ve been really impressed with how well he can pick things up and how quickly you can move with him from one thing to the next.”
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  • Rick Barnes isn’t trying to steal football’s thunder. In fact, he’ll capitalize on it Sept. 12, bringing in his priority recruits to bask in the Oklahoma weekend.

    What Barnes is after is bridging Tennessee’s passion for football into basketball season — the tradition, the gravitas, the expectations, the whole ball of wax.

    “We’re going to have a big-time basketball program,’’ Barnes said. “You’ve got to want it all.’’

    “We know about Kentucky,’’ Barnes said. “But Kentucky should not have anything on the University of Tennessee.’’

    Once more, to leave no doubt.

    “The mark of a great program is that you’re there every year,’’ Barnes said. “What we’ve got to do is when they speak of the class of North Carolina, Duke, you name it, Tennessee has got to be part of that conversation.’’

    At this point in the program’s history, Tennessee is part of a very different conversation. That’s why a couple hundred community and UT leaders turned out for cocktails Monday at the Knoxville Convention Center to welcome Barnes — the third coach in three years — and staff to town...
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  • Jeff Goodman ‏@GoodmanESPN Sep 15

    One guy who is probably not all that upset about Steve Patterson out at Texas is Rick Barnes. There are plenty more, though.
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  • KNOXVILLE — Tennessee coach Rick Barnes’ new surroundings have the veteran coach adopting a slightly different approach in preseason practices.

    Barnes has needed to do more teaching so far as he goes over the different drills that had become second nature to his players at Texas, where he had coached for the past 17 seasons.

    Tennessee wants Barnes to provide the stability that’s been missing from its program amid all the coaching turnover. Barnes replaced Donnie Tyndall, who went 16-16 in his lone season at Tennessee before being fired in March amid an NCAA investigation into his two-year tenure at Southern Mississippi.

    Senior guard Kevin Punter acknowledged the coaching change was “rough” and that he thought about leaving, but Barnes’ arrival caused him to stay put.

    “I’ve been watching Coach when he was coaching KD (Kevin Durant) and all those pros he got,” Punter said. “For him to be here, I already knew his background, and all I probably needed was just to talk to him and that pretty much sealed the deal. I already knew what he does for a lot of his players.”

    Barnes went 402-180 at Texas and reached the NCAA Tournament in 16 of his 17 years there before getting fired in March. His teams have earned NCAA bids in 19 of the past 20 seasons overall.

    “We’re not going to shy away from saying what we want,” Barnes said. “We want to be part of that tournament and have a chance like anybody else to play for the whole thing.”
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  • GoVolsXtra ‏@GoVolsXtra 11h11 hours ago

    Well-traveled Ray Kasongo finds home on UT basketball team 

    Ray Kasongo will always be tagged as Rick Barnes’ first signee as Tennessee’s basketball coach.

    His hometown is listed as Toronto, but he graduated high school in Pikeville, Ky., where he lived for two years. He spent the 2013-14 academic year at Phase 1 Academy, a prep school in Phoenix, and last year played junior college basketball at the College of Southern Idaho.

    He’s a sophomore forward who measures 6-foot-8, 245 pounds, is fluent in French, majors in theater and describes himself on the floor as a bull in a China shop...
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  • SEC Sports ‏@SEC 7m7 minutes ago

    Chatting now with Rick Barnes of @Vol_Hoops. #SECMBB

    Rick Barnes on this year's team: "They’ve been fun to coach. I think we’re versatile in the fact that we’ll play a lot of people."

    Barnes: "No doubt, the #SEC is the best athletically in the country. I think it’s an exciting time to be part of this league."

    Barnes: "We want to be a national program. And to be a national program you need to play a national schedule."

    Barnes: "Armani Moore and Kevin Punter are two guys who have really bought in and done what we asked them to do."
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  • Jimmy Hyams ‏@JimmyHyams 18h18 hours ago

    UT basketball coach Rick Barnes at Rotary Club today said he has three core guys: Armani Moore, Kevin Punter, Kevin Baulkman.

    Barnes said Moore and Punter could lead SEC in minutes played (almost 40/game) and UT will be `terrific handling ball’ due to playing 2 PGs

    Barnes said UT will scrimmage Davidson Saturday (no fans allowed). Said it’s good way to learn about team. Prefers scrimmages to exhibitions

    Barnes said UT needs senior forward Derek Reese to be a factor inside. He said Baulkman can be `an explosive offensive player.’

    Barnes: `We’re trying to put in our system as well as do what’s right for team.’ Said he’ll play entire roster unless some don’t play roles.

    Barnes said an NBA scout told him he was impressed with UT’s shooters. Barnes said UT needs to hit 8-10 3s a game to open lane, drive to rim

    Barnes said the defenses of Dean Smith and Bobby Knight weren’t good toward end of their careers because they got `bored’ with defense... Barnes said he’s at that point: `Offense intrigues me. How can we get shots and great looks at the basket.’

    Barnes said SEC teams must schedule tougher and that in a `bad year’ the SEC needs 6 teams in NCAA Tournament, and 8 to 9 in a `great year’

    Barnes uses 15-second shot clock in practice to speed up pace of play: `The longer we hold it, there’s a good chance we might turn it over.'

    Barnes said the new college basketball rules need to work and the only way they will work is if `officials do their job.’

    Barnes said regular-season games need to be called the same way as postseason games. He's hoping universal system will lead to that

    Barnes said it’s hard now for players to take a charge because rulesmakers are trying to avoid collisions and allow `freedom of flow'
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  • @GrantRamey ‏@GrantRamey 2h2 hours ago

    Today's paper: Went to Hickory to learn about 'Rifle' Rick Barnes and found the longest story I've ever written

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  • Jeff Goodman ‏@GoodmanESPN 2h2 hours ago

    Tennessee edged out Davidson in scrimmage. Armani Moore went for 30 and 14, Kevin Punter with 27 points. Peyton Aldridge 19 & 9 for Davidson
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  • @GrantRamey ‏@GrantRamey Nov 3

    Also in today's paper: Tennessee sophomore forward Ray Kasongo awaiting NCAA clearance to compete; practice only now...