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  • I'd say Tennessee will have a HC opening at seasons end as well.
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  • Phil Fulmer on Tennessee's Butch Jones: 'I understand exactly where he is'

    If anyone knows the highs and lows of Tennessee football, it's Phil Fulmer.

    Fulmer - who coached the Vols from 1992 to 2008, including the 1999 BCS title - gave his take on this year's Tennessee under coach Butch Jones.

    "I understand exactly where he is," Fulmer told The Citizen Tribune Tuesday of Jones. "It's a tough time for him."

    Fulmer should know. He coached the Vols to a 152-52 record and two SEC Championships, but quickly fell out of favor with the fanbase at the end of his tenure.

    "Nobody ever promised anybody that every day is going to be good. Everybody has difficulties, it's just that in athletics, and particularly at a place like Tennessee, it is so exposed," he said.

    "My hope is that the players will run out, and make a good year out of it," he said.

    Fulmer was asked who would be a viable candidate to replace Jones.

    "I wouldn't begin to go there," Fulmer said...

    Vols (3-3, 0-3 SEC) haven't scored a touchdown in their past 10 quarters and have dropped three of their last four games. Now, they are preparing for Saturday's game at No. 1 Alabama (7-0, 4-0).
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  • SEC Country Vols‏Verified account @SECCountryVols

    WATCH: Wedding goers receive ‘Fire Butch’ message from wedding party   #VFL

    Rule No. 1 for getting married in the South: Don’t do it on a Saturday in the fall.

    But if you are going to do it on a Saturday in the fall, bringing a bunch of Tennessee fans to church rather as an alternative to watching the Vols against Alabama was probably a smart move.

    While we cannot verify what role this gentleman plays in the wedding party (the tweet identifies him as a minister), he certainly connects with his audience by delivering a “Fire Butch” message to those gathered to witness the nuptials in the midst of a 45-7 Alabama win on Saturday.

    “Thank you, everyone, for coming here on the third Saturday in October when Tennessee plays Alabama,” the wedding party member can be heard saying into the microphone. “If you’re here, ‘Fire Butch.'”

    He then mic drops
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  • Tennessee RB John Kelly apologizes, calls actions ‘immature and selfish’

    Embattled Tennessee coach Butch Jones announced Wednesday he has suspended Kelly and freshman linebacker Will Ignont. Ignont was in a car with Kelly when the pair were pulled over with marijuana and a glass pipe stashed in the console.

    Kelly, a junior from Detroit who leads the Vols in rushing yardage and pass receptions, was cited for misdemeanor drug possession and not having proof of insurance.

    When you make millions can you afford a grad assistant who can check insurance, tail light/head light function, blacked out windows, etc.?
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  •  Jesse Strickland‏ @jgstrickland7

    We've got some disgruntled fans in Knoxville...
    @RedditCFB @Vol_Football
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  • Oldie but goodie
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  • Tennessee seniors address #EmptyNeyland campaign by fans

    KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The animosity surrounding the Tennessee fan base has been building all season.

    Some fans seem to have hit a breaking point and have begun a push on social media with the hashtag “EmptyNeyland.” The fans want to express their displeasure with coach Butch Jones by skipping the Southern Miss game Saturday.

    Senior offensive lineman Jashon Robertson received a question at a media availability Tuesday about the fan movement.

    “I understand their frustration to a certain extent, we’re the ones playing the games,” Robertson said. “At the same time, I’m a senior from the state of Tennessee. I love this place. When I came here, it was to play in front of a great fan base like we have. So, only thing I’d say to them is, ‘We appreciate the support they’ve given us this year. We look forward to them giving us the same type of support.’”

    Senior defensive lineman Kendal Vickers said fans can do what they want to do. It won’t change the players’ jobs no matter how many people show up.

    “I don’t have a message for them,” Vickers said. “They can do what they want to do, that’s their right. They cannot show up if they want to, or they can if they want to. We got to go out there and play Southern Miss.”

    Tennessee will enter the game on a four-game losing streak...
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  • Tennessee needs win against LSU or Vandy to avoid breaking impressive streak shared only by Ohio State

    Volunteers must win against either LSU or Vanderbilt to stay away from eight losses in a season, which the Tennessee program has never seen before.

    Only Vols and The Ohio State have never lost eight.
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  • Jimmy Hyams‏ @JimmyHyams

    Tennessee fires Butch Jones. Brady Hoke named interim. Team meeting with players was at 1 pm. Press conference at 5 pm. Read my blog:

    KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Butch Jones has laid his last brick at Tennessee.

    UT athletic director John Currie fired Jones on Sunday morning, hours after the Vols were routed 50-17 at Missouri.

    The loss dropped UT’s record to 4-6 overall and 0-6 in the SEC. The Vols never have gone winless in SEC play. League games remain against LSU and Vanderbilt. The Vols also never have lost eight games in a season, a possibility this year.

    Jones informed his coaches Sunday morning. Jones was offered a chance to coach the last two games but declined, a source said.

    Currie named Brady Hoke as interim coach. Hoke is in his first season as the Vols’ defensive line coach, and formerly was coach at Michigan, San Diego State and Ball State.

    “Unfortunately, we are not where we need to be competitively,” Currie said in a statement officially announcing the decision. “For that reason, I have asked Coach Jones to step down as head football coach.”

    Currie also said that under Jones, “the program has improved tremendously in the areas of academics, discipline and community involvement.”
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  •  SEC Country Vols‏Verified account @SECCountryVols
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    LOOK: Piece of metal reportedly blows off Neyland Stadium scoreboard, hits fans   #VFL
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  •  SEC Country Vols‏Verified account @SECCountryVols
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    Internet reacts to Tennessee going winless in SEC play this season   #VFL

     Wes Rucker‏Verified account @wesrucker247
    3h3 hours ago

    The last time Vanderbilt beat Tennessee four times in six games?

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    Column from #Vols’ 42-24 loss to Vanderbilt on Saturday: I’m sorry, Tennessee fans. You didn’t deserve this game, this season, this decade:

    Tennessee interim head coach Brady Hoke began his Saturday night postgame speech by offering a mea culpa to the Vols’ 22 seniors.

    “When we met as a team, I apologized … to the 22 seniors, that we weren’t able to win this football game,” Hoke said.

    That was a good start.

    But it wasn’t enough.

    Tennessee fans deserve an apology.

    I don’t know that anyone else will do it, so I’ll do it.

    I’m sorry.

    Really. I’m sorry, Tennessee fans.

    You don’t deserve this.

    This apology might not mean much coming from me, but someone has to do it. Someone has to stand up and apologize to one of the proudest, most passionate and most loyal fan bases in sports for putting that kind of product on the field.

    A bad Vanderbilt team with an inept running game and a historically bad defense walked out of Neyland Stadium on Saturday night with a 42-24 win. Vanderbilt has now beaten Tennessee four times in the past six games of this rivalry. That hadn’t happened since 1928.

    Tennessee lost to Kentucky and Vanderbilt in the same season. That hadn’t happened since 1964.

    A winless season in SEC play? That hadn’t happened ever. And Tennessee was a charter member of the league in 1932.

    An eight-loss season? That hadn’t happened ever. And Tennessee started playing football in 1891.

    This was arguably the worst team in Tennessee football history. And it was a season that began with a top-25 ranking and SEC Eastern Division championship aspirations.

    Games have to have winners and losers, and 50 percent of the teams that play in every college football game lose that game. Over the course of time, eventually you’re going to get the short straw for a while. That’s life. Every program in the country has had it wandering-through-the-desert years.

    Tennessee was supposed to be out of its rock-bottom years, though. Tennessee’s past four recruiting classes — virtually the entirety of the current roster — finished no lower than No. 17 nationally, and two of those classes finished in the top 10.

    No amount of injuries is an excuse for this. No amount of bad luck is an excuse for this. Nothing is an excuse for this.

    I’m not suggesting that Hoke needed to perform seppuku on himself. I’m not even suggesting that he had to be the one to apologize. He’s only Tennessee’s interim head coach, and he’s only had that temporary title for two weeks. This isn’t his tire fire. The one who started this mess — Butch Jones — has already been rightfully dismissed.

    Someone has to apologize, though.

    I guess I’ll do it.

    Tennessee fans, I’m sorry you had to experience the 2017 season. I’m sorry you were sold a shiny toy with that broke when you tried to play with it. I’m sorry you had to listen to Jones press conferences the past five years. I’m sorry you spent so much of hard-earned money following this season, from ticket prices to traveling expenses to television packages to media subscriptions. You got ripped off. I know you know that already, but I still think you deserve to hear or read an apology.

    You didn’t deserve this, Tennessee fans. Life isn’t always fair, and sometimes deserve has nothing to do with it.
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  • Michael Carvell‏ @Michael_Carvell
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    USA Today’s Dan Wolken: Tennessee fans’ behavior after Greg Schiano news ‘hurt the program’

    What Tennessee fans don’t understand is that their behavior Sunday hurt the program. If Schiano and Tennessee indeed finalize an agreement (it hadn’t happened by 7 p.m. ET on Sunday), it’s a marriage that starts out on terrible footing. If they go their separate ways, Tennessee’s fan base will forever carry the stain inside the profession of being crybabies for whom nothing is good enough.
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  •  Richard Deitsch‏Verified account @richarddeitsch
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    From someone with zero skin in the game: Watching the Tennessee presser, I came away truly unimpressed with Chancellor Beverly J. Davenport and her lack of transparency.
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  • Michael Carvell
    ‏ @Michael_Carvell

    Tennessee football coach Jeremy Pruitt: Vols lack poise, show poor body language

    “I could have turned my head while the ball was being snapped and not watched the play, and then looked back around and I could have told you what happened without looking at the down and distance, all based off body language, and that’s not a good thing,” Pruitt said after the team’s scrimmage Saturday.

    “So, there’s gonna be adverse situations in the games, there’s gonna be situations where things don’t go our way, and how are we gonna play? How are we gonna respond?” Pruitt said. “It’s like I told the guys out there [Saturday], there’s a reason they put four quarters on the scoreboard.

    “You want to play well in all of them, and obviously you want to play well on every play, but there will be times when things don’t go your way, and sometimes they are not.”

    Tennessee suffered issues with poise under pressure in 2017. The Vols lost games decided in the final minute against Florida, South Carolina and Kentucky, unable to come together in the clutch and execute.

    No doubt, Tennessee fans suffered ...

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  • Michael Carvell
    ‏ @Michael_Carvell

    Tennessee football 2018 NFL Draft wrap, and why juniors left early

    KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Tennessee football had three players selected in the 2018 NFL Draft over the weekend, and several others came terms [sic] as undrafted free agents on Saturday night.

    All three of the Vols’ juniors who declared for the NFL draft were selected:

    SS Rashaan Gaulden, 85th (third round), Carolina
    RB John Kelly, 176th (sixth round), Los Angeles Rams
    DL Kahlil McKenzie, 198th (sixth round), Kansas City

    Vols who reached free agent agreements:

        KR Evan Berry — Cleveland Browns
        P Trevor Daniel — Houston Texans
        LB Colton Jumper — New Orleans Saints
        OL Brett Kendrick — Detroit Lions
        CB Emmanuel Moseley — San Francisco 49ers
        OL Jashon Robertson — Dallas Cowboys
        DL Kendal Vickers — Pittsburgh Steelers
        TE Ethan Wolf — Tennessee Titans

    Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt said after taking the head coaching job on Dec. 7 that he wasn’t sure why there were some players considering leaving early, with none projected in the first round.

    Part of what happens when a new staff comes in involves returning players losing equity and assurances of playing time and roles.

    Pruitt, for example, very rarely mentioned returning players by name this spring and didn’t allow any players to talk after the spring game.

    The message was clear, that everyone has to prove themselves again and earn the right to represent Tennessee football.

    Still, Pruitt and athletic director Phillip Fulmer were confident the players who were drafted could have improved their stock with another season.

    Gaulden was the player the new staff was most interested in returning, as the secondary sorely lacks playmakers other than safety Nigel Warrior.

    Kelly’s decision to leave opened the door for Michigan State graduate transfer Madre London to make a move to Tennessee.

    The nine Vols drafted in 2017 and 2018 are the most in a two-year span in 10 years, when Fulmer was still Tennessee’s coach and six were drafted in 2007 and three were drafted in 2008.

    Fulmer and Tennessee once held the record for most players selected in one draft with 10 in 2002...
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  • Jimmy Hyams
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    5h5 hours ago

    BREAKING NEWS: Sources: UT chancellor Beverly Davenport has been fired by Dr. Joe DiPietro. She was hired Dec. 15, effective Feb. 15. She made the controversial hire of John Currie as athletic director, then fired him Dec. 1 and hired Phillip
    Fulmer as AD.

    Wes Rucker
    ‏Verified account @wesrucker247
    56m56 minutes ago

    Getting demoted for poor communication skills and then being given $440k per year to teach communications at that same school is just ... I mean, wow.

    UT-Knoxville looks like ...

    Honestly, I’m less offended by the ineptitude than I am by the inability to mask the ineptitude.
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  • SEC Country Vols
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    Tennessee issues official statement on dismissal of chancellor Beverly Davenport, announces new role   #VFL

    SEC Country Vols
    ‏Verified account @SECCountryVols
    2h2 hours ago

    Twitter users baffled by Beverly Davenport’s new role after being fired as Tennessee chancellor   #VFL
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  • Davenport will never see inside a classroom.
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  • Davenport will never see inside a classroom.

    She’s kinda cute.  Maybe she can tutor the football players.
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  • She’s kinda cute.  Maybe she can tutor the football players.
    Man you just made me throw up a little. LOL
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  • She’s kinda cute.  Maybe she can tutor the football players.

    We know Tennessee has some past success in this area
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  • Michael Carvell
    ‏ @Michael_Carvell

    Jeremy Pruitt, Phillip Fulmer have differing opinions on neutral-site games

    Vols will kick off their season against West Virginia in Charlotte, N.C., which will be their third neutral-site season opener in the last four years.

    Tennessee’s future Power 5 nonconference schedule only includes home-and-home matchups against BYU, Oklahoma and Pitt.

    Pruitt said on the Big Orange Caravan stop in Nashville that he believes scheduling more neutral-site games in “a place that you’re going to recruit” is worth considering.

    “The home-and-home is definitely great, but also if there’s a place that you’re going to recruit, it’s good to play a game there,” Pruitt said. “And I think when you’re going to play a neutral-site game, you’ve got to have that thought in mind.”

    Pruitt, who previously worked as an assistant at Alabama and Georgia, has coached in several notable regular-season neutral-site games, including the Bulldogs’ annual matchup against Florida in Jacksonville, as well as the Tide’s last two season openers against USC at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, and Florida State in Atlanta.

    Fulmer, on the other hand, would prefer that the Vols schedule more games at Neyland ...
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  • Wes Rucker
    ‏Verified account @wesrucker247

    Another addition to Butch Jones’ Crimes Against Coaching Humanity: #Vols DL Kivon Bennett almost certainly won’t get a redshirt because he played FOURTEEN TOTAL SNAPS in four games last season as a true freshman.

    My God, man. Throw an older walk-on out there for a few reps.
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  • Why Rush Propst didn't join Tennessee coaching staff

    So, when Tennessee hired Jeremy Pruitt as the Vols new head coach last year, it appeared Propst, entering his 10th season at Colquitt County (Ga.) High, might finally make the preps-to-college jump because the two have a longstanding relationship dating to Propst hiring Pruitt as one of his assistants at Hoover in the 2000s.

    "The rule gigged me," Propst said last week at the Hoover City Elite 7on7 tournament. "You can't follow a player type deal."

    Tennessee's 2018 signing class included four-star Colquitt County linebacker J.J. Peterson, and a controversial NCAA rule enacted in 2017 essentially eliminated Propst from joining Pruitt's staff. It's the same rule that prevents Auburn from signing any player from Opelika for two years after hiring Brian Blackmon as an analyst last year.

    Passed in in April 2017, NCAA by-law 11.4.4 says: "In bowl subdivision football, during a two-year period before a prospective student-athlete's anticipated enrollment and a two-year period after the prospective student-athlete's actual enrollment, an institution shall not employ (or enter into a contract for future employment with) an individual associated with the prospective student-athlete in any athletics department noncoaching staff position or in a strength and conditioning staff position."
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  • Wes Rucker

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     11h11 hours ago

    Saban and Smart had rough first seasons at Bama and Georgia, and they had more talent to work with on those teams.

    Pruitt deserves some time to see if he can be the guy. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t, but anyone telling you they already know for sure is ignorant.
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  • Wes Rucker
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    COLUMN: Things might eventually get better for this #Vols football team, but first they’re going to get worse. A lot worse. Prepare yourselves:

    Farewell from General Neyland’s Big Ol’ Damn House of Football.

    Always weird being the only person in this colossus.

    You hate to think of any team’s conference opener as a Last Stand, but Saturday night in Knoxville was The 2018 Tennessee Football Team’s Last Stand.

    A loss to Florida would make it tough for the Vols to overcome their ridiculous schedule and end Jeremy Pruitt’s first season with a bowl game.

    These Vols might be dead now.

    I’m not sure if this season’s Florida Gators are the most beatable Florida Gators I’ve seen in the past three decades, but they’re not far from the top of that list. They are, at best, an average team. They are, inarguably, a rebuilding team with a new head coach.

    Florida looked beatable heading into Saturday night, and the Gators look just as beatable here on Sunday morning.

    And that beatable Florida team just walked out of Neyland Stadium with a 47-21 win.

    The same Florida team that scored 16 points in a home loss to Kentucky earlier this month hung nearly a half-hundred on the Vols. However you process that information is up to you, and I wish you luck with that. Do what you need to do. You do you. But you have to understand that’s what happened.

    And now this Tennessee team is six days away from playing a game at Sanford Stadium against second-ranked Georgia. Thirteen days after that, the Vols will play at ninth-ranked Auburn. Seven days after that, they host top-ranked Alabama...

    No prospect signs with Tennessee expecting to go through anything like this. Tennessee has lost 10 consecutive SEC football games, and it’s about to lose four more. The pressure on these coaches and players is very real, even in a transition season. Some of them will snap. If you don’t believe that, you’ve never spent much time in an environment full of pressure and testosterone and devoid of patience.

    Seventy percent of this team’s scholarship players signed to play for former coach Butch Jones, not Jeremy Pruitt. Most of them have and will continue to do everything this staff asks them to do. Most of them will buy in. There aren’t many punks on that team. They’re mostly good kids, and they’ll try to do anything their coaches ask them to do. They’re starved for success. They just want to win. They didn’t come here to lose.

    But some will buck. Some always buck.

    Pruitt will have to cull the herd. Let’s not be naive about that.
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  • GoVolsXtra
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     4m4 minutes ago

    For UT Vols football fans looking for positives, the list is surprisingly long

    Although UT is off to a 2-3 start and has lost three games by 26 points apiece, none of its players have quit.

    Accountability: First-year coach Jeremy Pruitt hasn't failed to criticize his own coaching. That's not how it usually works.

    In his first game — a 40-14 loss to West Virginia — he pointed out things he could have done differently. That was refreshing.

    Run defense: No opposing running back has rushed for as many as 100 yards.
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