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  • ESPN SEC @ESPN_SEC  ·  3h 3 hours ago

    Opening spring camp: Tennessee
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  • Butch Jones: Host of injuries the 'biggest setback' for Vols football team this spring

    "The biggest setback are the injuries -- having nine individuals out and then a number of individuals that are day to day," Jones said Monday. "That really hurts the progress of your football team. But if you look on the positive side, it also allows many opportunities.

    "We are night and day from entering spring three than where we were spring one. Just our work capacity, our mentality, our players doing the extra. They understand the culture, they understand the standard, they understand the expectations.

    "But again, it's also a snapshot that we have not arrived. We're a long ways away from where we need to be from a competitive depth standpoint to really be able to compete at a high level and an elite level."

    To further highlight how short-handed Tennessee will be this spring, the Vols will begin practice this afternoon with five healthy scholarship defensive linemen, two of whom are freshmen who enrolled in January, and one fully healthy scholarship running back, another January enrollee.

    Though the defensive line was hit the hardest by what's missing, Tennessee will be without key returning players at wide receiver, tight end, linebacker and along the offensive line...
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  • Backup OT Coleman Thomas might be off the team after being arrested for trying to sell stolen goods on campus.
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  •  Patrick Brown @patrickbrownTFP  ·  Mar 29

    ICYMI: Alvin Kamara standing out with more than just his speed + Gavin Bryant's big hit, Cam Sutton at nickel & more.

    Jalen Reeves-Maybin may have led Tennessee in tackles in 2014, but there was at least one stop the rising junior linebacker didn't make when the Volunteers practiced for the first time in full pads Saturday.

    The one that got away was Alvin Kamara.

    "I got past him today," the junior college transfer running back said. "He was like, 'Dang, I didn't know you were that fast.' I was like, 'Yeah.' When those pads come, I ain't trying to get hit."

    The one-time Alabama freshman continues to earn praise from coaches and teammates as he settles into life at his second Southeastern Conference stop.

    Not all of those positive reviews have to do with how Kamara made an impressive cut or sped away from a defender.

    "During our standard periods, I was paired up with Alvin," Reeves-Maybin said. "We've been going at it for the last two or three weeks, and a guy like him, you don't really have to teach him the standard. He kind of picked up and he knew what the standard was as soon as he got here, and he's been great."

    Matured by his time with the Crimson Tide and the year he spent at Hutchinson Community College in Kansas, Kamara came in right away and assumed a leadership role, helping quarterback Josh Dobbs arrange most of the offseason workouts for the skill-position players on Tennessee's offense.

    Tennessee offered Kamara a fresh start, and he seems intent on making the most of it.

    "It definitely has put a little fire underneath me, just having to come in here and contribute, contribute right off the rip," he said. "Guys like Jalen (Hurd), we're in the room working, and we're pushing each other every day. That's one of the things I pride myself on. I'm pushing him, he's pushing me and we're taking it in the right way, not getting offended."

    On the field, Kamara said he's trying to adapt to the tempo of Tennessee's practices...
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  • Wes Rucker @wesrucker247  ·  3h 3 hours ago

    If #Vols WRs stay healthy in 2015, their eighth/ninth guys on the depth chart will still be really good football players. No hyperbole.
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  • GoVolsXtra @GoVolsXtra  ·  44m 44 minutes ago
    Alvin Kamara shows big-play ability in scrimmage 

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  • Dustin Dopirak @TennesseeBeat  ·  Apr 7

    Coleman Thomas has a preliminary hearing on his felony theft charge set for April 29.

    Butch Jones said Coleman Thomas's status with the program has not changed and that it's still "day-to-day."
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  • You can tell how bad Tennessee needs Oline depth -- otherwise Jones would have canned Thomas by now.

    Dobbs, Hurd and Kamara give the Vols a really interesting backfield.
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  • Bruce Feldman @BruceFeldmanCFB  ·  Apr 6
    Monday Mailbag: Talking #USC & Sark; Can #Vols contend for SEC East title? Golden's needed win total at #Miami:

    I think the Vols are still too young to predict they are the favorites to win the SEC East. I'd go with Georgia and then perhaps Mizzou, but I feel like they're trending upwards now more than South Carolina or a rebuilding Florida program. I do buy that Butch Jones has Tennessee ready to "contend" in the East, and by 2016 they should be primed to make a run at the SEC title...

    ... The Vols are learning to win, which is important for a young team and a program that has dealt with a ridiculous amount of turnover.

    Their offense was much more dynamic when Josh Dobbs took over at QB and provided a real threat in the running game to take some heat off stud freshman RB Jalen Hurd. They have a bunch of talented wideouts. The O-line was extremely green in 2014...

    We're going to find out just how much the Vols have grown up this year, because they host Oklahoma in Week 2 and get Georgia and Alabama (in Tuscaloosa) back-to-back in October (with a bye week in between).
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  •  GoVolsXtra @GoVolsXtra  ·  Apr 9

    Vols' defense making too many mistakes

    Tennessee’s defense is injury-riddled and lacks depth this spring, but defensive coordinator John Jancek said he’s seeing problems in practice that can’t be explained by those issues.
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  •  ESPN SEC @ESPN_SEC  ·  12m 12 minutes ago

    Tennessee's defense leading way

    ...for Tennessee to take the next step, it’s the defense that will have to hold up its end of the bargain. And of late, it’s the defense that’s winning the spring.

    During the half-hour long media viewing period of the Vols’ scrimmage on Saturday, the offense struggled. There were dropped passes, a few sacks, a number of failed third-down attempts and at least one missed field goal. Routinely Jones shouted into his microphone, “Defense wins!” as the defensive players and coaches spilled onto the field to celebrate.

    “We have been pretty good offensively throughout the course of spring,” Jones said after the scrimmage had ended. “But today I thought the defense had just much more intensity. They had more leadership I thought in this type of environment."
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  • Half-hour media viewing period? Ugh.
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  •  Dustin Dopirak @TennesseeBeat  ·  12h 12 hours ago

    Jones transcript from Tuesday

    Jones thanks the administration for expanding the assistants' salary pool.

    Zach Azzanni and Robert Gillespie got $50,000 raises. Jancek got $40,000, Thigpen $30,000, Martinez and Stripling $25,000 each. Mark Elder got $20,000 and Don Mahoney $10,000.

    At $3,535,000 combined, Tennessee would have been the 10th-highest paid assistant staff in the nation in 2014.

    (On sophomore defensive back Emmanuel Moseley’s health)
    “Emmanuel is back. He is back, he has been cleared so they had Emmanuel Moseley back in practice and add to that competitive structure, component that we talk about in our football program. It was great to have him back.”

    (On the spring game)
    “I think it is important for us. But every year is different, every team is different. Sometimes spring games are a nightmare for coaches, you are worried about injuries, it is practice 15, you want to finish strong. Right now our spring game is going to be a great event but it is going to be a challenge managing our numbers. But it will be great to see for our fans because we will do circle of life, we will do some one-on-ones, we will do some O-line, D-line, individual competitive drills. We will make it an event. It is more of a spring event and then we will also play football as well..."
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  •  Josh Dobbs @josh_dobbs1  ·  Apr 12

    Great throwing session tonight with @TimTebow #grind

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  • Wes Rucker @wesrucker247  ·  6h 6 hours ago
    #Vols running backs Jalen Hurd and Alvin Kamara are calling themselves the CMG — Chain-Moving Gang.

    Dustin Dopirak @TennesseeBeat  ·  4h 4 hours ago
    Jones transcript from Saturday

    (On the offensive struggles)
    “A combination of all of that. The ability to make plays. When the offense did score in the red zone, it was usually on a broken play. Containing the quarterback in the red zone is critical for a defense, that is a back breaker when you allow the quarterback to escape the pocket. That is one of the things that we need to improve on, our points of pressure on the quarterback in the red zone. Offensively, it is one out of 11, all 11 individuals have a job and everything is kind of magnified because the field shrinks in the red zone, the timing mechanism picks up, everything is about rhythm and spacing and timing. I didn’t think we had very good rhythm when we were in the red zone. We were able to run the ball effectively but particularly in the throw game we weren’t able to win on the edges and we have to be able to win.”
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  • Patrick Brown @patrickbrownTFP  ·  5h 5 hours ago
    #Vols QB Josh Dobbs on Tennessee's elevated expectations:

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  • Planning on heading to Knoxville with some buddies for the of few stadiums never been to a game in Sec. Anyone have any advice about Tenner games?  Places to eat, stay, etc?  TIA.

    Barbeque - Sweet P's

    Pizza - Barley's

    A little bit of everything for everyone (including good self-brewed beers) - Calhoun's on the River (Sweet P's has the best BBQ, but they have the best ribs) or The Downtown Grill & Brewery

    Burger - This one is tough, because I don't feel like we have an amazing burger place. But I would have to go with Copper Cellar on Cumberland . Copper Cellar also has a little bit of everything like Calhoun's and Downtown Grill & Brewery.

    Upscale Southern Cooking - Tupelo Honey

    You name what you're looking for, I'll recommend the place.

    Also, I think it'll be a good game. Both teams are similarly up-trending. I expect the game to be close either way, and as long as it is a close, I don't think the out come will set a precedent for either team's season. I'm looking forward to this game more than anything. Hope I get to go.
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  •  Chris Low @ClowESPN  ·  Apr 20

    Level of competition at all spots is night and day in Tennessee's program from what it was when Jones arrived. It's called ... more talent.
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  •  Nick Carboni @NickCarboniWBIR  ·  23h 23 hours ago

    Said 6-6 to @TennesseeBeat and @VinceSports but I'll change to 7-5 officially. Hadn't had coffee yet. Still think breakout comes in '16.
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  •  ESPN SEC @ESPN_SEC  ·  Apr 24

    Tennessee's spring game: Five things to watch
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  • Medley hits a 55 yard FG in the Tennessee spring game (SEC Network Alternate channel).

    Would have been good from 56.
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  • Dustin Dopirak @TennesseeBeat  ·  16m 16 minutes ago
    The first-half "scoring " explained.

    Click to enlarge

    There's a 13-foot trophy for the MVP of this game. That's not a miss print. It's taller than a basketball goal or a field goal crossbar.
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  • Patrick Brown @patrickbrownTFP  ·  57m 57 minutes ago
    Freshman quarterback Jauan Jennings is live for contact. Just scrambled for a first down on third down.

    Nice play from Jauan Jennings. Breaks contain a play-action rollout and takes off for a 45-yard touchdown run.
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  •  Patrick Brown @patrickbrownTFP  ·  9h 9 hours ago

    Josh Dobbs delivers amid psuedo-pressure as #Vols wrap the spring practice ahead of a season of higher stakes.

    KNOXVILLE -- Quinten Dormady laid down the marker and, for a brief moment, Josh Dobbs' hold on the starting quarterback position for Tennessee looked to be tenuous.

    OK, not really.

    It didn't keep Dobbs from going out, amid whatever pressure was on him from his head coach and the 60,000-plus fans inside Neyland Stadium, and making sure he bettered the freshman in the quarterback challenge portion of Tennessee's Orange and White Game on Saturday afternoon.

    "Me and Quinten had a good little finale to it," the rising junior joked after he edged Dormady by looping a pass off the rim of a large trash can -- the final target in a series of them -- from 30 yards away.

    "I was going to win it, no worries."

    With an unofficial total of 16 players, many of them likely starters, watching from the sideline in T-shirts and shorts, Saturday was never going to be a good indicator of what to expect from the Volunteers when the 2015 season arrives...

    The Vols believe they have caught up with their conference peers from a talent standpoint heading into Jones's third season, though he is quick to point out Tennessee still lacks the required depth to become elite.

    "We don't have the competitive depth that the premier teams have," he said. "Are we getting there? Yes, but we still have a long ways to go."

    That path is shorter thanks to players such as Dobbs, running back Jalen Hurd, linebacker Jalen Reeves-Maybin and cornerback Cam Sutton -- a quartet of established players who, like up-and-coming talents including safety Evan Berry and receiver Josh Malone, all had their moments of brilliance Saturday.

    "The guys know what's at stake coming into next season."

    It's more than what was at stake when Dobbs took aim at those trash cans.

    High steaks:

    Reported that the winners had steak and lobster while the losers dined on franks and beans.

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  •  Patrick Brown @patrickbrownTFP  ·  Apr 26

    And to think these guys are roommates ...

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  •  Paul Finebaum @finebaum  ·  3h 3 hours ago

    "A year away, realistically, from competing for an SEC championship." - @BrockESPN (Brock Huard) on @Vol_Football
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  •  SEC Sports @SEC  ·  2h 2 hours ago

    Big things are happening on Rocky Top this spring! See what @Vol_Football has been up to: 

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  •  Bruce Feldman @BruceFeldmanCFB  ·  4h 4 hours ago

    Tennessee is gathering all the pieces to be an SEC contender. Takeaways from 3 days around the #Vols:

    The last time I was in Knoxville was two years ago. Butch Jones had just arrived and the Vols were early in spring ball. It was stunning to see just how mediocre UT had become. It had the worst collection of skill talent from any power conference team I've ever seen.

    The program I spent three days around last week looked dramatically different.

    The Vols have two big-time backs in huge sophomore Jalen Hurd and JC transfer Alvin Kamara, the former Alabama tailback. UT also has a decent group of athletic receivers and an impressive junior QB triggerman in Josh Dobbs.

    Vols aren't where they were in the prime Phil Fulmer years. Truth be told, they're probably still a year away. UT doesn't have the depth of personnel, especially on the lines, and their receivers aren't at the elite level they were when Tennessee was a top-15 team. But I wouldn't be surprised if they cracked the top 25 this fall...
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  • thanks for posting
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  •  Patrick Brown @patrickbrownTFP  ·  6h 6 hours ago

    More experience and competition make Tennessee's O-line 'completely different.' Will it lead to different results?

    What's the definition of insanity?

    The questions and concerns still exist.

    Like just about everything else with Tennessee's offensive line, though, they're different this offseason.

    The position unit that was the weakest link for the Volunteers during a 7-6 season in 2014 exits spring practice and heads into the summer with more experience, more physical improvements and added competition for starting spots.

    The Vols' hope is that all those factors lead to much-improved results when the 2015 season arrives.

    The presumed starting five at this point, from left to right, probably are fifth-year senior left tackle Kyler Kerbyson, Marcus Jackson, Mack Crowder, Jashon Robertson and Brett Kendrick.

    Those spots aren't etched in stone, though, for a line that prefers continuity and the same five working together over time.

    Coleman Thomas figures to push Crowder at center. Dontavius Blair, probably the most physically talented offensive lineman on Tennessee's roster, and Drew Richmond, a five-star recruit who will arrive this summer, could push for playing time at starting spots at tackle. Austin Sanders performed well during spring practice in Jackson's absence.

    Freshmen Jack Jones and Chance Hall got extensive second-team work in spring. Richmond and incoming freshmen Venzell Boulware and Zach Stewart will join the mix in the summer.
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  • Patrick Brown @patrickbrownTFP  ·  6h 6 hours ago

    More experience and competition make Tennessee's O-line 'completely different.' Will it lead to different results?

    What's the definition of insanity?

    Doing the same things expecting a different result. Unable to use common sense.
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  • ESPN on Tennessee

    20. Tennessee Volunteers

    The Volunteers have been taking baby steps to relevancy under coach Butch Jones, going 12-13 in his first two seasons. Now, it's time for Tennessee's recruiting success and potential to start translating into victories. Quarterback Joshua Dobbs and tailback Jalen Hurd are nice pieces on offense, and they'll have four returning offensive linemen blocking for them. Tennessee's schedule is also favorable, with only four true road games: at Florida, Alabama, Kentucky and Missouri.
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  • Patrick Brown @patrickbrownTFP  ·  May 4

    Patrick Brown retweeted Phil Steele

    Tennessee at No. 24, one of nine SEC teams.

    Phil SteeleVerified account ‏@philsteele042

    My Projected AP Preseason Top 25 1. Ohio St 2. TCU 3. Alabama 4. Baylor 5. Oregon 6. Mich St 7 USC Complete list here
    8:34 AM - 4 May 2015
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  •  Ben Frederickson @Ben_Fred  ·  23m 23 minutes ago

    Butch Jones: "We are going to be playing two freshmen defensive tackles in the SEC. It's unheard of."
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  •  ESPN SEC @ESPN_SEC  ·  15m 15 minutes ago

    Top SEC freshmen from spring

    DT Shy Tuttle, Tennessee: All it took was one practice in pads, and Butch Jones was drooling over his 6-3, 315-pound freshman defensive tackle. "You could see the disruptive quickness, you could see the explosiveness, you could see the use of his hands," Jones said. And Tuttle isn’t even the highest-ranked defensive tackle in the class. That honor goes to Kahlil McKenzie, who won't arrive until this summer.
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  •  ESPN SEC @ESPN_SEC  ·  27m 27 minutes ago

    Tennessee: No players drafted could be good sign for 2015

    By now we’ve all seen this note: Tennessee failed to have a player selected in the NFL draft for the first time since 1963. Tennessee was one of six schools to have at least one player selected in each draft in the Common Draft [error].

    Volunteers did not have a player drafted in part because they did not have many draft-eligible players.

    Tennessee will return 18 starters (other sites have them with as many as 20), tied with Vanderbilt for the most in the SEC [who also had no player drafted].

    One reason for the Volunteers’ lofty projections is that they are in the SEC East, so they have an easier path...
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  •  Patrick Brown @patrickbrownTFP  ·  19h 19 hours ago

    Patrick Brown retweeted David Paschall

    Vols wind up in another early top 25 for next season.

    David Paschall ‏@DavidSPaschall

    Sporting News preseason poll has 9 from SEC: Aub (3), Ala (5), LSU (14), Ark (15), Miss (16), Ga (18), Tenn (22), Mizzou (23) & MSU (25).
    11:00 AM - 7 May 2015
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  • A look at USC’s 2015 football opponents, projected from hardest to easiest:


    2014 Record: 7-6 (3-5 SEC)

    Date/site: Nov. 7, Knoxville, Tenn.

    Returning Starters: 10 on offense, 8 on defense

    Recent Result: Volunteers 45-42 in Williams-Brice Stadium in 2014

    The why: The bad news? The Volunteers are inexplicably on a two-game winning streak against USC, and quarterback Joshua Dobbs has the potential to be the SEC Player of the Year in 2015 (seriously). Defensive end Derek Barnett gives Tennessee a defensive star as well, and Butch Jones is steadily building the overall talent level back up in Knoxville.
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  • Zach Azzanni COACH Z ‏@UTCoachZA

    Nothing like doing some recruiting with the help of the Azzanni girls on a Saturday! #family#WRU
    9:20 AM - 16 May 2015

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  •  Josh Ward @Josh_Ward  ·  May 13

    Tennessee comes in at No. 22 in the @AthlonSports Top 25 preview:

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  •  Jimmy Hyams @JimmyHyams  ·  May 15

    UT football sets two GPA records for spring semester: team 2.85; 51 at 3.0 GPA or better. Semester before Butch Jones arrived 12 had 3.0 GPA

    Those GPAs and team GPA are for scholarship players only.
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  •  ESPN SEC @ESPN_SEC  ·  48m 48 minutes ago

    Potential 2015 sleeper: Tennessee

    Potential sleeper: Evan Berry, safety

    Why: If the name sounds familiar, it should. Evan is the younger brother of former Tennessee star Eric Berry, who left quite a legacy during his time in Knoxville. Nobody is expecting that type of production from Evan, at least not yet, but he hasn't even been on campus two full years and is already turning heads. He appeared in 13 games as a freshman last season, working primarily on special teams. In fact, he finished second in the SEC in kickoff return average (29.5 yards per return). But he’s not on here because of special teams; he's here because he's expected to play a bigger role in the secondary this season. The Volunteers are deep at safety with starters Brian Randolph and LaDarrell McNeil back, along with rising sophomore Todd Kelly Jr. waiting in the wings, but after this spring, it’s going to be difficult for the coaches to keep Berry off the field...
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  •  Patrick Brown @patrickbrownTFP  ·  May 19

    Butch Jones on the value of Tennessee's recent academic success + more from the Bristol BOC. 

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  •  ESPN SEC @ESPN_SEC  ·  22h 22 hours ago

    Butch Jones not a fan of 'Sweet Home Alabama'

    What's the one song you don't expect to hear at a Tennessee football practice? "Sweet Home Alabama." And yet, this spring, the iconic song associated with the one of the Vols' most hated rivals was blaring at practice.

    To his credit, Butch Jones would have none of it. The third-year coach, who has embraced the culture at Tennessee since he arrived in Knoxville, immediately turned red in the face and demanded the song be turned off.

    "That's embarrassing," Jones said. "Are we not at Tennessee?"

    After some members of his staff finally tracked down where the song was coming from, it was turned off. But you can bet that "Sweet Home Alabama" won't be playing at a Tennessee practice anytime soon. There's probably a better chance that Lil Jon returns to practice than hearing that song again...
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  •  Ben Frederickson @Ben_Fred  ·  15h 15 hours ago

    First ? for Butch is "what is the effect of the new, 8th official?" Jones predicts more penalties for holding, offensive lineman downfield
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  •  ESPN SEC @ESPN_SEC  ·  1h 1 hour ago

    Tennessee Volunteers preview

    Volunteers return 18 starters from the program’s first winning season since 2009, and Butch Jones is coming off back-to-back top-five recruiting classes. The expectations are easily the highest they’ve been on Rocky Top in a decade—but September tilts with Oklahoma and Florida could bring hopes down in a hurry.

    How the Vols beat you: Joshua Dobbs added a new dimension to the Vols’ zone-read system in ’14 when he replaced Justin Worley at QB after seven games. Opponents had to respect his athleticism (469 rush yards, 8 TDs), which spread the field and kick-started the offense: With Dobbs, UT scored 34.2 ppg and gained 423.5 ypg compared with 24.4 ppg and 325.1 ypg with Worley. New O-coordinator Mike DeBord, a former Chicago Bears assistant, was even more impressed by Dobbs’ development this spring. “He’s a sponge,” DeBord says. The return of RB Jalen Hurd (1,120 all-purpose yards as a true frosh) and juco RB Alvin Kamara (formerly at Alabama) should make the Vols more dangerous on the ground (146.4 ypg, second fewest in the SEC).

    How you beat the Vols: Dobbs is at his best on the move but must develop in the pocket...

    How the Vols beat you: UT returns two of the most productive sack artists in the SEC last season in soph DE Derek Barnett and senior LB Curt Maggitt, who combined for 21 sacks, more than any returning tandem. Maggitt, versatile enough to line up at multiple spots on the front seven, and Barnett, who had 18 TFL in SEC games as a true frosh (six more than anybody else in the league), are a major reason the Vols had the No. 22 pass D in the FBS (196.2 ypg). “The best thing about [Barnett] is that he’s nowhere near as good as he’s going to be,” says Jones, who is also bringing in heralded prep reinforcements in Kahlil McKenzie (ESPN 300 No. 5 DT; Concord, California) and Shy Tuttle (No. 7 DT; Lexington, North Carolina).

    How you beat the Vols: Despite significant upgrades on the line, the Vols lost two key front seven cogs in DT Jordan Williams and LB A.J. Johnson (9 TFL) [alleged sexual assault]...
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  •  Patrick Brown @patrickbrownTFP  ·  13h 13 hours ago

    Ralph Weekly on Butch Jones's presence: 'What a great person he is to be part of our program and talking to our kids all the time.'

    Co-head coach of Vols' softball team who are headed to the CWS.

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  •  KNS Sportspage @KNSSportspage  ·  May 22

    Show question today. 1-What do you think of Butch Jones tempering expectations for this season with so much fan excitement & national pub?
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  •  Matt Slovin @MattSlovin  ·  May 20

    In 108 days, Tennessee will open its 2015 season against Bowling Green right here at LP Field.

     Ben Frederickson @Ben_Fred  ·  May 20

    Butch Jones said UT study showed Bowling Green is 4th fastest team offensively. Receivers don't switch side of field to save time.