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  •  SEC Sports @SEC  ·  21m

    South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier now has 202 all-time wins as an #SEC head coach. Second all-time. Passes Vince Dooley.
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  • Brett McMurphy @McMurphyESPN  ·  22h

    Urban Meyer tells @RealSportsHBO in 2009 he was depressed, lost 37 pounds. “I thought I was dying. Mentally I was broke"

    Meyer was suffering from chest pains and self-medicating for his stress.

    "Now I'm taking two Ambiens," Meyer told the HBO show. "I would drink a beer on top of it, just to get some sleep. Not many people know that.

    "And I go from 217 pounds to 180 pounds. I lose 37 pounds."

    That all occurred when the Gators were undefeated in 2009 -- until losing to Alabama in the SEC title game.

    After the loss to the Crimson Tide, Meyer was admitted into a hospital with chest pains.

    "They said, 'We don't believe it was a heart attack.' " Meyer said. "So, OK, 'Well, what is it?' 'We don't know.'

    "And then you start thinking, 'There's something wrong with me mentally, you know? What is going on here?' "

    Meyer said he was depressed.
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  • ESPN SEC @ESPN_SEC  ·  59m

    Lane Kiffin reshapes his image in silence

    The man who orchestrated one of the most impressive offensive games in recent memory at Alabama exited the field to little applause. After being labeled a genius for the way he carved up Florida’s defense for the most yards it has ever allowed (645), no one asked him how he did it. No one could. The former media lightning rod wasn’t allowed to speak on the record as offensive coordinator, per Alabama policy.

    In that silence, Kiffin shined.

    Finally, his ability as a coach did the talking.
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  • Watson Brown is in his 30th season, having been a head coach at six schools: Austin Peay to Cincinnati to Rice to Vanderbilt to UAB and, for the past seven seasons here in his hometown, Tennessee Tech.

    His résumé looks like the road to career perdition, which means his coaching career mimics his playing career.

    He has been drawn to the perennial loser, convinced he can turn it around. Coach Quixote has had seven winning seasons. He has won a total of 128 games, and tied one. As of this past Saturday's 10-7 defeat at Tennessee State, he also has lost 199 games, which tied him with the legendary Amos Alonzo Stagg for the most losses in the history of major college football.

    At some point, perhaps as soon as Saturday, when Tennessee Tech plays at No. 10 Northern Iowa, Coach Quixote will own the record. He will be the first man to lose 200 games.

    "I didn't know that. But it doesn't surprise me," Watson Brown said. "Who's had the jobs I've had and is still a head coach?"

    Courtesy of Watson Brown

    The left arm, the one that smashed into the wall at old Dudley Field his junior year at Vanderbilt, doesn't hang so much as dangles. That shoulder cost him his athletic career, football and baseball both, just as Coach Bryant told him it would. As a 17-year-old high school senior, Coach Quixote drove to Tuscaloosa to tell the Bear he wouldn't be coming to Alabama. He wanted to play for Vanderbilt.

    "Here's what's going to happen," Bryant said. "You can go up there, and you might have a good career. But I doubt you'll finish, because you don't have good players around you. In this league, you gon' have a tough time."

    Nearly a half-century later, Coach Quixote belly-laughs at the memory.

    "Coach Bryant hit it on the nose!" he said. "Hit it on the nose."
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  • Matt Jones @KySportsRadio  ·  19 hours ago

    Mark Stoops: “I plan to be around here for a long time”  #BBN

    Mark Stoops’ name is being tossed around the internet as a possible candidate for some big jobs that may open up this winter. It’s all just fan chit-chat for now, but a caller on Stoops’ call-in show asked if Big Blue Nation should begin to worry.

    “I plan to be around here for a long time,” said Stoops. “I’m just getting started.”
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  • Andy Demetra @GamecockRadio  ·  7 hours ago
    Fun Steve Spurrier fact: in his first 5 years in the NFL, he had more punt attempts (230) than pass attempts (204).

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  • Sheldon Mickles @MicklesAdvocate  ·  7 hours ago
    Miles: Thanks players, coaches, supporters who've helped him achieve 100 wins at #LSU. Got it with 30-27 victory at Florida on Saturday.

    Miles on Columbus Day: "Another great day not to be confused with -St. Paddy's Day."
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    Should we pull out this coach's gear for Sat? What do u think @UKcoachbrooks #TBT #GoDucks
    11:57 AM - 16 Oct 2014

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  • Ross Dellenger @DellengerAdv  ·  20 hours ago
    RT @CollegeGameDay: Most Wins vs Ranked Teams Since 2011:
    Les Miles - 15-7
    David Shaw - 14-6
    Nick Saban - 12-5
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  • Sporting News @sportingnews  ·  36m 36 minutes ago
    If Will Muschamp is forced out at Florida, who should replace him?
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  • Clay Travis @ClayTravisBGID  ·  6h 6 hours ago
    In less than six years since Tennessee replaced Fulmer Vols have lost nearly as many SEC games as Fulmer lost in 16 years.
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  • Ray Goff ‘buries the UGA hatchet’ with sportswriter after 30 years

    It started with Tift County High School winning the 1983 state championship and having seven seniors sign D1 scholarships. Surprisingly, none were recruited by UGA...

    Flash forward more than 30 years later: Fletcher mentioned the story in a recent column for the Albany paper. Through a mutual acquaintance, it got back to Goff, who phoned the sportswriter out of the blue after all the time. Goff apologized if he had done anything to upset Fletcher or his family.

    We laughed about it, and Goff half-jokingly said, “I’ll have to admit I don’t remember that, but I’m not doubting that it happened. I took a lot of shots to the head playing in the SEC.”

    What’s Goff doing these days? He and his brother own 11 Zaxby’s.
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  • Brett McMurphy @McMurphyESPN  ·  3 hours ago

    Steve Spurrier on reports linking him to UF job: “My next move is going to be to Crescent Beach, Florida”

    SportsTalk @sportstalksc  ·  2 hours ago

    Spurrier's expression when we asked him about the reports linking him to a potential vacancy at Florida says it all.

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  • LSU coach Les Miles tweaks ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit for 2007 gaffe

    Listen closely to LSU coach Les Miles when he talks, and you can pick up some of his really wicked, dry wit.

    Miles tweaked ESPN commentator and former Ohio State quarterback Kirk Herbstreit Wednesday for Herbstreit's prediction seven years ago that Miles would leave LSU for Michigan, Miles' alma mater, at the end of the 2007 season. It was almost lost in one of his rambling, nonsensical answers.

    In his weekly post practice press conference, Miles was asked who he would have as LSU's guest picker when GameDay comes to Baton Rouge for Saturday's Ole Miss-LSU game. Herbstreit is a member of the GameDay crew, but guest pickers are usually famous alumni of the selected school.

    Miles appears to not understand the concept of the guest picker. But maybe that was his way of setting up the punch line. Here's the text:

    "I can only tell you, (I'd pick) the guys that have been wrong. I want the guy to be wrong again. Whoever the guy that has been consistently wrong, he needs to pick again. Or, that guy that has always picked LSU, either one. I'd have to go back and check their records.

    "I'd have to say (Kirk) Herbstreit made a wrong pick, it wouldn't be the worst thing I ever heard if he made the wrong pick again. And yet there's probably some guys out there that have made the right picks and to me I'd like to kind of make the right pick, whichever pick that is. I'd pick Shaq in every way, in one-on-one and picking."

    On the morning of LSU's 2007 SEC Championship Game victory against Tennessee, Herbstreit reported that Miles would become Michigan's coach after the season. LSU called a hurried press conference at which Miles vehemently denied the report and closed the classic Les Miles moment with his "Have great day" sign off.
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  • Edgar Thompson @osgators  ·  Oct 25
    Ten years ago today, the #Gators fired coach Ron Zook with four games remaining in the 2004 season:
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  • Dustin Dopirak @TennesseeBeat  ·  2h 2 hours ago
    [Butch] Jones says there's no validity to Michigan talk.
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  • Bill Martin @MSUBillMartin  ·  3 hours ago

    Only 2 coaches in @SEC history have led a team to 3 wins over top-10 teams in three straight games: @CoachDanMullen (2014), Pat Dye (1983).
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  • Tommy Tuberville is angered by the recent run of arrests that have tarnished the University of Cincinnati football team's name, and the Bearcats coach vowed Tuesday that it all will stop.


    "Before I bring it up for questions, I will make a statement about the problems that we're having on our football team," Tuberville said. "I'll be the first one to tell you that we've had problems."

    Quarterback Jarred Evans was arrested the week before Tappan. There also was the Sept. 14 incident when one UC player (Alex Thomas) was arrested, a second (Hosey Williams) was cited and two others (Leviticus Payne, Ey'Shawn McClain) were found with outstanding warrants when police responded to a party where gunshots were fired.

    "We do have a mentoring program, we have a training program for our kids, we talk to them," Tuberville said. "But I'm like everybody else, I'm kind of fed up with it. We're not going to have it anymore if they're going to be on this football team."

    Tuberville he has always believed in second chances, within reason.

    "Sometimes you have to put your foot down and say, listen, no more," he said...
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  • Les Miles keeps Tiger Stadium grass in pocket during some road games, feature says

    Did you know he keeps a small jewelry box of stadium grass in his pocket during some road games?

    "It's used to cut a dry taste in your mouth. I get it in there occasionally," he said. "If I'm in a home field, I obviously don't bring it. If I'm on an artificial turf, obviously I need to bring it."
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  • TSSAA @tssaa  ·  5 hours ago
    #TBT Former Briarcrest Coach Hugh Freeze celebrating 04 BlueCross Bowl win @CoachHughFreeze @OleMissFB @OleMissRebels

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  • Laken Litman @LakenLitman  ·  3 hours ago

    Dan Mullen has Mississippi State on top of the football world. At home, he's just dad. 

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  • sports @aldotcomSports  ·  45 minutes ago

    Kentucky coach Mark Stoops gets raise, contract extension through 2019 |

    UK announced that Stoops is now under contract through the 2019 season. The new deal also raises Stoops' base salary incrementally from $2.6 million this season to $3.85 million by the final year of the deal.

    "I am excited about the progress our team has shown on the field, but this is as much about the next five years as it is the last one and a half," Kentucky athletics director Mitch Barnhart said.  "As I've said before, I believe we can compete at the highest level in the toughest conference. Mark is the coach to take us there."
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  • Matt Jones @KySportsRadio  ·  2 hours ago

    Mark Stoops gets a bonus of $250,000 for every win past six.

    In an unrelated story, UK will take a hard look at their non-conference schedule over the next five years.
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  • Current and Former SEC Head Coaches on the Bobby Dodd Watch List:'

    David Cutcliffe, Duke
    Gus Malzahn, Auburn
    Urban Meyer, Ohio State
    Dan Mullen, Mississippi State
    Mark Richt, Georgia
    Nick Saban, Alabama
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  • Muschamp is 15-14 in SEC play going into the Georgia game today during his time at Florida.  His '12 team was Top 10 and lost in the Sugar Bowl.
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  • Dick Weiss @HoopsWeiss  ·  9 hours ago
    this may be the end 4 steve spurrier too much heartbreak after so much success
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  • David Caraviello @dcaraviello  ·  45 minutes ago
    Idea of quitting after last night? HBC: "That's hit me last 10 years when we have a game or two like this. Then you look at big picture."
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  • Ron Higgins @RonHigg  ·  22 hours ago

    I think when Les finishes his presser that @LSUBonnette needs to put a cape on him like Danny Ray always did with singer James Brown.
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  • MrSEC @MrSEC  ·  48 minutes ago

    Stop The Handwringing: Steve Spurrier's Still A Bully In Victory, A Baby In Defeat
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  • Spurrier says 'the plan is' to return as USC coach in 2015

    South Carolina’s winningest all-time football coach plans to be back in the job for an 11th season in 2015, but that’s about as much of the future as Steve Spurrier is ready to talk about at the moment.

    “The plan is to definitely be back here and so forth,” Spurrier told The State on Tuesday. “Just say that’s the plan.” Spurrier declined to discuss his future further or to predict what he might do with his coaching staff after the season.

    “You probably have some questions that I’m going to have a tough time answering,” he said. “If it’s got anything to do with coaches coming back next year, me coming back next year, I am just going to refrain from all of that. Let’s get through this season here and see where we are all at is probably the smartest thing for all of us to do right now.”

    South Carolina is 4-5 overall and 2-5 in the SEC after losing its fourth straight conference game to Tennessee last week. The Gamecocks are ranked last in the SEC in defense...
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  • The Football Writers Association of America sent this letter this week to SEC Commissioner Mike Slive in response to Steve Spurrier not taking questions from the media after the Nov. 1 South Carolina loss to Tennessee.

    Dear Mike:

    On behalf of the Football Writers Association of America we're writing you and other SEC administrators, as well as officials at the University of South Carolina, to express the FWAA's disappointment and concern Coach Steve Spurrier failed to take questions from the media at what was supposed to be his press conference after the Gamecocks' loss to Tennessee on Saturday night.

    For any coach — but especially one who coaches in the SEC and has the stature of Steve Spurrier — to walk out on the media and not field any questions is totally unacceptable.

    While Coach Spurrier's frustration after an overtime loss is understandable, media covering the participating teams we're sure felt a lot of frustration because they weren't able to properly cover a game that means so much to their readers and viewers.

    Now that closed locker rooms are standard operating procedure for most major college football teams, and a few players and perhaps a couple of assistant coaches are made available for interviews after a game, it is absolutely essential for media members to be able to ask the head coach questions and get his answers.

    While Saturday night was a home game for South Carolina, there were many Tennessee media there, and perhaps media from regional or national outlets who may have gone to a lot of time, trouble and expense to cover the game.

    The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette staff traveled to Starkville, Mississippi, for Saturday night's Arkansas-Mississippi State game along with many other Arkansas media, and after the Razorbacks' suffered another agonizing last-second loss, as FWAA members we cannot begin to express the anger and frustration we would have felt if Coach Bret Bielema had walked into the interview room, talked for less than a minute and then gotten up and left without taking questions.

    Coach Bielema had plenty to be frustrated about, too, but he spoke for about 10 minutes and took several questions.

    That's the way it's supposed to work in the SEC, where as we all know college football is a passion and way of life.

    Along with short-changing the media, Coach Spurrier also let down fans who follow his program — and many of whom support it financially — by not answering questions after the game.

    SEC fans may be disappointed by a loss, but they want to hear from their head football coach.

    Steve Spurrier is well paid to coach South Carolina and winning games may be at the top of this list of things to do, but fulfilling media obligations in a professional manner — and thus speaking to the team's fans — is also high on that list.

    It is the FWAA's fervent hope that officials at the SEC as well as at South Carolina have made it known to Coach Spurrier that his behavior after the Tennessee game is not acceptable, cannot be tolerated and will not be repeated.

    Mike, we all know the SEC is loaded with big-time coaches, but we also know that you, not the coaches, run the conference.

    Thanks for your attention to this matter.

    On behalf of the FWAA, we also want to extend our best wishes as you continue your treatment for prostate cancer. We miss seeing you at SEC events and look forward to seeing you in the future for many years to come.


    Bob Holt, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, FWAA SEC Pressbox Chairman
    Kirk Bohls, Austin American-Statesman, FWAA 2014 President
    Ron Higgins, Times-Picayune, FWAA Past President
    Wally Hall, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, FWAA Past President
    Steve Richardson, FWAA Executive Director

    CC: Greg Sankey, Chuck Dunlap, Steve Fink
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  • One phone call that changed SEC football history. If Saban hadn't coached at LSU and won a national title, he wouldn't have had the street cred to get hired by Alabama after his Dolphins' failure.

    Blame it on Sean Tuohy: Tuohy, a former Isidore Newman and Ole Miss star point guard, is a Taco Bell mogul in Memphis. Jimmy Sexton is a sports agent based in Memphis who also had Taco Bell interests.

    In December 1999, the search to replace fired LSU coach Gerry DiNardo is going nowhere fast. Then-LSU Athletic Director Joe Dean, set to retire several months later, has interviewed two coaches and got basically turned down by Miami's Butch Davis.

    Dean's phone rings. It's Tuohy, who maintained a relationship with Dean through the years after attending his summer basketball camps as a teenager.

    Sexton, who was representing Michigan State coach Nick Saban, asked Tuohy to call Dean. Would LSU be interested in Saban? He wanted out of Michigan State and was intrigued by a position in a state that produced the highest number of NFL players per capita in the nation.

    A few days later after a clandestine meeting at Sexton's house, Dean got the approval to hire Saban for $1.2 million a year, doubling his Michigan State salary.

    "We had nobody, you get a call out of the blue and you're hiring somebody at more than you intended paying," Dean once told me. "Forget a search committee or hiring a search firm. One phone call and Saban really got the job by default."
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  • Bill Martin @MSUBillMartin  ·  23 hours ago
    With now a .611 career winning percentage, @CoachDanMullen owns best winning percentage at @HailStateFB since Allyn McKeen (1939-48).
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  • Ross Dellenger @DellengerAdv  ·  9 hours ago

    RT @SEConCBS: Just Les being Les. #BAMAvsLSU

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  • I first became aware of this place during the FOI's and banners towards Hootie. I saw from a lurker what happened. I didn't pay much attention during Petrino's first couple years. Maybe lurked during the end of his 3rd and 4th year. Obviously the Smile era was followed in misery by the entire state and country. I didn't pay to much attention during the last search or right after we hired BB. I started seeing some questions raised about his hiring before he ever coached his first game. Seems SC is where the wheels fell off.

    My question is this, briefly can you describe how it was around here during the nutty days until now. Has this place been this divided before. Were there many Nutt supporters. Seems like I remember most were beyond done with him by that time. There was even a couple weeks where smile was a viable option as a hire after his first 2-3 games and people thought he could hold it together until the wheels not only fell off, the axles went with them. I don't think there is any dislike for BB. I along with others question his offense in this conference with our recruiting. Contrary to popular belief, we are as die hard of hog fans as those who believe he will succeed. We both want the same thing, to win. We just differ on how to get there. That's not what I want to discuss here. I'm just curious how the history of past coaches and harmony on here. Has it always been a group vs group here.

    I come in peace with this thread. We can get back to bickering elsewhere.

    See you aren't getting an answer and this isn't the thread you will get much given the OP topic.  Yes, it was pretty divided back in the Nutt days.  This one of the few places one could rant, hence dark siders and was always the anti-Nutt board - at least the whole time I've been here.  When BP was hired Nutt supporters faded.  Since the firing of BP, its been war.
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  • Josh Kendall @JoshatTheState  ·  3 hours ago

    Steve Spurrier asked if this could be last game in The Swamp: "There’s a chance of about anything in life isn’t there?"

    From UF media guide, Steve Spurrier coined UF field 'The Swamp' after '91 season: 'A swamp is hot and sticky and can be dangerous.'
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  • Scott Carter @GatorZoneScott  ·  2 hours ago

    Nothing else I tweet today will match this, so here goes one more time. Muschamp dancing: #espn … #Gators

    ESPN SEC @ESPN_SEC  ·  2 hours ago

    Throwback Thursday: Muschamp intercepts ESPN analyst, celebrates with dance

    Tom Luginbill throws the pick
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  • Kevin Brockway @gatorhoops  ·  3 hours ago

    Could Saturday be last game at Swamp for Will Muschamp … or Steve Spurrier?
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  • Stewart Mandel @slmandel  ·  8 hours ago
    Where is John L Smith two years after his debacle at Arkansas? Coaching D-II Fort Lewis. @LindsayRaeSI w/ the story:
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  • Josh Kendall @JoshatTheState  ·  2 hours ago
    Steve Spurrier: "I'm getting old when you start feeling for the other coach."

    On Muschamp after beating Florida in the Swamp in overtime.
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  • Brett McMurphy @McMurphyESPN  ·  11 hours ago
    Nick Saban won record 5th game vs. AP's No. 1 team. Jimmy Johnson, Jack Mollenkopf, Joe Paterno & Lou Holtz next w/4 wins each
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  • ESPN SEC @ESPN_SEC  ·  9 hours ago
    What we learned in the SEC: Week 12

    It tolls for thee, Muschamp: Maybe there was a way for Will Muschamp to save his job after Florida shocked Georgia a couple weeks ago. But the way the Gators blew a late lead and fell 23-20 in overtime against South Carolina on Saturday -- getting two kicks blocked in the last 3:30 -- probably removed any doubt. The Gators are now 5-4 and can become bowl eligible with a win against Eastern Kentucky next week, but this has to be the end for Muschamp. The Gators should have won this game but imploded at home in the closing minutes.

    A breakthrough for Arkansas...

    Gus Bus hits a speed bump...
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  • Edgar Thompson @osgators  ·  53 minutes ago
    A UF source texted me about Muschamp, "He's the best. Really, really hard day."
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  • Ralph D. Russo @ralphDrussoAP  ·  1 hour ago
    Florida makes it official.

  • #196 by jbcarol on 16 Nov 2014
  • Mark Long @APMarkLong  ·  3 hours ago
    It will cost the Gators around $8 million in all if they get rid of the entire coaching staff
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  • GatorZone Football @GatorZoneFB  ·  2 hours ago
    Full statement from Will Muschamp:

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  • Will Muschamp be a sought-after defensive coordinator

    Chris Low: Muschamp is walking away with more than $6 million in a buyout from Florida, so he can take all the time he wants to settle on what is best for him going forward.

    Remember, this was Muschamp’s first head-coaching gig. Some guys who have been head coaches for a while struggle with going back and working for somebody else. But before 2011, Muschamp had always worked for somebody else, and he’s the kind of down-to-earth guy who won't let his ego get in the way of doing what he loves to do -- coaching football.

    My sense is he’ll be back next season in college football...

    South Carolina?
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  • ESPN SEC @ESPN_SEC  ·  51 minutes ago

    Will Muschamp trying to go out right way

    GAINESVILLE, Fla. – As Will Muschamp approached the podium in front of a throng of media members for one of his last times as Florida’s head coach, he smiled and took a quick peek over at the fine-dressed men who preceded him just moments earlier.

    “I guess I'm underdressed for the occasion,” Muschamp said, “I apologize for that.”

    Florida president Bernie Machen and athletic director Jeremy Foley had just finished delivering their own eulogies for Muschamp, but he sliced through the funereal atmosphere with some quick wit, while fully understanding the gravity of the situation.

    Even when a reporter told him he looked good and appeared to be taking the news well, Muschamp responded with more dry humor.

    “My wife thinks I've gained some weight this year,” Muschamp said.

    Sunday’s announcement of Muschamp’s eventual departure was heartbreaking for the coach and a tough decision emotionally for his bosses. They praised him for his high character and dedication to improving Florida’s locker room and raising the team’s GPA.

    Players spent all Sunday supporting Muschamp via social media, and the three players who spoke at his news conference were grieving over the loss of their coach, who couldn’t escape his fourth year.

    “It was something that we were kind of ready for, given all the buzz around the program,” offensive lineman Chaz Green said. “We knew how important it was to get that South Carolina win. That’s why it was so heartbreaking in the way that it ended, too.”
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  • sports @aldotcomSports  ·  3 minutes ago

    Gus Malzahn just outside nation's top 10 of highest-paid coaches, USA Today reports

    Malzahn is the fifth-highest paid coach in the SEC, trailing Alabama's Nick Saban ($7,160,187), Texas A&M's Kevin Sumlin ($5,006,000), LSU's Les Miles ($4,369,582) and South Carolina's Steve Spurrier ($4,016,900)

    In the second year of his new contract, Malzahn will make $4.1 million, pushing him over a $4 million barrier only 10 coaches passed in 2013, according to the database.

    USA Today: College football compensation: How Georgia's Mark Richt makes millions (video story, data available at link)