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  • When asked by the ESPN College GameDay crew who will win between LSU and Texas A&M, former Florida Gator swimmer Ryan Lochte answered "Auburn".
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  • Former Florida WR Cris Collinsworth loses his father, his hero
    Cris Collinsworth told “Sunday Night Football” viewers last week that his father, Abe, died early Saturday morning. He was 76. He played on 1958 University of Kentucky national championship team coached by Adolph Rupp.

    “My hero, man… He was something special,” Collinsworth said. “He was the mayor. Everywhere he went he was loved.”

    AL MICHAELS: “Cris, this has been a fantastic performance for you under circumstances that are very different. Your dad, Abraham passing away over the weekend, and we just want to wish you, and your mom and the entire Collinsworth family the very best with our prayers. And you are some trooper, I gotta tell you, to even be here, period. We’re thinking about you, buddy.”

    COLLINSWORTH: ”My hero, man. He was something special…passed away early in the morning on Saturday morning…was able to be there with him. Former national champion of the UK Wildcats, played basketball for Adolph Rupp. Was the principal of my high school, and I used to tell him I loved reading about him on the bathroom walls. And he’d get a laugh out of it. Was self-deprecating with his humor…always was. He was the mayor. Everywhere he went he was loved.”

    Collinsworth called his father “one of the coolest guys I have ever met in my life” last year on after his 75th birthday party:

    “We played golf over the weekend, he almost shot his age and I shot more than double mine. He is without a doubt one of the coolest guys I have ever met in my life. People love him the minute they meet him. When he first came to Fort Thomas, Kentucky (my current home) the only debate was whether they wanted to appoint him Superintendent of Schools, or elect him Mayor. He instantly connects with everyone. He has touched so many lives in a way that people remember for a lifetime. Please join me in a very special birthday greeting for my Father, Mr. Abe Collinsworth. Love you Dad.”
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  • The NCAA, apparently borrowing an idea from SEC Sports started a "Where Are They Now?" feature.
    After leading the Kentucky Wildcats to the 1998 NCAA championship with his Most Outstanding Player performance, Jeff Sheppard played four years of professional basketball before settling down to raise a family in London, Ky., which is located 70 miles south of the Lexington’s UK campus.

    Sheppard and his wife, the former Stacey Reed, met at Kentucky where she also played basketball for the Wildcats. The couple has two children – a 12-year-old daughter Madison and an eight-year-old son Reed. Madison, a seventh-grader, plays on her middle school girls’ basketball team, while Reed plays on an AAU team – the Kentucky Playmakers, coached by Sheppard.

    Stacy is also in full-time ministry as the director of the Backpack Club, which feeds between 1,000 and 1,400 kids weekly in the Sheppard’s community. The Sheppards are frequent speakers at schools, basketball camps and clinics, and are active within their church and community.

    Sheppard said. “I’m enjoying the game of basketball now as a dad and one of those crazy AAU coaches who screams at their eight-year-old son, and expects perfect execution of the motion offense when he can’t even tie his shoes.”

    When asked his favorite moment during his career at UK, Sheppard said “now”, but it has always been that way...
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  • Jordan Jefferson, Honey Badger and friends
    Four former LSU football players, including former Heisman trophy finalist Tyrann Mathieu, were arrested Thursday after 10 bags of “high-grade marijuana” were found inside Mathieu’s apartment, Baton Rouge police said.

    Mathieu, Jordan Jefferson, Derrick Bryant and Karnell Hatcher will be booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison later Thursday, Baton Rouge police spokesman Lt. Don Kelly said.

    Mathieu, 20, 262 W. State St., and Jefferson, 22, 11959 Nicholson Drive, will be booked on a count of simple possession of marijuana, Kelly said. Hatcher, 22, Delray Beach, Fla., will be booked on a count of second-offense simple possession of marijuana and Bryant, 22, 11959 Nicholson, will be booked on a count of possession with intent to distribute marijuana, Kelly said.

    The men were arrested Thursday afternoon after officers were called to Mathieu’s apartment on West State Street in reference to a complaint about a man who was trying to force his way into the complex through a security gate, Kelly said.

    Before police arrived, the man, later identified as Jefferson, was confronted by a maintenance worker, let into the complex by a resident and seen going into apartment No. 2116, Kelly said.

    When officers knocked on the door to the apartment, Mathieu answered, Kelly said. Officers smelled a strong odor of marijuana and got permission from Mathieu to search the residence, Kelly said.

    Police found found Jefferson, Bryant and Hatcher inside Mathieu’s apartment, Kelly said. Officers also found a marijuana grinder, a digital scale and 10 bags of “high-grade marijuana,” seven of which were in Bryant’s booksack, Kelly said.

    Bryant is a former LSU former defensive back from Lawrenceville, Ga ., and Hatcher is a former LSU linebacker from Del Ray Beach, Fla.
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  • Not sure, but I think they were studying for the MCAT together.
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  • 53 years ago today, Billy Cannon took one to the house against Ole Miss to give his team a 7-3 lead and give himself a Heisman. (Video available at link)

    After serving two years at the Federal Correction Institution in Texarkana, Dr. Cannon later became the resident dentist at the Louisiana State Penitentiary.
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  • MrCFB: Ed Hinton, my former colleague at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "When LSU plays on Saturday night and the band takes the field plays the first four notes of 'Hold That Tiger' it will make the hair stand up on a dead man's chest."
    Ole Miss was ahead 3-0 and so confident in its defense that the Rebels started punting on third down. Gibbs, the starting quarterback, was also the punter. With about 10 minutes left Gibbs lined up to punt. LSU's Billy Cannon was back to receive.

    "The ground was really mushy and I thought when the ball hit it would just slide away from him," said Gibbs. "The last thing I wanted to do was kick it to Cannon."

    Despite the muddy conditions, the ball took a big hop and Cannon fielded it on the run at the 11-yard line. By most accounts eight different Ole Miss players touched Billy Cannon during that punt return. And with each one who missed, the roar of Tiger Stadium grew louder and louder...
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  • Former SC QB Steve Taneyhill was on Smashmouth Radio with Scarblog, et al.

    Kevin Scarbinsky ‏@KevinScarbinsky
    Steve Tanyehill (sic) on Smashmouth: Has lot of rules for his HS team. Thursday night curfew. Wear same travel suits. But no haircut rules, etc.

    Kevin Scarbinsky ‏@KevinScarbinsky
    Sadly, he's balding. RT @LonelyTailgater: @KevinScarbinsky Please tell us that Steve Taneyhill kept that hair style. That would be GLORIOUS.

    Kevin Scarbinsky ‏@KevinScarbinsky
    Steve Taneyhill on Smashmouth: Spurrier recruited me in hs. They were in my top 7. Liked talking to him on phone but UF had a lot of QBs.

    Kevin Scarbinsky ‏@KevinScarbinsky
    Steve Taneyhill on SMashmouth: Could've played for Spurrier bc I was a student of the game. He's players' coach. Let's guys be themselves.
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  • Former Auburn and current Bears QB Jason Campbell will start for the injured former Vandy QB Jay Cutler, Monday night against the 49ers with Gruden looking on.

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  • Sean Woods.

    The former UK point guard and teammate of former head coach of the Hogs, John Pelphrey is now the head coach at Morehead State, about 50 miles east of Lexington.  He was best known for hitting the shot before Laettner hit The Shot against Duke in the '92 NCAA Semifinals in Philadelphia:

    He is back in the spotlight after threatening Calipari's home undefeated streak on Tuesday.  He got a serious case of the goo and went "Mike Davis" on one of his players.

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  • A portion of the statement from Morehead State University:

    “We believe Coach Woods, while remorseful, is not above reproach. Therefore, he will be suspended for Monday night’s game against Norfolk State. This will allow Coach Woods to consider his action and behavior, and allow him time to contemplate the appropriate way to conduct himself with his players and on the sideline."

    I know I will.
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    Power playa: Heath Shuler to work for Duke Energy

    ASHEVILLE — Outgoing U.S. Rep. Heath Shuler will run Duke Energy’s lobbying operation in Washington after the end of his term, his office and the company said.

    Shuler, a Democrat representing in the 11th District in Western North Carolina, will be the company’s senior vice president of federal affairs.

    Duke, which merged with Progress Energy this year, is the nation’s largest public utility with 7.1 million customers. It is based in Charlotte.

    Shuler will be based in Washington and supervise a staff of about six people

    Former Vol QB was a Heisman runner-up who saw his school passing records eclipsed by near immediate successor Peyton Manning.
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  • Rolando McClain

    Report: Rolando McClain suspended two games, not cut by Oakland Raiders

    McClain, a Decatur native, recently saw his fortunes change in a court case where he was accused of firing a pistol near the head of a longtime friend in an incident last year in Decatur.

    The charges were dropped after his accuser declined to continue the case, according to reports.
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  • Thread for updates on what former SEC athletes are doing today.
    You mean whatever happened to the "Whatever happened to" thread?
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  • The SEC's history with the Heisman trophy goes back 60 years (sic). The league's first ever recipient was Georgia running back Frank Sinkwich in 1942. The former Bulldog is one of 10 SEC Heisman winners, a number growing substantially in the past two decades. The conference has won three out of the last five awards

    SEC Heisman Winners

    1942 Frank Sinkwich HB Georgia
    1959 Billy Cannon HB LSU
    1966 Steve Spurrier QB Florida
    1971 Pat Sullivan QB Auburn
    1982 Herschel Walker HB Georgia
    1985 Bo Jackson HB Auburn
    1996 Danny Wuerrfel QB Florida
    2007 Tim Tebow QB Florida
    2009 Mark Ingram RB Alabama
    2010 Cam Newton QB Auburn
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    After spending the past two years overseas, Jarvis Varnado returned stateside and has already made his presence felt in the NBA Development League.

    In his first week with Sioux Falls, the former Mississippi State forward averaged 15.7 points, 9.3 rebounds and 5.7 blocks to earn NBA D-League Performer of the Week honors.

    Skyforce head coach Joel Abelson has been working with Varnado for a short time but is impressed with what he’s seen thus far. “He’s an absolute pleasure to coach,” Abelson said. “When I was trying to get him to come here, he said ‘I don’t really care too much about touches and shots. I just want to be the best shot blocker, defender and rebounder in the league.’

    “He just plays hard, doesn’t complain and affects the game every time he’s in the game.”

    After earning SEC Defensive Player of the Year honors three times and going in the second round of the 2010 NBA Draft to Miami, Varnado then played in Italy and Israel, He also spent training camp with the Heat before securing a spot in the D-League.

    “Overseas was a learning experience. It was a good experience,” he said. “It grew me up and allowed me to work on my game because we usually had two practices a day. I used that time to really improve my game and offensive skills.”

    Along with Renardo Sidney, who is with the Los Angeles D-Fenders, Varnado is one of two MSU products in the D-League. Their ultimate goal is reaching the NBA, where fellow ex-Bulldog Arnett Moultrie is with Philadelphia.
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  • Sam Bowie reveals that he lied to Portland about feeling leg pain before the infamous 1984 NBA draft

    Now, some 17 years after his last NBA game, Bowie revealed in an ESPN documentary that his NBA career began with the center needlessly keeping quiet about how much pain he was in during the days leading up to Portland's selection of the former Kentucky center. A selection that, famously, came one spot before the Chicago Bulls took Michael Jordan with the third overall pick.

    Bowie: "I can still remember them taking a little mallet, and when they would hit me on my left tibia, and 'I don't feel anything' I would tell 'em. But deep down inside, it was hurting. If what I did was lying and what I did was wrong, at the end of the day, when you have loved ones that have some needs, I did what any of us would have done."

    Getty Images
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  • A strange voice boomed through the interstate telephone line: “Lora, this is Gov. John J. McKeithen of Loos-i-ana. We have a fine school down here — and a good football team. Why don’t you come down and give us a visit?’’

    That conversation heralded a new day in LSU football. It’s now four decades since Lora Hinton and Mike Williams became the first black football players at LSU.

    A hot commodity from Chesapeake, Va., Hinton, in a scenario that in retrospect seems almost pre-ordained, was the first to sign — belatedly — an athletic grant-in-aid with LSU in 1971.

    Williams, of Covington, would be the second, and he would immediately make his presence felt. At a time when freshmen were ineligible, Williams started every game as a sophomore cornerback in 1972, making dramatic plays and eventually being selected All-Southeastern Conference and All-America.

    Hinton for years has stayed close to LSU football by working as a marshal for games at Tiger Stadium. Hinton, who is a regional representative for a national food outlet and who remained in Louisiana after his playing days, said with a faraway look in his eyes, “Saturday nights in Tiger Stadium is hard to leave. Really hard.’’

    “I think they all looked out for us at LSU,” Williams said. “I know this: Coach Charlie McClendon was as fair a man as could be. We were treated pretty bad on the football practice field, but we all were.”
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  • Vikings coach Leslie Frazier said that former Florida play maker Percy Harvin underwent an emergency appendectomy.
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  • Faced with mounting violence in Israel, Kenny Gabriel decided to leave his first professional team

    On Nov. 21, a bomb ripped through a bus in Tel Aviv, the safest city in Israel, an attack that flashed across the screens of televisions all over the world.
    Back in Charlotte, N.C., Kevin Gabriel pulled out his map of Israel.

    He already knew he had no way of knowing where his son was. Kenny Gabriel, a former Auburn star, was playing in his first season at Maccabi Ashdod, a professional basketball team in the port city of Ashdod, near the Gaza Strip.

    When Hamas started firing missiles into Israel, Ashdod had been hit repeatedly, forcing Maccabi Ashdod to move its players out of Ashdod and into a hotel in Tel Aviv.

    Every time a report of a missile strike flashed across the TV, the map came out. A few times, Kevin called his son, who couldn't answer because of the time difference, and for a brief moment, the father felt a brief moment of panic.

    Kevin Gabriel had no way of knowing if his son was 10 minutes away, or five, or one, from the latest blast...

    Chris Patrick, an agent with Rogue Sports, had never represented a client overseas faced with violence.

    "With Kenny, it was what's best for his career, what's best for his safety," Patrick said. "They were scared."

    The team, Maccabi Ashdod, didn't believe there were safety concerns and considered Gabriel leaving a breach of contract.

    "It was hard for me," Gabriel said, "but at the end of the day, it was about being with my family, with my son and I couldn't put them in the position of me possibly dying in Israel."

    Patrick supported his client's decision "100 percent."

    He is confident Gabriel will have other chances. Teams in Bulgaria and Belarus have already called, and Gabriel's an injury or other player movement away from finding the right fit.

    "My family was really worried about me," Gabriel said. "I've got a son at home. They didn't want anything to happen to me. I came back for them."
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  • Earlier Today
    Minnesota Vikings rookie kicker Blair Walsh nails a 56-yard field goal against the Houston Texans. The field goal is Walsh's ninth from 50 yards-plus, a new NFL record.

    June 25, 2012
    Throughout his struggles last season, Georgia kicker Blair Walsh said it wasn't anything major, that it was part mental, and part small mechanical things.It’s just a couple of things that have to get corrected and have to get solved. I know it sounds like it’s a boring story, but hey, that’s what it is," Walsh said in November, when he was at a low point. But he continued to struggle, especially in the Outback Bowl. He finished the season 21-for-35 on field goals, after missing a combined five the previous two seasons. Still, the Minnesota Vikings saw something in Walsh and used a sixth-round draft pick on him.Walsh will be the starter for the Vikings, who have released veteran Ryan Longwell. And they're not really planning on bringing in competition, according to this story by a Minnesota radio station.Most interesting, however, is that Minnesota special teams coach Mike Priefer believes he has hit on why Walsh struggled. Priefer, who visited Athens and did plenty of studying, thinks Walsh was rushing his kicks. In fact, "every kick," according to the Vikings coach.
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  • Josh Duhamel defends Tim Tebow from Merril Hoge

    Transformers actor Josh Duhamel played Optimus Prime to Hoge's Megatron this week, ripping the ESPN analyst after one of his anti-Tebow tweets.

    Hoge wrote: "Any bronco fan still think they would be better with Tebow? I've not heard much noise lately? Curious??"

    The only thing curious about that tweet was its use of question marks.

    Duhamel responded: "hey merril. Josh Duhamel here. Wondering why you're such a jealous [expletive] about Tebow? He's 10x the player you were."


    Will it eventually get to the point where the gaffer from The Hobbit will be ripping a production assistant from Dan LeBatard is Highly Questionable for making an anti-Tim graphic?
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  • Report: Cam Newton fined $21,000 for bumping referee

    A person familiar with the penalty says the NFL has fined Panthers quarterback Cam Newton $21,000 for abusive conduct toward a game official.
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  • ... Tubby Smith?

    With a win over Michigan State today, Smith's Minnesota team will remain in the Top 10 for the first time in over 30 years. Thirty!
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    Joe Namath poses during a photo shoot for SI's "Where Are They Now".

    32 other rare photos including "A 19-year-old Joe Namath, with Alabama coach Bear Bryant, watches a game against Tennessee from the sidelines."
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  • Dave Bennett, a former University of Tennessee football player, died Monday morning after a 2½-year battle with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

    Bennett, 42, was diagnosed with ALS after sustaining a concussion following a fall from a snowboard. Bennett fought the disease with a positive attitude, his wife, Paige, said.

    "Dave was a fighter by spirit, a competitor," she said. "He always had a winning attitude. Everything he did, he did it wholeheartedly. He was not going to let this disease take him down easily. That's how Dave will be remembered, just one that was full of life, full of spirit.

    "As far as the disease was concerned, he fought it. ... He was not going to let it win."

    "At times, it made it difficult just watching him suffering," she said. "But he always told us, myself and the kids, to fight this disease. We are to rise above and press on despite our circumstances. That's the attitude he taught us to have through this.

    "Until he breathed his last breath (Monday) morning, he never gave up."

    After playing for Germantown High School, Bennett signed with UT and played safety for the Vols from 1989-92. He started his final two seasons, finishing his career with 57 tackles.

    Bennett also is survived by sons Blake, 16, and Riley, 11.
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    Joe Namath poses during a photo shoot for SI's "Where Are They Now".

    32 other rare photos including "A 19-year-old Joe Namath, with Alabama coach Bear Bryant, watches a game against Tennessee from the sidelines."

    I just clicked on the link and looked at all 33 pictures.  Man, I had forgotten just how cool Broadway Joe was back in the late '60s and early '70s.  He was The Beatles, Mickey Mantle and Walt Frazier all rolled into one.  Margaux Hemingway, Audrey Landers, Raquel Welch, Farah Fawcett......the guy had it made!
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  • Former early 2000s UK big man Jules Camara was arrested on Thursday on charges of drug paraphernalia possession and felony theft.

    Jules was arrested after one of his acquaintances accused him of taking a gun from him in October and not returning it. Police found a crack pipe in Jules’ pocket when they went to investigate. He will appear in court this afternoon.

    This is another sad chapter in Jules’ troubles with the law. He was convicted of driving under the influence in 2000 while still on the UK basketball team [and was suspended for an entire season coming off of an incident where a UK football player killed another driver in a head on collision while DUI.]
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  • Former Auburn standout Kevin Greene finalist for Pro Football Hall of Fame

    Kevin Greene had 160 sacks in his NFL career. That's one of the reasons the former Auburn star is a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame for the second straight year.

    The Pro Football Hall of Fame announced its 2013 finalists Friday.

    Greene arrived at Auburn as a walk-on, but left leading the SEC with 11 sacks for the 1984 season.

    He's the outside linebackers coach for the Green Bay Packers.
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  • Bianchi: Jags don't want Tebow, he is done as NFL quarterback

    New Jacksonville Jaguars GM David Caldwell n only his second day on the job, closed the door on the Jags acquiring Tim Tebow.

    The most irrelevant, uninteresting franchise in the NFL turns its back on a hometown hero...
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  • Georgia will welcome back the team that had its deepest run ever in the tournament for a 30th anniversary reunion of the Bulldogs’ 1983 Final Four team.

    Among those from that team expected back in Stegeman Coliseum for the Mississippi State game are Lamar Heard, James Banks, Derrick Floyd, Donald Hartry and Monroe Jones. The program will recognize some 50 former lettermen in all.

    A year after Dominique Wilkins headed to the NBA, Georgia upset top-seed St. John’s and No. 2 seed North Carolina in the tournament.

    “It was a tremendous accomplishment for our team because Dominique had gone hardship and, of course, most people didn’t think that we had enough coming back that we would be able to make a run,” said former Georgia coach Hugh Durham, who lives in Jacksonville, except for the summers he spends in Banner Elk, N.C. “Fortunately, the players coming back didn’t feel the same way.

    From a coaching standpoint, there’s always a special place in your memory bank for teams that come together and play better as a unit maybe than as a collection of individuals. That’s pretty much what we did.”

    Guard Vern Fleming, a first-round NBA draft pick, was the team’s leading scorer.

    The fourth-seeded Bulldogs won the program’s first ever SEC tournament title and knocked off the Tar Heels and Michael Jordan 82-77 to get to the Final Four. Sam Perkins stoked the fire by saying before the game in Syracuse he didn’t know Georgia’s conference.

    “It gave us something to talk about, that’s for sure,” said Durham, now 75.

    Georgia lost 67-60 in the semifinals to N.C. State, which went on to win the national title.
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  • Mark's Madness returns: Former Tide coach guides N.C. State to upset over No. 1 Duke

    Former Word of God PF C.J. Leslie scored 25 points -- including six straight during a key second-half run -- to help No. 20 North Carolina State beat No. 1 Duke 84-76 on Saturday.

    The Wolfpack is coached by Mark Gottfried, who guided Alabama from 1998-2009 and played for the Crimson Tide from 1984-87.
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  • Patrick Smyth ‏@psmyth12
    Trindon Holliday is the 1st player in NFL postseason history with a punt and kickoff return TD in the same game. #Broncos

    Denver Broncos Public Relations
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  • Gator QB Doug Johnson

    A sworn complaint was filed against former University of Florida quarterback Doug Johnson alleging he took part in beating a Gainesville man so badly after a UF football game that the victim blacked out.

    Johnson, 35, who attended Buchholz and played for the Falcons after playing quarterback for UF, is accused of taking part in the beating of Joe Cappelletti following the UF/LSU game.

    Gainesville police officer Ben Tobias said the department filed the sworn complaint against Johnson and two others in November. The complaint against Johnson alleges felony battery.

    An attorney for Johnson and two others named in sworn complaints said they were the victims in the case and were acting in self-defense.

    Cappelletti told The Sun after the incident that he was walking down West University Avenue near St. Augustine Church around 9:30 p.m. when two women and three men in a rickshaw pulled up. They started yelling at Cappelletti's group, and one pushed Jamie Davis, Cappelletti's girlfriend. Cappelletti grabbed one of the men and they tussled and exchanged some words before everyone dispersed.

    His group crossed the street, Cappelletti said, and the same three men jumped out of the bushes and attacked them.

    "The thing that really got me is that they were all Gator fans," he said. "They just looked like normal people who came to town to enjoy the game."

    Cappelletti said they grabbed him and punched and kicked him repeatedly in the face.

    Cappelletti suffered a broken nose and numerous facial fractures. His friend, Ryan Forbus, suffered a cut to his eye and severe swelling on the left side of his face from repeated blows. The other victim was Danielle Feldman.

    (pic of hospitalized Cappelletti at the link)
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  • Coach Gus Malzahn‏@CoachGusMalzahn   
    Happy to see my man Cam back at AU this semester working toward his degree. #wareagle

    Bryan Matthews ‏@BMatt247
    Seriously??? @sports_will @CoachGusMalzahn Yeah your wife is surely enjoying that Cammy Can Juice too too!

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  • Former Florida basketball player's daughter was born with a congenital heart defect.

     Mike MillerVerified ‏
    My BABY is HEALTHY!! Thanks to everyone for there thoughts and prayers miracles do happen all 5 holes closed #blessed

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  • Tebow: "I don't know what my future holds, but I know who holds my future."

    Tim Tebow is an extremely popular individual -- or, he was," said former Cowboys executive Gil Brandt, now an analyst for "I think his popularity has waned significantly the last three or four months."

    But even Tebow never Tebowed during the regular season for the Jets. Not once.

    Eric Crouch, a fellow former Heisman Trophy winner, knows what he's going through. Crouch was Tebow before Tebow...
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  • Auburn retires Mike Mitchell's No. 30 jersey before tipoff against Kentucky

    In front of the team's first sold-out crowd at Auburn Arena, the Tigers brought out their greats on Saturday night to honor another one of the program's best.

    Auburn retired former All-American Mike Mitchell's No. 30 on Saturday night, making the All-Star the sixth Tiger to have his number retired with Mitchell's family in attendance.

    Mitchell, who played in the NBA for 10 years, died in 2011.

    Former Auburn greats Charles Barkley, Wesley Person and John Mengelt also showed up for the presentation, and Barkley stood up to speak.

    Mitchell, a four-time All-SEC selection and a second team All-American in 1977-78, left the program as an NBA first-round draft pick and the program's all-time leader in scoring (2,123 points) and rebounding (996). He still holds the rebounding mark and ranks second all-time behind Chuck Person in scoring.

    As an NBA player, Mitchell was an All-Star in 1981 and scored more than 15,000 points in his career. His jersey joins Rex Frederick (32), Wesley Person (11), Chuck Person (45), Charles Barkley (34) and John Mengelt (15) on the list of Auburn's retired numbers.

    Mitchell served as a counselor for at-risk youth in the San Antonio area.
    He died of cancer.
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  • Jim Master / Elston Turner

    when basketball dreams led former Kentucky player Jim Master to change high schools in the late 1970s, it was unusual.

    "I would never recommend anyone uproot a kid," Master said last week. "I'd be the first one to say, don't do it.

    "But it was magical for me."

    That fateful decision will pay an added dividend in March when Master is inducted into the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame.

    The Hall of Fame induction ceremony on March 20 will contain a bit of irony. Two other members of the class of 2013 are David Anspaugh and Angelo Pizzo, the director and screenwriter/producer, respectively, of Hoosiers, the movie tribute to Indiana high school basketball. Hoosiers depicts small-town basketball: the pride it infuses, the passion it evokes and the sense of belonging it bestows.

    Master grew up in Plymouth, Ind., which was then a town of about 10,000 less than an hour's drive south of South Bend. He knows all about Indiana high school basketball.

    Master played his first two seasons of high school basketball in Plymouth. Then he transferred to Paul Harding High in Fort Wayne. His father had an office in Fort Wayne. Plus, Master knew and liked the coach at Harding, Coach Frick.

    Looking back, Master acknowledged the problems that can ruin such a transfer. "I got lucky everything worked out," he said. "Because of my positive parents."

    The decision to transfer was Master's, not his parents', he said.

    After much success as a high school player (including being named Indiana Mr. Basketball), Master had to choose a college.

    Kentucky dismissed Dwight Anderson from its team during Master's high school senior season. UK called to make sure Master knew there would be an opening at shooting guard.

    "Dwight Anderson leaving had a huge effect," Master said. "Now they had a legitimate void. Had that not happened, I'm not sure I would have gone to Kentucky."

    From 1980 through 1984, Master became one of UK's best perimeter shooters in at least the last 30 years. He now considers himself blessed by having played in the best high school and college atmospheres.

    With the induction into the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame in March, Master joins great company. Other members of the Hall include Oscar Robertson, Larry Bird and John Wooden.

    'Proud dad'

    Elston Turner's father did not get to watch his son score 40 points at Kentucky last weekend. As an assistant coach and de facto defensive coordinator for the Phoenix Suns, he was preparing for his team's game in Chicago later that night (the Suns beat the Bulls 97-81, which marked the franchise's 2,000th victory).

    "All his games, our video department records for me," said the player's father, also named Elston Turner. "So I did see it the next day."

    Not surprisingly, the father has watched his son lead A&M to an 83-71 victory at Kentucky more than once.

    "I've watched it (pause to chuckle) over and over," he said in a telephone conversation last week. "Probably seven, eight times already. It's a joy to see as a dad."

    The elder Turner, who scored 1,805 points for Ole Miss (1977-81), was reluctant to thrust himself into his son's afternoon of glory. But when asked how much he worked with his son to develop his son's talents, he said, "Oh, tons."

    Since birth, the younger Turner was part of an NBA family. First, his father was a player. Then he was a coach.

    "So he's been around it his whole life," the father said. "When he was little, after practice he'd play one-on-one with Bobby Jackson, Mike Bibby, Kevin Martin. You know, pros."

    "I don't know if some of those were shots his coach wants him to take regularly," the elder Turner said. "But the fact is he can make those. That was no surprise to me."

    The surprise came from the Rupp Arena crowd, which applauded when the younger Turner went to the bench late in the game.

    "The hospitality, the sportsmanship, that was special," the elder Turner said. "I don't know if I've ever seen that. When a guy gets hurt and lays there with his ankle torn up or his knee torn up, when they pick him off the floor, they clap. But this? I think they enjoyed the performance."

    The father certainly did.

    Kentucky's Jim Master drove around Middle Tennessee State's Rick Campbell (left) in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament in March 1982 in Nashville. Middle Tennessee beat Kentucky 50-44.
    Mark Humphrey — AP
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  • Sean Tuohy Jr. ‏@SJTuohy
    Come a long way from the Wilson Field House haven't we?! RT @CoachHughFreeze: @SJTuohy I agree. My heart is racing!!!
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  • Hey, in the SEC’s 2003 six-player NBA draft class, who had the pasty redheaded big white kid from Florida to have the most notable pro career?

    If you would have told me that guy, former Gators’ forward Matt Bonner, would still be the NBA after all this time, have a championship ring and become one of the best three-point shooters in NBA history, I would have pulled you to the side of the road and ask you to hop on one leg while touching your nose and then have you walk a straight line.

    The SEC had six players taken in the ’03 draft. The first three selected were Georgia swingman Jarvis Hayes, Mississippi State center Mario Austin and Mississippi State point guard Derrick Zimmerman.

    Hayes lasted seven NBA seasons with three teams, Austin never played a minute in the league and Zimmerman played in two NBA games and was a defensive whiz in the NBDL (the NBA’s minor leagues).

    That trio all ended up in Europe where they have made nice livings.

    The last three SEC players taken in ’03 were guards Keith Bogans of Kentucky and Maurice Williams of Alabama, and Bonner. Bogans and Williams went straight to the NBA where in 10 seasons, Bogans has played for seven teams and Williams has suited up for five franchises.

    And there’s Bonner, who in college combined his 3.96 grade point average and his 39.5 three-point percentage to unlock the secret to NBA longevity, winning a NBA championship ring with San Antonio and signing a contract extension that gave him financial security for life.

    “In the NBA, you have three guys on every team who are the top offensive options,” says Matt, who’s in his ninth NBA season (he played overseas his first year after college), the last seven with the Spurs. “Everybody else fills in roles. You have to fit into the system. If you can be good at everything, but really great at one thing that your team needs, you can stick and find yourself a niche in the NBA. So that’s what I’ve tried to do. I stay ready when I’m needed. I’ve tried to come in and make shots when I’m open.”

    When Matt entered the NBA in 2004-05 with Toronto, he was unique. There weren’t many players 6-10, 240 pounds who combined just enough bulk to defend muscled up post players, along with an outside shooting stroke better than most guards.

    There are more players in the league like Matt now, but few with his incredible shooting stats. Through 36 games of this 2012-13 season, he’s a career 46.7 percent field goal shooter despite 50.3 percent of his career attempts from behind the three-point line.

    He’s a 41.7 percent career three-point shooter, led the NBA in three-point percentage in 2010-11 at 45.7 percent and currently leads the league at 47.4 percent.
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  • "I never meant to cause you any sorrow...
    I never meant to cause you any pang...
    Purple drank, Purple drank
    If you know what I'm talkin' about up here, come on raise yo' hand..."

    JaMarcus Russell is attempting a comeback

    One of the biggest draft busts in NFL history is trying to re-kindle his football career. Yahoo! Sports has learned that JaMarcus Russell is planning a comeback attempt that he hopes will see him play in the league again. The former No. 1 pick in the 2007 NFL draft has not played a single NFL snap since the 2009 season with the Oakland Raiders.

    “My first year out, I couldn’t watch football but after a while, I couldn’t keep the TV off. I got that itchy feeling but now I gotta watch it, gotta watch,” Russell said.

    Complicating a comeback from a less than storied NFL career is the fact that Russell will need to overcome the negative perception stemming from his July 2010 arrest for codeine syrup without a prescription.

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  • Orson Charles

    Orson Charles is walking around the University of Georgia campus with a backpack. A year after leaving behind school, and college football, to pursue a pro career, he's back to being a regular student.

    Charles just wrapped up his rookie season as a tight end with the Cincinnati Bengals. It wasn't exactly what he hoped for when he decided to skip his senior year at Georgia - Charles caught just eight passes for 101 yards this season - but he still might have a bright career in the NFL. And he made almost half a million dollars this past season.

    So why is he trudging around campus, taking 15 hours of class per week?

    Because of a promise Charles made to his mother, who dropped out of college when she became pregnant with him. She then returned to get her degree, while Charles was in high school, and that - along with a desire to be a good role model for his younger brother -motivated Charles to finish the drill.

    It may take awhile: Charles has a couple more semesters ahead of him, even after this one. But he seems committed to it.
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  • Shaquille O'Neal highlights the 2013 Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame induction class, which has a decidedly LSU flavor and is spiced with New Orleans selections.

    Joining O'Neal,  the former LSU star and 15-time NBA All-Star, is quarterback Tommy Hodson and All-Pro center Kevin Mawae who played football for the Tigers. UNO basketball player Ervin Johnson, former Newman basketball coach Ed "Skeets" Tuohy...

    Johnson never played high school basketball and was a 6-foot-11 bagboy at a Baton Rouge Piggly Wiggly when introduced to then-UNO coach Tim Floyd.

    Tommy Hodson, football

    A Mathews native, Hodson had an illustrious career as a four-year starting quarterback for LSU (1986-89) and compiled a 31-14-1 record. He is LSU's all-time leading passer with 9,115 yards, and also leads the school in career touchdown passes (69), attempts (1,163) and completions (967). At the time, those numbers were the best in SEC history. Hodson posted all of those numbers prior to the spread offense taking over the SEC. He was a four-time All-SEC quarterback, and LSU pushed him for the Heisman Trophy in his junior and senior seasons...

    Kevin Mawae, football

    An LSU standout, Mawae was one of the NFL's top offensive linemen for 16 seasons, being voted to eight Pro Bowls, and he made seven All-Pro teams. Even after his remarkable playing career ended after the 2010 Pro Bowl, he had a major influence on the NFL in his role as president of the NFL Players Association from 2008-12. A standout player at Leesville High School, Mawae lined up in college at left tackle, left guard and center and was a long snapper for the Tigers from 1990-93. He earned first-team All-SEC honors in 1991...

    Shaquille O'Neal, basketball

    One of basketball's greatest players, O'Neal exploded on the national scene during his playing days for Dale Brown at LSU and during a stellar 19-year NBA career grew into one of sport's most magnetic and charming personalities, attaining a multi-faceted, unique identity that has made him an A-list world sports and entertainment figure...

    At LSU, he was the national Player of the Year in 1991 and a two-time Southeastern Conference Player of the Year (1991, 1992), the SEC Athlete of the Year in 1991-92, and won a World Amateur Athlete of the Year honor in 1991. In three seasons, he scored 1,941 points, snared 1,4217 rebounds (sic), shot 61.0 percent from the field, has six career triple-doubles, and became the first player to lead the SEC in scoring, rebounding, field goal percentage and blocked shots in a season. His No. 33 LSU jersey was retired in 2000 (the fourth number retired in any sport at LSU, joining Billy Cannon, Bob Pettit and Pete Maravich) and he made LSU's All-Century Team in 2009.

    Ed "Skeets" Touhy, high school basketball coach

    A legendary high school coach whose career 84.5 winning percentage included three state championships among nine state tournament appearances in 15 seasons, Tuohy coached basketball at Newman High in New Orleans until a stroke ended his career...

    He quit coaching in 1975 after suffering a stroke. He died in 1982, at age 51. He had three sons who played college basketball. [Sean, who played at Ole Miss, is still the SEC career assist leaders and Sean's adopted son Michael Oher is scheduled to be playing in the Super Bowl in New Orleans next Sunday.]

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  • Recruiting snub still motivates Patrick Willis

    San Francisco linebacker Patrick Willis has been selected to the Pro Bowl every season he’s been in the NFL, but he still finds motivation in a time when he was told he wasn’t good enough.

    Willis grew up in Tennessee and wanted to play his college football for the Volunteers, and he said on Monday that the memory of being told Tennessee didn’t want him is still fresh.

    “I was a Vols fan growing up,” Willis said. “That was like America’s Team. I wanted to go there so bad. After every game my dad and I would get in the car and drive five hours to go to Knoxville to watch them play on an unofficial visit. This was on our gas money and our time. I just wanted to show them how bad I wanted to be there. I can’t forget being there and you have all these other big-time recruits there and they are shaking their hands and the coaches are talking to them. The coaches never shook my hand. They never talked to me. One day I just got tired of doing that. My senior year, I remember going up and saying, ‘Coach I see all of the other guys getting love. I really want to come here. I’m interested in coming here. Do you have something for me? Maybe a scholarship offer? Maybe something just saying you want me?’ But I didn’t get that. I got, ‘Well you’re having a hard time. We’re recruiting two other linebackers, Ernie Sims and Daniel Brooks. Those are the two guys we want.’”

    “I never forget looking at him and being like he basically said, ‘We’re not really interested, we don’t want you,’” Willis said. “I’ll never forget getting in the car with my foster dad and we’re riding home and I cried. I cried, not because I was sad, but more so because I knew how badly I wanted to be a Tennessee Vol. I knew what type of player I could be.”
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  • Perry Stevenson @PSteve2122 
    Hey #BBN going to the A&M game.. Bring a sack of tomatoes. You'll know ur target when u see him lol.

    Billy Clyde Gillispie is going to the Kentucky at A&M game in Reed Saturday as a guest of Coach Kennedy...