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  • Top Five NBA Draft picks for Kentucky during the SEC Expansion Era (post-1992)

    John Wall, UK 1 [1] Wash, 2010
    Anthony Davis, UK 1 [1] NO, 2012
    Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, UK 1 [2] Char, 2012
    Jamal Mashburn, UK 1 [4] Dal, 1993
    DeMarcus Cousins, UK 1 [5] Sac, 2010
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  • Top Five NBA Draft picks for Tennessee during the SEC Expansion Era (post-1992)

    Allan Houston, UT 1 [11] Det, 1993
    Marcus Haislip, UT 1 [13] Mil, 2002
    Tobias Harris, UT 1 [19] Char, 2011
    Vincent Yarbrough, UT 2 Den, 2002
    Steve Hamer, UT 2 Bos, 1996
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  • Top NBA Draft picks for South Carolina during the SEC Expansion Era (post-1992)

    Renaldo Balkman, SC 1 [20] NYK, 2006
    Jamie Watson, SC 2 Utah, 1994
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  • Top NBA Draft picks for Florida during the SEC Expansion Era (post-1992)

    Bradley Beal, UF 1 [3] Wash, 2012
    Al Horford, UF 1 [3] Atl, 2007
    Mike Miller, UF 1 [5] Orl, 2000
    Jason Williams, UF 1 [7] Sac, 1998
    Corey Brewer, UF 1 [7] Minn, 2007

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  • NBA Draft picks for Vandy during the SEC Expansion Era (post-1992)

    John Jenkins, VU 1 [23] Atl, 2012
    Festus Ezeli, VU 1 [30] GS, 2012
    Dan Langhi, VU 2 Dal, 2000
    Matt Freije, VU 2 Mia, 2004
    Shan Foster, VU 2 Dal, 2008
    Jeffery Taylor, VU 2 Char, 2012

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  • Top Five NBA Draft picks for Bama during the SEC Expansion Era (post-1992)

    Antonio McDyess, UA 1 [2] LAC, 1995
    Robert Horry, UA 1 [11] Hou, 1992
    Jason Caffey, UA 1 [20] Chi, 1995
    James Robinson, UA 1 [21] Port, 1993
    Roy Rogers, UA 1 [22] Vanc, 1996
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  • Top Five NBA Draft picks for State during the SEC Expansion Era (post-1992)

    Erick Dampier, MS 1 [10] Ind, 1996
    Dontae’ Jones, MS 1 [21] NYK, 1996
    Arnett Moultrie, MS 1 [27] Mia, 2011
    Mario Austin, MS 2 [36] Chi, 2003
    Derrick Zimmerman, MS 2 [40] GS, 2003
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  • Top Five NBA Draft picks for LSU during the SEC Expansion Era (post-1992)

    Shaquille O’Neal, LS 1 [1] Orl, 1992
    Stromile Swift, LS 1 [2] Van, 2000
    Tyrus Thomas, LS 1 [3] Port, 2006
    Anthony Randolph, LS 1 [14] GS, 2008
    Geert Hammink, LS 1 [26] Orl, 1993

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  • In the weeks leading up the first practice, I will redo all-expansion era SEC Teams with a viable starting five and 13-man roster. Please make your own modifications. This can include any SEC player who played from '91-92 to present.

    To normalize the effect of eras, I will rely on All-SEC consideration, NBA draft selection, and contribution to championships and/or record post-season accomplishment for the school. This will help with the perception that with different off-season routines and their influence on fundamentals, NBA draft rules and practices, nutrition and conditioning, and some interpretation of and changes to rules, the 90s players are much better than today.
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  • Ole Miss '92 to present all-time team


    Ansu Sesay, ’98 SEC POY, Consensus 2nd Team All-American, ’97 SEC 1st Team

    Keith Carter, Perryville SG was ’99 SEC 1st Team, ’98 2nd Team, Ole Miss’ all time 3 pt shooter and sixth leading scorer in school history

    Joe Harvell, ’92 Loaded SEC 1st Team, ’93 SEC 2nd Team, Gosnell F is 2nd leading scorer in Ole Miss history with over 2,000.

    Marshall Henderson '13 SEC 2nd Team helped get Ole Miss in the NCAA-T after a drought.

    Chris Warren averaged 19 points and four assists per game in '11.

    Off the Bench:

    Rahim Lockhart, ’01 Bball Times 3rd Team All-American, ’01 SEC Coach’s 1st Team, 23 double-doubles and fifth leading rebounder

    Justin Reed ’04, SEC 1st Team, ’01 SEC Coach’s 3rd Team, ’02 SEC Coach’s 2nd Team, ’03 SEC AP 3rd Team. ’01 SEC Freshman of the Year. 5th leading all-time scorer

    Jason Harrison PG Parkview Arts & Science Magnet was ’00 SEC AP 3rd Team, ’01 SEC 3rd Team, 5-5 guard hit biggest shot in Ole Miss history, propelling Rebels to their only Sweet 16 appearance to-date.

    Dwayne Curtis ’08 SEC 2nd Team. Averaged 15 and 10 and 63% from the field. 800+ makes him Chairman of Ole Miss’ Board.

    Jason Flanigan Parkview Arts & Science Magnet, seventh all-time in assists, hit a FT to seal win over Notre Dame for Ole Miss’ only Sweet 16 appearance. Flanigan received a BA in Leisure Management.

    Terrico White '09 – G, 6-5, 211, Fr,. Memphis, Tenn. ’08-09 SEC Second Team.
    Clarence Sanders ’07 SEC 2nd Team, 16 ppg and 96 3 pointers in ’07.

    Murphy Holloway Left and returned. Finished with over 1,200 points and 888 rebounds in three seasons
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  • Florida ’91-92 to Present Team

    Starting Five
    Chandler Parsons, First Florida AP and Coach's POY.
    Udonis Haslem ’01,’02 1st Team, ’99,’00 Coach’s 3rd Team
    Stacey Poole, Sr., Crowded ’92 Coach’s 1st Team, ’93 1st Team
    Joakim Noah ’06 1st Team, ’07 Coach’s 1st Team
    Anthony Roberson, ’04, ‘05 1st Team

    Bradley Beal '12 Coach's 1st Team
    Dan Cross ’94, ‘95 1st Team
    Kenny Boynton '12 Coach's 1st Team, '11 2nd Team, '13 2nd Team
    Al Horford ’07 1st Team, ’06 Coach’s 2nd Team
    Matt Bonner ’03 1st Team ’02 2nd Team
    David Lee ’05 Coach’s 1st Team, ’04 Coach’s 2nd Team
    Mike Miller ’00 Coach’s 1st Team
    Taureen Green ’06 2nd Team, ’07 Coach’s 2nd Team

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  • State '91-92 to Present Team

    Starting Five

    Erick Dampier, MVP of State's best team ever.  So good the ABA's all-time leading scorer had the public pronounciation of his name changed to match Erick's.

    Jarvis Varnado, only NCAA player to have 1000/1000/500 (pts/rebs/blks).  Most appearances on all-league defensive team.  All-time blocks leader.
    All-Time Frontcourt

    Mario Austin, multiple time All-SEC big man who could shoot

    Derrick Zimmerman, underrated leader of some excellent State teams in the first half of the aughts.

    Timmy Bowers, Zimmerman's running mate was a clutch shooter, great defender, and All-American.


    Lawrence Roberts, got immediate playing time after the Baylor scandal and was SEC POY.

    Jamont Gordon, multi-time All-SEC

    Dontae' Jones had one of the best runs evah during the '96 postseason helping State make the Final Four.  First round NBA draft pick.

    Arnett Moultrie, State's last NBA 1st round picks were Dampier and Jones in '96.

    Chuck Evans, All-SEC PG at time of expansion when the SEC was loaded.

    Tony Watts, the asst principal at Connor (following Joe Dan Gold career path) is already an SEC Legend. Watts led State to a regular season co-conference championship.

    D Bost, 2012 Coaches All-SEC 1st Team '11 2nd Team was concerned about exposure in Starkville.

    Horatio Webster, another multi-year All-SEC big
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  • South Carolina Across-Time Team (’91-92 to Present)

    Devan Downey ’08-10 3-Time SEC 1st Team

    BJ McKie ’97-99 3-Time 1st Team, 18 ppg, 40% 3-pt., ’96 SEC Rookie of the Year.

    PG Melvin Watson ’97 1st Team, ’98 2nd Team, ’96 Coach’s 3rd Team, 5 apg, 5 rpg, 2 spg in ‘97

    G-F Jamie Watson ’93-‘94 Two-Time 2nd Team, 3rd in ’95 NBA Slam Dunk contest. One of two SC players to be drafted in the NBA since the Gamecocks joined the SEC.

    F Renaldo Balkman  10 ppg, 6 rpg in ’06, 1st round Knick pick. ’06 NIT MVP.

    G-F Chuck Eidson ended career 3rd all-time SEC steals leaders

    Larry Davis ’97 1st Team, ’96 Coach’s 2nd Team, 16 ppg in ‘97

    PG Tre Kelley ’07 1st Team, 19 ppg, 5 apg in ‘07

    F Carlos Powell ’04-05 2-Time 3rd Team  14 and 6 in ’04-05. ’05 NIT MVP

    F Emmett Hall ’93 AP 3rd Team, 15 ppg and team’s leading rebounder

    C Marius Petravicius ’01 3rd Team  avg. 8 and 5 in ’01.

    G-F Tarence Kinsey ’06 Coach’s 2nd Team, 16 ppg, 5 rpg, 84% FT in ‘06

    G Zam Fredrick, ’09 SEC 2nd Team, Tech x-fer avg. 15 ppg for SC

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  • Auburn Across-Time Starting Five (’91-92 to Present)

    F Chris Porter, ’99 SEC POY unanimous selection, ’00 All-SEC 2nd Team, the juco x-fer was an exciting player who got Auburn on National TV, an SEC championship, and a #1 seed.

    G Doc Robinson, ’99-00 2-Time All-SEC 1st Team, College Hoops Insider All-American, good point guard on a good Auburn team. 3rd all-time in assists, 13th in scoring, and 6th in 3 pointers. 2.65 assist/turnover ratio in ’99-00.

    SG Wesley Person, AP Honorable Mention All-American and another great person at Auburn. ’94 All-SEC 1st Team,’93 All-SEC Coach’s 1st Team, ’92 All-SEC 3rd Team.  Auburn’s all-time leading 3-point shooter and 3rd leading scorer of all time.

    G Wes Flanigan, ’96 All-SEC 3rd Team, Parkview grad is second all-time at Auburn in assists and battled thru cancer to play his senior season. Wes is one of the great leaders in Auburn history and received the Basketball Writers Most Courageous Award.

    C Mamadou N’diaye, ’99 All-SEC AP 3rd Team. The 7-footer with the great name (along with LR’s Adrian Chilliest) was an 8-and-8 and 7-and-7 guy for Auburn. 2nd in all time blocked shots to Kyle Davis.

    G Jamison Brewer, ’01 All-SEC AP 3rd Team, 8 ppg, 7 rpg, and 6 apg was good enough to get Brewer drafted in the 2nd round.

    PF Marquis Daniels, ’03 All-SEC 2nd Team, ’01 All-SEC 3rd Team. Good scorer and rebounder for his height, he was also among SEC leaders in steals.  Daniels was the Birmingham News unofficial SEC POY in ’03. Daniels is Auburn’s all-time leader in steals and 9th in scoring.

    SG Ronnie Battle, ’90 and ’93 All-SEC Coach’s 1st Team. 6th all-time scorer at Auburn and shot 51.1% from 3 for an Auburn single-season record. 

    PF Aaron Swinson, ’94, All-SEC 1st Team, ’93 All-SEC Coach’s 2nd Team.  The 3-year player was another good rebounder for his height. 2nd in Auburn history in FG % to Barkley and 12th all-time scorer.

    SF Bryant Smith, ’99 All-SEC 1st Team, ’98 All-SEC Coach’s 2nd Team, good defender and rebounder.  Bryant held his opponent to 5-6 ppg below scoring average in ’98-99. Auburn is often over looked on the All-SEC teams but ’99 was a very good year for the Tiger.

    F The late Korvotney Barber, ’09 All-SEC 2nd Team. The McDonald’s All-American was a good rebounder for a 6’7” guy.  Barber set single season rebounding records at Auburn and is 9th all time. Died in a swimming accident near Panama City Beach in 2013.

    C Kyle Davis. The underrated 6’10” Davis was a rough-edged precursor to State’s Varnado but he was a shot blocking machine with 360.

    G Lance Weems, ’96 All-SEC Coach’s 3rd Team is now the Athletic Superintendent for Hoover Parks and Recreation.  Weems made 10 threes against the Hogs in a shootout with Scotty.

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  • Georgia Across-Time Team (’91-92 to Present)

    Caldwell-Pope, 2013 SEC POY and NBA Lottery pick.

    Jarvis Hayes 2003 All-American, ’02,’03 SEC 1st Team
    Litterial Green ’91 SEC 1st Team, Loaded ’92 SEC 2nd Team

    Jumaine Jones ’99 SEC 1st Team, ’98 SEC 3rd Team, 1st round NBA pick

    Trey Thompkins, Georgia – F, 6-10, 247, So., Lithonia, Ga. ’10 and '11 SEC 1st Team

    DA Layne ’01 SEC 1st Team, ’00 SEC 2nd Team

    Charles Claxton ’93 SEC Coach’s 2nd Team

    Shandon Anderson ’95 & ‘96 SEC 3rd Team

    Travis Leslie 2nd round 2011 NBA Draft, Playing in France

    “Tony” Evans ’00 SEC 2nd Team, ’01 SEC 3rd Team

    Ezra Williams ’02,’03 SEC 2nd Team

    Sundiata Gaines ’07, ‘08 SEC Coach’s 2nd Team

    Rashad Wright ’04 SEC 2nd Team

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  • Bama Across-Time Team (’91-92 to Present)

    Starting Five
    Erwin Dudley ’02 SEC POY, AP 3rd Team All-American, ’01 2nd Team, ’03 2nd Team

    Antonio McDyess ’95 2nd Team, ’94 AP 3rd Team

    Latrell Sprewell ’92 Coach’s, AP 2nd Team

    Robert Horry ’92 Coach’s, AP 2nd Team

    Ronald Steele ’06 1st Team, ’05 3rd Team

    Roy Rogers ’96 1st Team

    James Robinson ’93 1st Team, ’92 3rd Team

    Kennedy Winston ’04 Coach’s 1st Team, ’05 AP 1st Team

    Jason Caffey, ’93 AP 3rd Team, ’94 Coach’s 3rd Team, ’95 Coach’s 2nd Team

    Eric Washington ’97 Coach’s 1st Team, ’96 AP 2nd Team

    Richard Hendrix ’08 1st Team, ’07 2nd Team

    Jemareo Davidson ’06 Coach’s 1st Team, ’07 2nd Team, ’05 3rd Team,

    Earnest Shelton ’05 Coach’s 1st Team
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  • Vandy Across Time Team '91-92 to present

    First Team
    Bill McCaffrey, SEC POY, G, Duke x-fer on VU’s League championship team
    Dan Langhi, SEC POY, 6’11” took Vandy thru tough years
    Shan Foster, SEC POY, swing man, is SEC all-time 3pt. leader
    John Jenkins, two-time 1st Team All-SEC, POY runner-up, AP 3rd Team All-American
    Festus, First round draft pick, on Vandy team that won SEC Tourney

    Derrick Byars, SEC POY, swing man, led team in assists, Va x-fer
    “Dollar” Beal, Combo guard, exits as winningest playa in Vandy history
    Jeff Taylor, the Swede is three-time All-SEC Defensive team and scores. '12 All-SEC Coach's 1st Team and '11 2nd Team.
    Matt Freije, All-American, C, hard working big man
    Kevin Anglin, All-SEC during ’93 championship, All-Time Assists, FTs, defense, academic and do what you need playa.
    Bruce Elder, ’93 Coach’s 2nd Team, 6’5” slim PF, Davidson x-fer, played the role Coach Fogler gave him on Vandy’s Championship team.
    Drew Maddux, ’98 All-SEC 1st Team, 3rd generation player was also a defensive stalwart
    Frank Seckar, PG, Two-time All-SEC during SEC’s loaded ’94-96 seasons

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  • LSU Across Time Team '91-92 to present

    Starting Five

    Shaq   2 Time consensus SEC POY, 2 Time All-Defensive Team, C, highest paid SEC player all-time

    Stromile Swift  co-SEC POY, PF, 2-n-done, 2000 All-American, LSU All-Century Team  PF

    Tasmin Mitchell, F, ’10 All-SEC, 3rd leading scorer in LSU history behind Maravich and Durand Rudy Macklin.

    Marcus Thornton, SG, ’09 SEC POY, ’08 All-SEC 2nd Team

    Darrel Mitchell, G, ’06 All-SEC 1st Team

    Brandon Bass   SEC POY, 2-n-done, All Century Team Member PF

    Big Baby  SEC POY, PF, 3-Time All-SEC

    Tyrus Thomas, PF, 2nd Team All-SEC ’06

    Ronnie Henderson, SG, 2-Time All-SEC 1st Team and leading scorer ’95-96

    Torris Bright, G, ’00 All-SEC 3rd Team, 4 year player

    Geert Hammink, C, 1st Team All-SEC ’93, Shaq’s long suffering backup

    Ronald Dupree, SF, ’01-03 3-Time All-SEC 2nd Team

    Collis Temple, SG, seemed like he was at LSU forever

    LSU has five SEC POYs post-expansion to-date.  They were loaded at the PF position.
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  • Kentucky Across Time Team '91-92 to present

    Starting Five

    Anthony Davis  SEC and National POY, #1 NBA pick, Blocked shots record

    Jamal Mashburn  SEC POY, Consensus All-American, Top Ten SEC in NBA salary earned

    Michael Kidd-Gilchrist  2nd NBA pick, All-SEC, led championship team as freshman

    Tony Delk  SEC POY, NCAA-T MOP, 3-time leading scorer, 3-time All-SEC, All-American

    John Wall  SEC POY, #1 NBA pick, Consensus All-American


    Demarcus Cousins  SEC FOY, AP 1st Team All-American, NBA 5th pick, All-SEC

    Antonie Walker  All-SEC, Top Five SEC NBA salary

    Julius Randle  SEC FOY and runner-up POY, most double-doubles of anyone in this post

    Tayshaun Prince  SEC POY, 2-time All-American, 3-time All-SEC

    Rajon Rondo  2nd Team All-SEC, NBA star

    Derek Anderson  All-American season cut short by ACL injury, Top 10 SEC in NBA salary

    Ron Mercer  SEC POY, NBA 6th pick, Consensus All-American

    Keith Bogans  SEC POY, led SEC undefeated team, UK's leading scoring guard all-time
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  • Arkansas Across Time Team '91-92 to present

    Starting Five

    Corliss Williamson  Two-Time SEC POY (Shaq is the only other since '92)

    Todd Day  All-SEC Media and Coaches 1st Team '92

    Lee Mayberry All-SEC Media and Coaches 1st Team '92

    Scotty Thurman Coaches Three Time 1st Team All-SEC '93-95

    Joe Johnson AP and Coaches 2nd Team '00 and '01
    (Second highest salary earned of any SEC player in NBA behind Shaq)

    Oliver Miller AP All-SEC 3rd Team '92

    Ronnie Brewer '05 and '06 Coaches All-SEC 1st Team

    Clint McDaniel AP All-SEC 3rd Team '95. Hog single season steals record, 102.
    (Held the SEC career steals record until it was passed by Devan Downey.)

    Derek Hood '99 AP and Coaches All-SEC 2nd Teams and '97 3rd Teams
    (Led SEC in rebounding in '97 and '99, led SEC in FG% in '99)

    Marshawn Powell '13 All-SEC 2nd Team, '10 All-SEC Freshman Team

    Pat Bradley '97 (3rd), '98 (2nd) All-SEC AP and Coaches Teams
    (Led SEC in three point FGs per game in '97, '98, and '99. 3rd all-time in SEC.)

    Jannero Pargo '01 and '02 All-SEC Coaches Third Team

    Sonny Weems '08 All-SEC Coaches 1st Team
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  • Old school SEC beat writer caves; votes freshman who has never played a game as SEC preseason POY

    Even the most ballyhooed and ultimately transcendent freshman used to have to prove himself before receiving the tribute that goes with being a college star. How quaint.  The Southeastern Conference unwittingly drove home that point last week by asking media members to vote on a pre-season all-league team.

    To not vote for Julius Randle last week seemed more the act of a contrarian than a nod to sober judgment.

    Jimmy Dykes, ESPN's color commentator for SEC games, voted for Randle."When we look back on January, February and March, he'll be the most dominant player in that league," Dykes said. "And he'll be the guy that coaches — I don't know if 'fear' is the right word — fear-slash-respect the most."

    Dykes acknowledged that his vote for Randle reflected the changing nature of how he — and we — view college basketball.

    "The last four or five years I had to get more comfortable with it," Dykes said of anointing a player who has yet to take a college dribble as SEC Player of the Year. "At the end of this mathematical problem is a question: Who is the best player in this league? The best player in this league, I think going in, is Julius Randle."

    Read more here:
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  • 2013-14 preseason media All-SEC Teams

    First-team All SEC

    Trevor Releford – Alabama, G, 6-0, 190, Sr., Kansas City, Mo.

    Julius Randle – Kentucky, F, 6-9, 250, Fr., Dallas, Texas

    Johnny O’Bryant III – LSU, F , 6-9 , 256 , Jr. , Cleveland, Miss.

    Marshall Henderson – Ole Miss, G, 6-2, 177, Sr., Hurst, Texas

    Jordan McRae – Tennessee, G, 6-6, 185, Sr., Midway, Ga.

    Second-team All SEC

    Scottie Wilbekin – Florida, G, 6-2, 176, Sr., Gainesville, Fla.

    Patric Young – Florida, C, 6-9, 240, Sr., Jacksonville, Fla.

    Willie Cauley-Stein – Kentucky, F, 7-0, 244, So., Olathe, Kan.

    Andrew Harrison – Kentucky, G, 6-6, 215, Fr., Richmond, Texas

    Dakari Johnson – Kentucky, C, 7-0, 265, Fr., Brooklyn, N.Y.

    Jabari Brown – Missouri, G, 6-5, 214, Jr., Oakland, Calif.

    Jeronne Maymon – Tennessee, F, 6-8, 260, Sr., Madison, Wis.

    Jarnell Stokes – Tennessee, F, 6-8, 260, Jr., Memphis, Tenn.

    Preseason player of the year Julius Randle.

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  • Different spin on the subject.  All-Time Teams for each current SEC school based solely on what the players did in the NBA/ABA. 


    Dan Issel, C/PF, 27,482 points and 11,133 rebounds in 15 ABA/NBA seasons and Hall of Famer. He was nearly 80% on FT across his pro career. Issel in three seasons, is also the leading all-time career scorer and rebounder at UK. His UK teams never made the Final Four. In his senior season his number one team was upset in the regional finals by Jacksonville led by his future ABA teammate Artis Gilmore ending the possibility of a game against reigning champs UCLA.

    Antoine Walker, PF, 15,647 points in 12 seasons. Walker earned the most NBA money of any UK player ever in 2014 dollars.  He lost it all.  Walker was the second-leader scorer and leading rebounder on UK's 1996 NCAA championship team and he left after his sophomore season.

    Louie Dampier, SG, 15,279 points in 12 seasons. Dampier is the all-time leader in scorer and assists in the ABA. He was just short of 200 three-pointers in consecutive seasons and once set the NBA or ABA record with 57 consecutive free throws. Dampier won an ABA championship with teammate Dan Issel for the Kentucky Colonels. Dampier was a college teammate of NBA Exec Pat Riley and College Basketball Analyst, Larry Conley. The Kentucky team his Junior season lost to Texas Western in the NCAA finals.

    Cliff Hagan, SF, 14,870 points in 14 seasons. Hagan was inducted in the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass. Hagan averaged 25 ppg for the St. Louis Hawks in '59-60 and made a comeback playing for the Dallas Chaparrals in the ABA. Hagan's team won the NCAA championship as a sophomore. UK received the death penalty due to a point shaving scandal by the late-40s, early-50s players. Hagan essentially redshirted a season but kept up his studies. UK was undefeated the next season. Hagan and teammates Frank Ramsey and Lou T. had graduated and were not allowed to play in the NCAA Tournament. The rule was so obscure, a state newspaper published the fact on the eve of the tournament start. Rupp elected to not enter the tournament with some colorful language about the ability of the players he had remaining.

    Hagan was UK's AD when they almost received the death penalty again during basketball scandals at the end of Eddie Sutton's tenure. CM Newton replaced Hagan as AD. UK's baseball stadium is named Hagan and the football field is named for Newton who hired Rick Pitino.

    John Wall, PG. The one player whose career is projected, Wall averages 17.4 ppg and 8 apg.  Wall is selected over Rajon Rondo who played two seasons at UK and Kyle Macy who is scheduled to call the Arkansas-UGa game today and did not have a spectacular NBA career.

    Wall was the overall NBA number one pick, the first ever for a UK player, after one season at UK. His team went 36-3 losing in the Regional Finals to West Virginia. Wall was UK's all-time leading scorer as a freshman until he was passed in the West Virginia game by Demarcus Cousins.

    Honorable Mention: Jamal Mashburn, Hall of Famer and Celtic Sixth Man, Frank Ramsey, Tayshaun Prince, Rajon Rondo, Anthony Davis, and Demarcus Cousins.

    Early 50's players Ralph Beard and Alex Groza, projected to be NBA stars, were banned for life for the point shaving scandals.  Groza had averaged 22.5 and 10.7 in two seasons while Beard averaged 16 ppt and 4.4 apg in his two seasons.
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  • All-Time Teams for each current SEC school based solely on what the players did in the NBA/ABA.


    Shaq, C 28,596 points and 13,099 rebounds in 19 seasons, Shaq outscored Issel and is by far the number one NBA salary earner by an SEC alum. He averaged almost 30 points and 14 rebounds for the 2000 Lakers. He ranks 6th all-time in points scored, 5th in field goals, 13th in rebounds, and 7th in blocks.

    College Player of the Year and two-time SEC player of the year, Dale Brown met Shaq while his step father was stationed in Germany and Brown thought the young teen was a military man. He wrote him encouraging letters and Shaq landed at LSU where he played three seasons. His statue is in front of the practice facility.

    Pistol Pete, SG 15,948 points in 10 seasons and one of the youngest ever inducted into the Hall of Fame. After toiling with the Hawks and Jazz, Maravich got to experience post-season play with the Celtics. He averaged over 24 ppg over his career and once put up 68 against the Knicks.

    LSU's arena is named for Maravich who is the all-time leading scorer in NCAA history totaling 3,667 points (over 44 ppt) in three seasons. Dale Brown later calculated that if the 3-point line had been in place, Pete would have averaged 57 ppg. Brown replaced Pete's father Press Maravich as head coach. Youtube videos now available show LSU opponents sometimes frozen in place watching Maravich do his stuff.

    Pete Maravich died at 40 of heart failure after a break in a pick up basketball game with Jim Dobson and a ringer Dobson had brought in from UCLA. Pistol's last words were, "I feel great," when asked how he was. The Pistol had been born without a left coronary artery, a vessel which supplies blood to the muscle fibers of the heart.

    Bob Pettit, PF/C, Hall of Famer and the NBA's first ever MVP. Scored 20,880 and had 12,849 boards. His career 26.4 ppg is most by an LSU alum. Petit won the NBA All-Star Game MVP four times, matched to-date only by Kobe. Petit's 29.2 ppg in '59 was the most ever in the NBA at the time. In '58 Petit and Cliff Hagan led the Hawks to the NBA championship. He is the only player besides Groza (only two seasons, banned for life) to average over 20 ppg in every season he played.

    Petit averaged 27.8 ppg in his career at LSU and was a two-time All-American. He led LSU to their second SEC title ever and first in nearly 20 years. Bob Pettit Boulevard in Baton Rouge, LA is named for him.

    Chris Jackson, PG, averaged 14.6 ppg and 3.5 apg in 11 seasons as Mahmoud Addul-Rauf. He reached the playoffs a couple of seasons for Denver and averaged 19.2 ppg in two different seasons for the Nuggets. He hit 95.6% FTs in a season, third best ever in the NBA. In '96 Jackson once refused to stand for the National Anthem.

    In the period just before Arkansas joined the SEC, Jackson was a two-time SEC POY and was named to LSU's All-Century team with the likes of Maravich, Shaq, and Petit. He averaged 30.2 ppt, setting the NCAA freshman scoring record and became the 2nd freshman to be named to the AP All-American team. He left after his sophomore season.

    Marcus Thornton, SG 13.6 ppg in 4+ seasons and currently active. Thornton averaged over 21 ppg for Sacamento in '11.

    Thornton was SEC POY for LSU in '09 as a senior after playing two seasons for Kilgore (Rangerettes). He was two-time Coaches First Team All-SEC in his two seasons. LSU was 13-3 SEC champs in 2009 and made the NCAA second round.

    Honorable Mention:  Frankie Bryan, a '50's G averaged over 12 ppg in 7 seasons, John Williams, Big Baby, Brandon Bass, Kenny Higgs, Stromile Swift, and Tyrus Thomas.
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  • All-Time Teams for each current SEC school based solely on what the players did in the NBA/ABA.


    Bernard King, SF. The Hall of Famer scored 19,655 points in 14 seasons, averaging 22.5 ppg for his NBA career.  King became the first NBA player in 20 years to score 50 points in consecutive games.  The TNT studio analysts once named King to their "Next 10", the ten players in their mind, who had just missed the NBA's 50 Greatest Players announced in 1996.

    King was an All-American in each of this three seasons at Tennessee and was three-time SEC POY. He is second all-time at UT in points and rebounds. He left for the NBA after his junior season. King and Ernie Grunfield led UT to the 1977 SEC Championship (no SEC tournament at the time). King was the subject of a recent ESPN documentary.

    Allan Houston, SG. 17.3 ppg in 12 NBA seasons. Allan was a two-time NBA all-star noted for hitting a game winner at the buzzer allowing the 8-seeded Knicks to win an NBA play-off series over a 1-seed.  Houston won an Olympic Gold Medal at Sydney. The "Allan Houston Rule", pertaining to collective bargaining is his namesake.  Houston has made the third most money of any former SEC player in the NBA behind Shaq and Joe Johnson (yet to come in this series).

    Allan Houston's father Wade was head assistant to Denny Crum at Louisville. In high school, Houston's Ballard team won the State Championship in a shoot out with future Kentucky player Richie Farmer (recently imprisoned for ethics violations as a state official). Tennessee was able to recruit Allan by making Wade the first ever black head coach of a major sport in the SEC. Wade was also the first black member of an exclusive Knoxville Country Club. Allan was UT's all-time leading scorer with 2,801 points. Joined Ernie Grunfeld as UT's only four-time 1st Team All-SEC selections.

    Dale Ellis, SF/SG. 19,004 NBA points, second only to King among UT alum. Ellis peaked in the mid-to-late 80's averaging 27.5 ppg for Seattle in 1989 when he was an NBA All-Star.

    At Tennessee, Ellis was two-time SEC POY. He was named to the SEC Team of the 80s. The Vols made the NCAA-T in each of Ellis' four seasons. He scored over 2,000 points in his UT career.

    Red Robbins, C/PF. Averaged 13 and 10.5 in 7 ABA seasons including a championship with the Utah Stars.  The former JuCo averaged 17 points and 12.6 boards his senior season.  That rated All-SEC and Helms All-American honors.

    Ernie Grunfeld, SF/SG. Scored over 5,000 points in seven NBA seasons before becoming an NBA executive.  Grunfeld is one of three Vol players to have his jersey retired along with his teammate King and Allan.  Grunfeld was a two-time 1st Team All-American at UT. He was SEC POY in 1977.

    Honorable Mention: Tobias Harris, CJ Watson, 50's PF Dick Mehen, and Tom Boerwinkle.
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  • All-Time Teams for each current SEC school based solely on what the players did in the NBA/ABA.


    Charles Barkley, PF. 23,757 points in 15 seasons averaging 22 and 11.7.  The Hall of Famer won two Olympic Gold Medals, was an 11-time NBA All-Star and the 1993 NBA MVP. Sir Charles was named to the NBA All-Time 50th Anniversary Team. His straightforward approach as an analyst is respected.

    Barkley was SEC POY in 1984 and three-time All-SEC. He was named to Auburn's All-Century team. He was named SEC Player of the 1980's by a Birmingham paper.

    Mike Mitchell, SF. Over 15,000 points and almost 20 ppg over 9 year NBA career. He is 7th leading scorer in Spurs franchise history and was an '81 NBA all-star.  Mitchell is now Auburn's second leading all-time scorer with 2,136 and is the all-time leading rebounder at just under 1,000.  His jersey was retired a year ago.

    Chuck Person, F. Almost 14,000 points in 12 seasons. Charles Barkley's college teammate was the '87 NBA rookie of the year. He averaged 14.7 ppg for his career, he averaged over 21 ppg for the Pacers in 1989.  At Auburn, Chuck was a two-time All-American and 3-time All-SEC. He is Auburn's all-time leading scorer with 2,311 points.

    Eddie Johnson, Averaged over 15 ppg in his 10 year career with just over 10,000 points. Johnson averaged over 1,000 points per season in his first 8 seasons with the Hawks.  Found guilty of sexual assault of an 8-year-old, Johnson is serving life without parole.

    Wesley Person SG-SF, Chuck Person's younger brother, averaged over 11 ppg in 10 NBA seasons. He was NBA All-Rookie 2nd Team. He shot almost 42% from 3 for his NBA career.  Like his brother, Wesley was a 2,000 point scorer for Auburn.

    Honorable Mention: Chris Morris, Maravich-era SG John Mengelt, Marquis Daniels
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  • All-Time Teams for each current SEC school based solely on what the players did in the NBA/ABA.


    David Lee, C-F, 15.2 ppg and 9.8 rpg career, still active in his 8th season. Lee's a 2-time NBA All-Star and one of the top ten salary earners that are SEC alum. 2nd Team All-SEC as a Florida senior averaging 13.3 ppg and 6.8 rpg.

    Vernon Maxwell, G, Scored 10,912 points in 12 year career, averaging 12.8 ppg. Maxwell left as Florida's all-time leading scorer (2,450). It was later learned he took money from an agent. His records were erased. Maxwell had later legal issues including charges of adduction.

    Mike Miller, SF-SG, In his 13th season, Miller has 10,457 career points, averaging 12.0 ppg. One of the top ten former SEC salary earners in the NBA. In two seasons at UF, Miller was a Freshman All-American and Coaches All-SEC as a Soph.

    Al Horford, C, 2-time NBA all-star and All-Rookie. Averaged 14.0 and 9.5 in his career which continues in its sixth season. Horford was on the two-time Florida National Championship teams. Second in UF history in blocked shots and 7th in rebounds. All-SEC his junior and final season.

    Jason Williams, PG, averaged 10.5 and 6.0 assists in 12 seasons. Third most minutes played of any Florida player in the NBA. He won an NBA championship in 2006 and was an All-Rookie.  He followed Donovan from Marshall to Florida and once had 17 assists in one game. He was kicked out for pot usage. In high school he was one of the "good ol' boys, never meaning no harm" with Randy Moss.

    Honorable mention: Joakim Noah, Brad Beal, Udonis Haslem, Chandler Parsons, 7'0" Maravich-era C Neal Walk, Corey Brewer
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  • All-Time Teams for each current SEC school based solely on what the players did in the NBA/ABA.


    Latrell Sprewell SF-SG, 16,712 career points for an 18.3 ppg average over a 12-year career. Missed 68-games in his prime after being suspended for choking PJ Carlesimo. Ended career early after $21M for 3 years would not be enough to feed his children. 4-time NBA All-Star.

    Sprewell, a juco transfer, had two seasons at Bama. In his senior year, he was All-SEC and averaged 18, 5, and 2 steals per game. 

    Antonio McDyess PF/C, averaged 12 and 7.5 over a 15-year career. One time NBA All-Star and All-Rookie. He averaged over 20 ppg and 12 rpg game, twice in his career. At Bama, McDyess was All-SEC ’95 2nd Team and ’94 AP 3rd Team.

    Derrick McKey SF, averaged 11 ppg over a 14-season career.
    He was SEC player of the year for Bama in '87, leaving after his junior season.

    Mo Williams G, has scored over 9,000 points and is still active in his tenth season. Mo has averaged 13.5 ppg and 5.0 apg. He was an NBA All-Star in '09. At Bama, Williams was SEC Freshman of the Year in 2002 and left after his sophomore year. He was SEC 3rd-Team in both of his seasons at Bama.

    Robert Horry F, has been on seven NBA championship teams, the most anyone who did not play for the late-50s to 70s era Boston Celtics. In his 15-year career, Horry averaged 7.0 and 5.0.  At Bama, Horry was '92 All-SEC 2nd Team.

    Honorable Mention: Gerald Wallace, TR Dunn, Buck Johnson, Reggie King, Leon Douglas.
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  • All-Time Teams for each current SEC school based solely on what the players did in the NBA/ABA.


    Dominique Wilkins SF, Hall-of-Famer scored 26,668 points and hauled in 7,169 rebounds in 17 seasons (24.8 ppg, 6.7 rpg). Nine time NBA All-Star won two slam dunk contests.

    Wilkins was SEC POY in 1981 and left UGa after his junior season. He averaged 21.6 ppg over his career and is the only UGa basketball player to have his jersey retired (the Hawks also retired his jersey).

    Vern Fleming PG, 10,125 career points (11.3 ppg. and 4.8 apg.) in 12 seasons, 11 as the 6-5 lead guard for the Pacers. Fleming won a gold medal at the LA Olympics in 1984. Fleming helped lead UGa to the Final Four the year after Dominique went to the NBA. Fleming had 1,777 career points and 205 steals in his UGa career and averaged 20ppg and 2spg his senior season.

    Willie Anderson SF-SG, averaged 12.2 ppg in 9 NBA seasons. He was on the last US Olympic team using college players and got the Bronze in Seoul. He averaged 16 ppg and 4-5 apg in his last two seasons at UGa.

    Shandon Anderson SG-SF, Willie's brother scored over 5,000 points in his ten year career averaging 7.8. He won an NBA title in 2006. He had over 1,500 career points in 4 seasons at UGa never averaging over 15.0 ppg and he received second team All-SEC recognition.

    Damien Wilkins SG-SF, Dominique's nephew and Gerald's son played from '05 to '13 in the NBA. He averaged 6.3 ppg. He transferred to UGa from NC State for his Jr. and Sr. seasons, averaging over 12 ppg his final season.

    Honorable Mention: Tim Bassett, 70's ABA/NBA PF, Jarvis Hayes, Caldwell-Pope, and Jumaine Jones

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  • 14 players will be honored as SEC Basketball Legends in March in conjunction with the SEC Tournament:

    ARKANSAS - Clint McDaniel, Guard, 1992-95: A key player on Arkansas' 1994 NCAA Championship team and the 1995 NCAA National Runner-up squad, McDaniel was considered one of the best defensive players in the country during his time in Fayetteville. A starter in 59 of his 125 career games, he scored 1,007 career points and stands tied for fifth on the school's career steals list with 266. McDaniel can be found on most steals records lists at Arkansas, including steals as a senior with 102, an SEC record, second in single-game steals and steals in a single SEC game, fourth in steals over an SEC season and fifth in SEC career steals.

    McDaniel was a member of the 1995 Final Four All-Tournament team as well as a member of the AP All-SEC third team in 1995.
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    SEC Players on Initial Team USA 28-Man Roster

    Bradley Beal, Florida
    DeMarcus Cousins, Kentucky
    Anthony Davis, Kentucky
    David Lee, Florida

    Close: Andre Iguodala
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  • sports ‏@aldotcomSports  3h
    Former #Florida standout, Rockets F Chandler Parsons breaks @NBA record for 3-pointer in a half.  #GatorNation #SEC

    The 6-foot-9, 227-pounder went 10-for-11 from deep after starting the game 0-for-3 behind the arch to to finish with a career-high 34 points.

    ""I was pretty much unconscious. My body went numb," Parsons said when asked about his second-half shooting. "I've never felt that feeling on a basketball court before."
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  • All-Time Teams for each current SEC school based solely on what the players did in the NBA/ABA.

    Ole Miss

    Johnny Neumann SG, his 6,022 points in pro basketball exceeds the total of all other former Ole Miss players combined. Neumann was a poor man's Pistol Pete, averaging 40.1 ppg in his sophomore and only season at SEC, earning SEC POY. He was one of the first players to declare hardship and entered the NBA/ABA draft. Neumann averaged 18.6 and 19.3 ppg in his first two full seasons with Memphis in the ABA.  He played two seasons as a reserver in the NBA after the merger including 10-12 minutes per game with the Pacers.

    In the late 2000s, Neumann coached overseas on a team that went bankrupt. He made a return to Memphis to get help for his daughter after getting assistance from a former Ole Miss teammate. Forty years after leaving Tad Smith arena for the last time, Neumann made a return to an Ole Miss game and was warmly received during a time out.

    Elston Turner SF, scored almost 2,400 points in 8 seasons, the last seven as a reserve. A Knoxville native, Turner with teammates Sean Tuohy and Carlos Clark helped lead Ole Miss to their first ever NCAA Tournament appearance in 1981. His son, Elston, Jr. transferred to A&M and in 2013 became the third opposing player to ever score 40 in Rupp as the Aggies upset UK and later scored 37 against Ole Miss.

    Gerald Glass SF, scored 1,553 points in 4 NBA seasons. A transfer from Delta State, Glass had over 2,000 points and 1,000 rebounds in just two seasons at Ole Miss.

    Justin Reed SF, scored 472 points in 3 NBA seasons with his second season his most productive. Reed as a freshman helped Ole Miss make their only Sweet Sixteen appearance as a freshman. He made one of the All-SEC teams each of his four seasons in Oxford.

    Ansu Sesay SF, scored 401 points in 4 NBA seasons with his third season his most productive. Sesay was the SEC's POY in 1998 the year Ole Miss was 4-seed in the NCAA-T and had beaten eventual national champ UK in Lexington. Sesay missed a FT that set up Bryce Drew's buzzer beater upset win for Valpo.

    Honorable Mention: Carlos Clark, 6-11 C and Arkansas St. transfer Patrick Eddie, and John Stroud

    Sean Tuohy is radio analyst for the Memphis Grizzlies but did not play in the NBA. His recollections of the ruthlessness of early 80s Ole Miss coach and Bobby Knight disciple Bob Weltlich are documented in the "Blind Side: Evolution of a Game" though Weltlich is not mentioned by name.  Weltlich's act did not play as well in Austin.

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  • Ole Miss has produced the fewest number of NBA players of any SEC school.
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  • All-Time Teams for each current SEC school based solely on what the players did in the NBA/ABA.


    Clyde Lee C/PF, 5733 career points in 9 seasons, he averaged 7.7 points and 10-12 rebounds. As a junior in 1965 he led Vandy to their first SEC championship (15-1). Lost to Michigan and Cazzie Russell in the NCAA Regional finals. He was SEC POY in 1966. His jersey is retired at Vandy.

    Will Perdue C, averaged 4.7 points and 4.9 rebounds per game over a thirteen-year career. 4-time NBA Champion with the Bulls. SEC Player of the Year and Athlete of the Year in 1988.

    Bob Warren SG, averaged 8.9 ppg in 8 ABA seasons. He was elected to multiple All-SEC teams and received the SEC Sportmanship Award in 1968.

    Jeff Turner F, averaged 6.0 ppg in 10 NBA seasons. He was All-SEC and Academic All-SEC and a member of the United States' Olympic Gold Medal team in 1984.

    Jan Van Breda Kolff SF, averaged 6.2 ppg in 9 ABA and NBA seasons. V.B.K. was SEC POY in 1974 and came back to coach Vandy from '93-99.

    Honorable mention: Charles Davis, Jeff Taylor, John Jenkins, Dan Langhi, Tom Hagan
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  • Back to the West ('91-92 to present)


    Across-Time Starting Five are the Five SEC POYs

    Shaq   2 Time consensus SEC POY, 2 Time All-Defensive Team, C
    Swift  co-SEC POY, PF, 2-n-done, 2000 All-American  PF
    Bass   SEC POY, PF
    Big Baby  SEC POY, PF, 3-Time All-SEC
    Marcus Thornton, SG, ’09 SEC POY, ’08 All-SEC 2nd Team

    Sixth Man
    Tasmin Mitchell, F, ’10 All-SEC, 3rd leading scorer in LSU history behind Maravich and Durand Rudy Macklin.

    Honorable Mention Front Court
    Thomas, 2nd Team All-SEC ’06
    Jaime Lloreda, PF, ’04 All-SEC 1st Team, 2-n-done
    Justin Hamilton, C, '12 All-SEC 2nd Team
    Jabari Smith C, ’99-00 2 Time All-SEC 2nd Team
    Geert Hammink, C, 1st Team All-SEC ’93, Shaq’s long suffering backup
    Ronald Dupree, SF, ’01-03 3-Time All-SEC 2nd Team
    Vernell Singleton, All SEC 3rd Team, ’92, over 1,500 pts/750 rebs.
    Duane Spence, ’97 All-SEC 2nd Team, G’Town x-fer led team in scoring

    Honorable Mention Back Court
    Darrel Mitchell, G, ’06 All-SEC 1st Team
    Ronnie Henderson, 2-Time All-SEC 1st Team and leading scorer ’95-96
    Torris Bright, G, ’00 All-SEC 3rd Team, 4 year playa
    Jamie Brandon, G, Two-Time All SEC 2nd Team ’93-‘94, 2nd in 3pt %
    Maurice Carter ’99 All-SEC 3rd Team, 2-time leading scorer
    Collis Temple, SG, seemed like he was at LSU forever

    Dishonorable Mention
    Lester Earl
    Ross Neltner, PF, went to same school as cake eater Hefty Lefty.

    Where the hell is Chris Jackson????
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  • Across-Time Teams on Page 1 covered teams during the time period after Arkansas and South Carolina joined the SEC as denoted in the thread title and the date stamp ('91-92 to present).

    All-Time Teams for each current SEC school based solely on what the players did in the NBA/ABA.



    Chris Jackson, PG, averaged 14.6 ppg and 3.5 apg in 11 seasons as Mahmoud Addul-Rauf. He reached the playoffs a couple of seasons for Denver and averaged 19.2 ppg in two different seasons for the Nuggets. He hit 95.6% FTs in a season, third best ever in the NBA. In '96 Jackson once refused to stand for the National Anthem.

    In the period just before Arkansas joined the SEC, Jackson was a two-time SEC POY and was named to LSU's All-Century team with the likes of Maravich, Shaq, and Petit. He averaged 30.2 ppt, setting the NCAA freshman scoring record and became the 2nd freshman to be named to the AP All-American team. He left after his sophomore season.

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  • All-Time Teams for each current SEC school based solely on what the players did in the NBA/ABA.

    Mississippi State

    Bailey Howell F, Naismith Hall of Famer from Middleton, TN scored 17,770 points in 11 NBA seasons covering the 60s. 6-time NBA all-star and 2-time champion with the Celtics. Howell averaged 18.7 and 9.9. Howell's Miss. State jersey was retired at half time of the 2009 Arkansas game, the first for the Bulldogs. He is State's all-time leading rebounder and scoring average leader. He was a two-time all-american. The Bailey Howell Award goes to the state of Mississippi's best college player.

    Jeff Malone SG, scored 17,231 points in 12 NBA seasons, averaging 19 ppg. Malone was a two-time NBA all-star and All-Rookie 1st Team. For State, Malone was SEC POY in 1983. As a four-year starter at MSU, Malone shot 51 percent for his career and converted 80 percent of his free throws. He was a one-time All-American and three-time All-SEC.

    Erick Dampier C, averaged 7.4 and 7.1 in 15 NBA seasons ending in 2012. Dampier averaged 14.5 and 9.3 in his junior and final season at State, helping them win the SEC Tournament over regular season undefeated and eventual national champion UK and make the Final Four for the only time in school history. College basketball PBP gradually began to pronounce his last name the way his family intended.  By the end of the season, some basketball analysts were pronouncing the aforementioned ABA all-time leading scorer, Louie Dampier's surname the same way as Erick's (accent on second syllable).

    Rickey Brown PF/C, 1st round 13th overall pick, scored 1482 points in four NBA seasons beginning in 1981. He is one of six first-round NBA draft picks in Mississippi State history along with Howell, Wiley Peck, Malone, Dampier and Dontae' Jones. Brown played in Spain and Italy for 10 seasons following his NBA career. Brown averaged 20.5 and 14.4 his senior season at State and had career totals of 1838 points and 1092 rebounds.

    Lawrence Roberts PF, averaged 3.8 and 3.6 in 87 NBA games across two seasons. He is currently playing in Turkey. He was second round, 55th overall draft selection in 2005. A transfer after the Baylor murder scandal, Roberts did not have to sit out and made an immediate impact for State.  He was the 2004 SEC POY and 1st Team All-American averaging 17 and 10.  He averaged 17 and 11 in 2005. Roberts recorded State's first triple double (points, rebounds, and assists) in a non-conference game while wearing a mask to protect a broken nose.

    Honorable Mention: Leland Mitchell (early 60s SG who was 14th overall in the '63 NBA draft [2nd round back then] and did not play until '67-68 in the ABA for his State coach Babe McCarthy. He played in the historic NCAA-T game against Loyola of Chicago for State. State had won the SEC three seasons in a row and this was their first NCAA-T appearance.), Wiley Peck, Arnett Moutrie, Tang Hamilton, Dontae' Jones, Jarvis Varnado.
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  • All-Time Teams for each current SEC school based solely on what the players did in the NBA/ABA.

    South Carolina

    Alex English SF, scored 25,613 points in 14 seasons and averaged at least 25 ppg in eight consecutive seasons. He was an 8-time NBA All-Star and is the leading scorer in the history of the Denver Nuggets where he was a teammate with UK's all-time leading scorer Dan Issel. English scored almost 2,000 points and had over 1,000 rebounds with South Carolina in the 70s before they joined the SEC.

    Brian Winters SG, scored 10,517 points in 9 NBA seasons. He was a two-time NBA All-Star, All-Rookie and like English his number his retired by his NBA team, the Bucks. Winters was a head coach for two and a half seasons in the NBA. A Gamecock teammate of Alex English, Winters averaged 20 ppg his senior season and was the 12th overall pick in the '74 NBA draft.

    Tom Owens C/PF, had just under 10,000 points and 6,000 rebounds in 12 ABA and NBA seasons. He won a 1975 ABA Championship with the Kentucky Colonels. He was a Gamecock teammate of Brian Winters and like Winters, a native New Yorker. Owens led the ACC in rebounding in all years of his eligibility and hit the winning basket in the Gamecocks only ACC Tournament championship.  In the early 70s only the tournament champion advanced to the NCAA-T. He averaged just under 16 ppg for his career and was elected to the South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame.

    Jim Fox C, accumulated just under 7,000 points and over 5,500 rebounds in 9 NBA seasons. Fox once had a stat line of 25 points, 30 boards, and 9 assists against the Lakers. The rebound total is Seattle's single game record. Fox was the leading scorer and rebounder in his one season at SC where he is a Hall of Famer. He played in Europe two seasons before joining the NBA.

    John Roche PG/SG, scored 5,354 points in 8 non-consecutive seasons mostly in the ABA and an 80's comeback for 3 seasons in the NBA. He made the ABA All-Rookie Team in 1972, he averaged 10-12 ppg in his career.  Another native of NYC and Gamecock teammate of Winters and Owens, Roche was two-time ACC POY and runner-up the other season. He scored 1,910 points in his three seasons, averaging 22.5 ppg and was elected to the SC HOF.

    Honorable Mention: Mike Dunleavy, Gary Gregor, Tom Boswell, Kevin Joyce, Cedrick Hordges, and Renaldo Balkman.
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  • All-Time Teams for each current SEC school based solely on what the players did in the NBA/ABA.


    John Beasley 60's PF/C, 6,909 points and 4,257 boards in 7 ABA seasons. Averaged 16-20 ppg in his first four seasons. 3-time ABA All-Star and All-Star Game MVP. The Texarkana native was a two-time All-SWC player at A&M. Left A&M as the all-time leading scorer and rebounder.

    Sonny Parker 70's SF, scored 4,471 points in six seasons for Golden State averaging just under 10 ppg for his career. Parker averaged about 15 ppg in two seasons as a regular player. A Juco Hall of Famer, Parker became one of the few  A&M players to average 20 ppg and helped A&M make the NCAA-T his first and junior season. He gave a eulogy at Shelby Metcalf's funeral.  His son Jabari is one the nation's top freshmen players currently at Duke.

    DeAndre Jordan C, current Clipper is in his sixth NBA season. He is currently having his best NBA year averaging 9.6 ppg and 14 rpg. Jordan stayed loyal to A&M after BCG left for UK. The one-n-done, averaged 8 and 6 in 20 mpg. for the Aggies.

    Khris Middleton SF, current Buck is in his second NBA season. He is averaging 11.1 ppg in 29 mpg.  Middleton played 3 seasons for A&M, averaging 13-14 ppg in his sophomore and junior campaigns.

    Antoine Wright SG-SF, scored 1,614 points in five full NBA seasons. He currently plays in Israel. In 2005, Wright was the highest pick from the Big 12 Conference and in A&M history until Acie Law was drafted 11th in 2007. In three seasons at A&M, Wright scored 1,338 points. He was Big 12 Freshmen of the Year and helped A&M make the NIT his junior season with BCG, their best post-season effort since 1982.  Wright was All Big 12 as a junior, fourth in scoring, and tops in 3P% (44.7).

    Honorable Mention: Walt Davis, 50's Big replaced on Philadelphia Warriors by Wilt Chamberlain, Acie Law IV, and Donald Sloan
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  • All-Time Teams for each current SEC school based solely on what the players did in the NBA/ABA.


    Larry Drew, PG scored over 8,000 points in 10 NBA seasons. Drew averaged over 20 ppg and 8 apg for the Kansas City Kings in his third season, '82-83. He is currently head coach of the Bucks. His son Larry II plays for the Sioux Falls Skyforce in the D League. The elder Drew managed The Magic Johnson Foundation upon ending his pro playing career.

    At Mizzou, Drew scored 1,401 points in four seasons, averaging over 15 ppg as a junior.  He is the only Tiger to lead the team in assists three consecutive seasons.  He helped Mizzou win the Big 8 Tournament in '78 and the regular season title in '80. He was two-time team MVP and leadership award winner.

    Anthony Peeler SG, scored over 8,000 points in 13 NBA seasons beginning in '92-93. Peeler shot over 48% from the NBA 3 in his next to last season. The McD's AA from KC was the Big 8 POY in '92 averaging over 23 ppg. He scored 1,970 points in his four-year Mizzou career. He helped MU win the conference regular season and Big 8 Tourney, making the NCAA-T three times.

    Steve Stipanovich C, scored 5,323 points in 5 NBA seasons for a Mizzou alum high of 13.2 ppg and 7.8 rpg. He made the NBA All-Rookie Team in 1984 from the Pacers. Like Peeler, Stipo was Big 8 Newcomer of the Year and as a Senior was Big 8 POY. He totaled 1,836 points and 984 rebounds in four seasons. He averaged over 18 points and 8 boards as a senior.

    Stipanovich accidentally discharged a firearm injuring his shoulder early during his sophomore season. He initially reported that a "masked intruder with cowboy boots and a flannel shirt" who hated basketball players broke into his residence and shot him. After basketball Stipanovich owns and operates a coal mine and is involved in a ministry to help women who are victims of abuse.

    Keyon Dooling G, scored over 5,000 points in 13 NBA seasons ending last year, averaging seven ppg. At Mizzou, he averaged over 15 ppg his second and final season. From his MU bio: "... should really blossom in new coach Quin Snyder’s up-tempo, full-court style of play ... Has the ability to take over a game with his acrobatics and show-stopping play ..."

    Jon Sunvold G, scored 3,886 points in 9 NBA seasons. Sunvold averaged 7.7 ppg for his career, twice averaging in double figures scoring for a season. A teammate of Stipanovich, Sunvold was 2nd Team All-American in 1983. He scored almost 1,600 points in his MU career, averaging over 17 ppg as a senior. Sunvold is the analyst on the Missouri Sports Network and does some work on national broadcasts.

    Honorable Mention: 70s F John Brown, Linas Kleiza, Kareem Rush, Doug Smith, Med Park, Al Eberhard, and Demarre Carroll.

    Note: Norm Stewart played five games for the '56-57 St. Louis Hawks.
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  • All-Time Teams for each current SEC school based solely on what the players did in the NBA/ABA.


    Joe Johnson SG, 16,636 points and counting in the middle of his 12th NBA season. At over $150,000,000 in NBA salary alone, Johnson has made the most NBA money than any former SEC player besides Shaq.  He was named to his 7th NBA all-star team in 2014. Johnson averaged 25 ppg for the '06-07 Hawks.

    The former Arkansas Mr. Basketball, was the first Razorback freshman to lead the team in scoring and rebounding with 16 and 5.7. He helped lead the Hogs to an SEC Tournament championship requiring four games. He entered the NBA draft after his sophomore season.

    Sidney Moncrief G, scored almost 12,000 points in 11 NBA season. He had a run of five consecutive All-Star game appearances from '82 to '86. Moncrief was two-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year. His No.4 jersey is retired by the Bucks.  His 3,575 NBA rebounds is more than Corliss corralled.

    Moncrief had over 2,000 points and 1,000 boards at Arkansas. As one of the famed "Triplets", he led Arkansas to their first Final Four appearance in 1978. In 1979, Sid was consensus first team All-American averaging 22 and 9.6.

    Alvin Robertson SG, is one of NBA players to have over 10,000 points, 4,000 rebounds, and 2,000 steals in 10 seasons. The four-time NBA all-star was the NBA Defensive POY and Most Improved Player in 1986.  He led the lead in steals three times and his 2.71 steals per game is the most in NBA history. His three-pointer off the opening tip was the Raptors' first points in franchise history after a two-year layoff. He won an Olympic Gold Medal at LA in '84.

    The juco transfer played three seasons at Arkansas, joining the 1,000 point club with 217 steals. He was the 7th pick in the '84 draft by the Spurs. He has had issues with running afoul of the law in recent years.

    Corliss Williamson F, scored 9,147 points and hauled in 3,183 rebounds in his 12 NBA seasons. He was NBA 6th Man of the Year in '02 and won a championship ring with the Pistons in '04.

    The former Gatorade National POY at Russellville, Corliss was an all-SEC 1st Team as a Freshman.  He was SEC POY in '94 and '95, joining Shaq as the only two-time award winner since the Hogs joined the league.  He was SEC's Male Athlete of the Year in '94. He played in consecutive NCAA Final games winning the championship and MOP in '94. He had over 1,700 points and 600 boards in three seasons.  He is currently on the Kings staff.

    Darrell Walker PG, five Razorbacks have logged over 18,600 career minutes played in the NBA and one of those is Darrell Walker.  Walker scored 6,389 points with over 3,000 rebounds and assists and 1,000 steals in 10 NBA seasons. He made the NBA All-Rookie Team in '84 and won a championship ring with the '93 Bulls in his last season.

    Walker was a consensus second team All-American for the Hogs in '83. The former WestArk player, scored 1,325 points, grabbed 463 boards, and made 230 steals in his three-year Hog career.  He averaged 18.2 ppg, 5.7 rpg, 3.3 apg, and 2.8 spg in his final Razorback season.

    Honorable Mention: Ron Brewer, Ronnie Brewer, Todd Day, Joe Kleine, Andrew Lang, Oliver Miller, Jannero Pargo, and Lee Mayberry.

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  • Former SEC players who won the NBA slam dunk contest:

    1989: Kenny Walker UK/New York Knicks

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  • Former SEC players who were NBA slam dunk champions

    Dominique Wilkins UGa/Atlanta Hawks


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  • Back in 1978, CBS figured it would be entertaining TV if it could match NBA stars in a tournament featuring the schoolyard game of H-O-R-S-E.

    George “Ice” Gervin, one of the greatest scorers in the history of the game, probably could have won the whole thing had he not run into the ultimate H-O-R-S-E player who possessed a bottomless bag of trick shots.

    The late "Pistol" Pete Maravich, former LSU and Jazz star, was fondly remembered by Gervin and other Naismith Basketball Hall of Famers on Friday during a Hall of Fame announcement at the Hyatt.

    Hall of Famers Gervin, Calvin Murphy, Rick Barry and Dominique Wilkins all enjoyed dishing on Maravich’s greatness, and also his heart on and off the court.

    "Pete Maravich got me ready for the NBA," Wilkins said. "The summer before I started with the Hawks, he came to Athens and worked me out. I was a big fan of his throughout his college days and in the pros. So when he called me and said, 'Let’s work out,' I said, 'Of course.' Hey, this was Pete Maravich calling me.

    "He took me under his wing and he had an unbelievable wealth of basketball knowledge. He put me through ball-handling drills, shooting drills. He was way before his time. I don’t know if you'll see a ball-handler like him ever."

    Maravich died after a pick up basketball game in 1988 due to a heart attack. He had been born with a missing left coronary artery.
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  • Former SEC players who are NBA slam dunk champions

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  • Michael Bonnette ‏@LSUBonnette ·Feb 16
    Great moment when Charles Barkley spotted Les. Barkley screamed "Les Miles I have to meet you" They met. Les invited him to @lsufball game.

    Part of NBA All-Star game festivities
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  • SI from 1999
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