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  • Blake Anderson stated in today’s Jonesboro Sun that the “overall tempo and communication improved from the April 4th scrimmage”.  Anderson was also was quoted in the article as saying,  “A lot of energy, really competitive, physical” and “We had some big hits, big plays on both sides. I think we got out of it fairly healthy and thought the tempo on both sides was better.”.

    Some performances were noted in the Sun Article on offense.

    QB’s Justice Hansen and backup Logan Bonner threw three TDs apiece while combining for 442 yards on 27- of-44 accuracy.

    Sophomore Jonathan Adams Jr.  led the receiving corps with five catches for 129 yards, including a 70-yard TD.

    Former Razorback senior Kendrick Edwards had four receptions for 62 yards, including a 26 yard TD.

    Senor Jeff McInnis had three receptions for 80 yards including a 25-yard TD.

    Former Sooner junior Dahu Green had a 65-yard TD, and junior Omar Bayless a 9-yard TD.

    Senior RB Armond Weh-Weh finished with 71 yards and a TD, on 19 carries.

    Defensive coordinator Joe Cauthen was especially pleased with the hits he saw according to the Sun.

    “I saw a lot of violence. I saw some big hits today, which was pleasant to see, “ Cauthen said. “I hadn’t seen this in the past springs. That was probably the biggest thing that stuck out to me and won’t know the rest of it until I get in there and evaluate the film.”

    Some defensive performances were noted in the article.

    Senior end Ronheen Bingham got to the QB on three occasions, deflecting a pass, and forced a holding penality.

    Sophomore end William Bradley-King had a sack and knocked down a pass.

    Senior end Christian Howard had a sack.

    Senior end Dajon Emory had a pass deflection.

    Senior DB Kavin Alexander intercepted a pass.

    A-States spring game is scheduled for Saturday at 3 p.m.
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  • Here is a recap of the Saturdays scrimmage from AStateNation.

    Includes a video of Brian Early, defensive line/run game coordinator, who mentions some defensive players that are having a good spring.

    A-State is expected to again have one of the more explosive offenses in college football in 2018, so how they perform on defense could determine if they have a good or an outstanding season. So far the reports have been promising, and everything points to them being a much more physical unit on that side of the ball in 2018.
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  • Thanks I hope the Tribe has a great year.