• #1 by GusMcRae on 12 Jan 2017

    You can go on this site and on the right hand side there's a link to go in as a guest instead of registering.

    The blue and white Cessna 150 M is my hangar neighbor's plane.  Landed around midnight back in August and after touching down while still keeping the nose wheel up while letting the plane slow down, hit a hog (pilot said it probably weight 175#, picture on his phone looked like it was at least that) with the right hand landing gear.  Scared the crap out of him, didn't know what he had hit as his sight was blocked from the cowling of the plane being in a high position as he was holding back on the yoke to keep the nose wheel off the ground until it slowed down more.  The little step that sits on top of the main gear punctured the hog's lung.  When he turned around and taxied back to see what it was, the hog was still alive but bleeding out on the runway. 
    The wrinkle in the fuselage, right behind where the RH main gear attaches to the fuselage, is barely even noticeable.
    Insurance loss adjuster totaled the plane. 
    Nice little 150, would be  a great trainer and would probably be a pretty easy fix to reinforce the area where the wrinkle is. 
    Insurance asked if he was certain the hog did not hit the prop.  The guy is pretty sure but can't say for certain it did not hit the prop.  There was hair and blood on the step, but no evidence of anything on the prop.  But insurance is saying he can't be sure it didn't hit the prop, so the engine has to be torn down. 
    Someone will probably get a bargain.
  • #2 by GusMcRae on 25 Mar 2018
  • Update on my hangar neighbor: He got his insurance money from the 150 and about 2 months ago purchased a late 60s 172, for just slightly over his settlement. The guy likes to fly around local and night. A front was forecasted to hit about 2:00am last Monday morning. It hit about 10:30 pm and he was still out in it. Tried to land and flipped his 172. After seeing it I am certain that if that 150 was totaled after the hog strike, the 172 is definitely totaled. I have pics on my phone of the 172.
    The guy is ok, just bruised and sore. Not sure if his flying days are over or not. Probably doubled his money on the insurance claim this time.

    I'm planning to ask him what he charges to wreck a plane. ;)

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  • That sucks. I was driving across Louisiana the other night with that system moving in(three days ago?) and could see a wall of dust blowing right at us across a field.

    Just read about the 150 in your earlier post. Iím not a fan of holding the nose off in something that small