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 on: Today at 10:35:03 pm 
Started by Jacksonshog - Last post by Boardon Hamsay
But what if there's a monster under the bed?  I'd feel better if he was here.

Id go with the Snoopy nightlight.

 on: Today at 10:34:28 pm 
Started by Jacksonshog - Last post by Boardon Hamsay
Maybe there's nothing new to report?

Lets ask this. What coaching news is there to report given we have a game manana?

 on: Today at 10:32:58 pm 
Started by SnoutSays - Last post by jgphillips3
He's trying to learn to love baseball.

Hes lying alone with his head on the phone...Thinking of you till it hurts
I know you hurt too, but what else can we do? Tormented and torn apart...

 on: Today at 10:32:53 pm 
Started by hawgfan4life - Last post by hawgfan4life
Neither are many of those you "objectively" and "unemotionally  ;)" label haters. 

So much to address in your OP.  I am happy to see you used paragraphs.  Nice improvement.

Mike - No losing seasons is a nice trivia fact.  I won't argue if you want to call it an accomplishment.  Year 8 in itself isn't a significant marker.  8 seasons is significant as it is a large sample size.  You can cherry pick whatever timeframe you want and it still comes back to what he has done at Arkansas is not good enough and the only reason he still has a job is because of who he is.
3 NCAATs out of 8 seasons
3 NCAATs out of the last 5 seasons
2 NCAATs out of the last 4 seasons
2 NCAATs out of the last 3 seasons - best option?

Do we look at the entire body of work?
Season 1 - build starts
Season 2 - build continues
Season 3 - NIT - underwhelming and missed opportunity
Season 4 - 27-9 but complete roster/recruiting/off the court incompetence afterwards killed all program momentum
Season 5 - 16-16 - rebuild again
Season 6 - 26-10 and best NCAAT showing in 2 decades, should have been higher than an 8 seed
Season 7 - 23-12 right on the MA career avg, disappointing veteran team, roster turnover again
Season 8 - 17-15 NIT

It isn't hating to call this underwhelming to the point change should be made. 
Season 1 - lost best veteran player to injury at the start, winning record and no postseason, starting rebuild so no reason to be critical about this season, SEC was an awful basketball conference
First recruiting class:  Qualls, Bell, Clarke, Williams, Wagner.  Not a bad haul.  Clarke may have been the best role filler Mike has had at Arkansas.  Qualls took a little time to learn how to play basketball but was a solid contributor for 2 seasons, Bell underwhelmed till his senior season, Williams was a bit of a head case who needed the boot to mature and develop to his potential, Dee was a wasted scholarship offer

Season 2 - unremarkable season except for the home win over #2 Florida, competitive team, still in rebuild so no reason to be too critical of just this season, SEC was still awful
Second recruiting class:  Portis, Kingsley, Watkins.  Great 2 season player and 2 solid contributors in their 3rd and 4th seasons.

Season 3 - Long gave him a free pass for this season.  I disagree he should have gotten it.  Underachieved IMO.  Had the great wins and could have been program defining wins over UK had they led to something.  Had the Ole Miss win in BWA that looked like Hawg Ball of February making a run to get into the NCAAT.  Poor non conference scheduling and end of season chokes led to NIT and an embarrassment there at Cal.
Third recruiting class:  Beard, Babb, Durham, Thompson.  Meh.  Fair class.  Babb was the first transfer which signaled what was to come.  This class needed to build on Portis and Qualls and start the run.  It wasn't good enough.

Season 4 - 27-9 record, Top 25 ranking for part of the season with a high of 18, 5 seed in NCAAT, NCAAT R1 win.  Good season.  Should have been the base of the program's run of NCAAT success.
Fourth recruiting class:  A disaster.  Complete incompetence and failure.  Staff knew the risk with Kapita.  This was the type of recruit Nolan would have tried for back in the 90s when there were partial qualifiers or Mike when he was at UAB.  Staff had to know Portis was gone.  They knew what they had in Qualls, his situation and he could likely go.  Again, incompetence.  Did sign Whitt who had been hailed for a while as a difference making recruit.  Made it one season and then gone like Babb.  Doobie Jenkins...seriously...wth

Season 5 - 16-16, waste of season due to the incompetence and the underwhelming recruiting after the second and third seasons (other than Portis who is gone to the NBA).  That and the counterfeit ring which put a dent in that Mike Anderson discipline facade.  Lost Whitt after the season to transfer.  Was fortunate enough to have Dusty to have transferred in and eligible this season to keep it from being that first losing season.
Fifth recruiting class:  the staff did good work but it was a short term fix.  Macon and Barford solid signees of course.  Good enough additions to get us back in the NCAAT.  Cook contributed a little.  Bailey is the fan's fave punching bag.  Hazen another Dee Doobie.  CJ  looked a like a promising developmental prospect to fill a role at some point. Bailed too after a couple of seasons.

Season 6 - 26-10, NCAAT 8 seed, 1 win in NCAAT, bad breaks kept this from team from breaking through in the NCAAT and making a run.  However, it wouldn't have been playing UNC as an 8 seed in NC if not for the underachieving in middle of the SEC season and blowout non conf losses. 
Sixth recruiting class:  Gafford, Garland, Hall, Gabe - very good class at the time.  Now it looks like we will get 2 seasons, 0 so unfortunately, 1 season and ?  Gabe could be the only 4 year player for us. 

Season 7 - 23-12, NCAAT 7 seed, embarrassing NCAAT loss, supposed team chemistry was off with the upperclassmen looking towards their pro futures and some disgruntled underclassmen.  Gafford a bright spot.  Hall and CJ bailed.  SEC's emphasis on improving basketball from the first half of the decade is starting to pay off.  Better coaches have brought more competition and are recruiting more talent.
Seventh class:  8 person class looks solid although no national top 100 players.

Taking in its totality, the first seven seasons are underwhelming.  There was no consistency.  Erratic and underwhelming recruiting.  Failed to capitalize on any opportunities to build momentum to elevate the program back to national relevancy:  Feb 2014 led to March 2014, 27 win 2015 led to nothing, 26 win 2016 and near upset of UNC led to a decent but disappointing 2017.  2017 saw an exodus of players due to the bandaid JC recruiting done after the 2015 debacle leading to 2018 and rebuilding season #5.  Or 2 if you join Jeff Long in throwing away seasons 1-3 and completely ignoring they ever existed.

Season 8: 17-15 to be continued in the NIT
Recruiting: 1 3 star signee, I believe when I last looked at least 7 SEC programs have multiple top 100 players signed/committed in this class.

I don't believe it is unfair to be critical of Mike's recruiting, staff hiring, roster management, defenses considering the personnel he has had, rebounding or preparation for opponents. 

Mike has failed to deliver the system he was supposed to implement.  8 seasons is a long time to have gotten it done.
Mike has failed to bring the fan excitement promised when the hire was campaigned for and forced.  You don't like mentioning attendance and try and dismiss it as it is happening everywhere.  Our attendance would be better if Mike had delivered on his system and if seasons like 2015 or 2017 led to the start of building up to consistent national relevancy. 

None of this represents hatred in the least. 

As far as other coaches, you have to look at where they are and what they inherited just as we do with Mike.  I'm not advocating for any of them over Mike.  I do believe if you put most any of them at Arkansas, they would do no worse than Mike has over these last 8 seasons.  A few would maybe be worse. 

Can't argue much against what you posted.  However, the same thing can be done for each of the coaches from the other schools in our conference.  Point is that MA is not a bad coach.  He simply isn't and his career results prove as much.  It also proves he isn't a great coach.  Maybe AR will make a significant improvement with a new hire, but that will be a long shot statistically.  Statistics demonstrate we likely will not get much better than we currently have now other than a possible improvement in post season performance.  That is truly the single area where MA's performance has been lower than could be expected.  Some of that may have something to do with his coaching, but some of it had to do with bad draws and horrible officiating against NC a couple of years ago.  Last year's first round was inexcusable, but every program with high expectations has NCAA Tournament exits that they deem inexcusable.  IMO, the inevitable is already written whether it happens this year or in a couple of years the next time AR has a couple of seasons that fans deem underwhelming.  I would like to see us pull the bandage now, but that is me at this time.  Either way, MA is a decent coach and AR will be fortunate to hire someone that will consistently exceed what we have had the last three years.

 on: Today at 10:32:39 pm 
Started by jbcarol - Last post by Boardon Hamsay
Btw, we should all give it up to jbcarol for pulling off a successful and entertaining NIT selection show thread.

 on: Today at 10:32:38 pm 
Started by Jacksonshog - Last post by PonderinHog
Maybe there's nothing new to report?
But what if there's a monster under the bed?  I'd feel better if he was here.

 on: Today at 10:32:35 pm 
Started by Jacksonshog - Last post by Scott7703
Porkatarian is very connected.   He's probably the best and most consistently right guy, moreso even than media who have off record access to the program.

Erie must know Pork.

 on: Today at 10:30:33 pm 
Started by Jacksonshog - Last post by huntindoc
Maybe there's nothing new to report?

 on: Today at 10:29:59 pm 
Started by SnoutSays - Last post by Boardon Hamsay
He's trying to learn to love baseball.

Sounds like he might need to listen to some Air Supply....

 on: Today at 10:29:47 pm 
Started by A_R_K_A_N_S_A_S - Last post by Mikey
Two games against the #4 Whorns on the road.  This is obviously this team's first big chance to make a name for themselves this season.  I can't wait to see how we do in these games.

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