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  • The video is 1 hour & 12 minutes long, so settle in with some popcorn if you plan on watching the whole thing. He explains a lot of his offensive/defensive philosophy, schemes, etc.

    Arkansas head football coach, Chad Morris, opened up the Razorback team meeting room for media on Wednesday morning for a coaching clinic.

    The new Head Hog discussed everything from the basics of field spacing and personnel groupings to offensive and defensive schemes.

    The first thing Morris went over was spacing on the field. Explaining the different yardage distances on the field. He explained that the reason it's so important to understand this is because, "A lot of these players we get in here, they didn't understand how far it is from the sidelines to the bottom of the numbers."

    Morris also talked about how his tempo offense, which he's known for, isn't always about going fast.

    The Head Hog says that running an offense at the same pace at all times makes it easier on opposing defenses. Therefore, the team will work at a slower pace sometimes to make the disrupt the defense.

    For the entire coaching clinic with Chad Morris, watch the video posted above.
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  • Youtube version so I can embed it here:

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  • If you want to know where the "Football in it's Natural State" (and the outline of the state on the side) comes from, listen to the last few minutes.