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Author Topic: Allen Greene shakes up Auburn's athletic department: 6 administrators fired  (Read 176 times)

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Extending Bruce Pearl's contract was just one of a series of major personnel decisions Auburn athletic director Allen Greene made on Monday.

Greene shook up Auburn's athletic department, firing six senior administrative staffers

Among those let go were chief communications officer Ward Swift, senior associate athletic directors Bernard Hill and David Mines, senior women's administrator Meredith Jenkins and chief revenue officer Michael McBride, the source said.

The longest tenured of those five was Jenkins, who started working at Auburn in July 1994. She spent 11 years in media relations and has been the SWA for the last several years.

Jenkins was involved in the Auburn softball scandal last year, including instructing players to delete text messages obtained from a teammate's phone that proved an inappropriate relationships between a player and then-assistant coach Corey Myers, who resigned that same day, March 30, 2017. Clint Myers resigned in August amid a Title IX investigation into him and his son, Jenkins was not the softball administrator this past season and athletic director Jay Jacobs resigned in November.


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Auburn athletic director Allen Greene discusses administrative shakeup, coach contracts

On his 124th day on the job, Auburn athletic director Allen Greene put four months of assessment and evaluation into action.

Greene fired six Auburn athletics administrators on Monday, signaling a change in era and way of doing business for a department that had become bloated with C-suite positions and six-figure salaries with ambiguous job titles and responsibilities.

The moves came just three weeks after Greene, who was hired on Jan. 19 and began his tenure on Feb. 1, he did not have "a great enough understanding yet" to make such personnel decisions.

In his most definitive public statements to date, Greene shared with AL.com what went into thought process in shaking up Auburn's athletic department.

"I really wanted to take my time these first few months to really evaluate where I thought our strengths were and where I thought we needed to be going," Greene said. "It was determined that we needed to streamline our operation. So, consolidating responsibilities - we're seeing that at Texas, we're seeing that at other places - making sure that we're being prudent with our resources and being effective with serving our student-athletes."

More changes are expected, though Greene would not expound on how many.

"I want there to be turnover in our department," he said. "I think that it's healthy to have natural turnover. We want to have people who are ambitious, who want to come into Auburn, give us all they've got a for whatever number of years and then be ready to go to take a job someplace else that is in their best professional interest."

That's not to say that strong performance and experience aren't valued, as evident in Greene's decision to extend the contracts for men's basketball coach Bruce Pearl and women's basketball coach Terri Williams-Flournoy and desire to do the same with baseball coach Butch Thompson.

The process of extending Pearl's contract three more years through 2022-23 was a bit tedious and particularly clunky for members of his staff but the dust has ultimately settled and they're all being retained.

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