• #51 by GuvHog on 08 Jun 2018
  • 6-2 last two years, after two years of building his own team. 

    Arkansas was 59-53 in the SEC from 1998 to 2011.  The last six years skew the numbers.  They don't mean Arkansas has suddenly become a bad football program.  It is the worst stretch in 65 years.  Over time we compete well with every member of the SEC West except Alabama.  No one else does, either. 

    The Nutt-Petrino years add up to 14 seasons. Of those 14 seasons, only 3 were losing seasons. In 8 of those 14 seasons the Hogs won at least 8 regular season games.

    Anyone who is pegging the Colorado State game as a possible loss for the Hogs hasn't done near enough research on Colorado State.
  • #52 by DLUXHOG on 08 Jun 2018
  • Once again, it's almost summer, which means it's time for Hog football fans to wildly over-predict how "good" the Hogs will be in.....Ö......Under Coach Chad Morris, the Hogs will remain what they have been for more than a quarter century. They will be somewhere between really awful and solidly second rate........

    But I'm not a "real fan" because I really do think the Hogs win 2, maybe 3 SEC games next year, and probably drop one against Colorado State on the road.

    woo, pigs, etc.

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  • Dear OP: 

    I'm sure you're a fan.  I'm also sure that context is a concept that escapes you. 

    How has Tennessee faired post-Fulmer?  When did Arkansas primarily play UT?  Was South Carolina good without Spurrier?  Florida without Spurrier or Meyer?  Bama without Saban?  How about the rest of the SEC vs. Saban?  What was Arkansas' record against Auburn and LSU with Nutt and Petrino?  Do you think "fit" is important for a coach?  Do you think Crowe, Ford, and Bielema did a good job?  Do you think because we sucked in '92 and '97 and '05, that we necessarily should suck this year or next year?

    My point is, stop painting with a broad brush.  What happened 10 years ago doesn't have anything to do with what might happen in the next 10.

    Meh, I agree with this to some degree (when Iím feeling really optimistic) but also see OPís point. What has happened is generally the best indicator for what will happen.

    I tend to think if you find yourself arguing often about whether or not you suck its probably a good indicator you suck. Fat chicks worry about looking fat.