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Author Topic: If you had to make an all-time Arkansas starting 5, who would be your starters?  (Read 4198 times)

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Any Hog all time starting 5 without Todd Day is immediately void. He is the all time leading scorer in program history, was a really good defender, could rebound, and was a better passer than many remember.
Day showed glimpses and flashes where he played the game on just a different level than everyone else.....as well as anyone I've watched, I'm talking Jordan, Magic, Bird type great play.  When he was on, he was as good as they get.

I watched the guy closely, in ways, kind of a hard guy to figure out.  But the guy was crazy good.


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Center - Joe Kleine
Power Forward - Corliss Williamson
Small Forward - Marvin Delph*
Guard - Sydney Moncrief
Guard - Lee mayberry

* Marvin Delph was the only player in the History of Razorback Basketball to be Drafted into the NBA 2 years in a row after leaving Arkansas. He turned them both down, saying he had a higher calling.

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I would find a way to work Patrick Beverly into my starting line-up. Too bad he didn't get to stick around for the whole 4 years. Loved to watch him play.

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Joe Kleine
Corliss Williamson
Lee Mayberry
Sidney Moncrief
Marvin Delph

For the people who said they would put their Hog team up against anybody, I understand the sentiment...but just consider what some other schools could put on the floor.  LSU, for example:

Shaquille O'Neal
Pete Maravich
Bob Pettit
Chris Jackson

I don't care if you put Mrs. Doubtfire on the floor as the fifth starter, the first three are among the greatest players of all time, any league or any era, and Chris Jackson was one of the greatest scorers in college history.  Put in anyone you choose...Big Baby, anyone...and that is going to be a hard lineup to beat.

Don’t completely disagree but if I remember correctly, Shaq never beat the Hogs - not one time - if you put Darrell Walker or Sidney or Alvin on Maravich, he scores in single digits

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PG Lee Mayberry
SG Super Sid Moncrief
SF Todd Day
PF Corlis Williamson
C Oliver Miller

I put that line up against anybody.
Really?  Not taking a shot at Ark. but look at LSU.
pg- Pistol Pete
2g- Chris Jackson
sf-Ben Simmons
pf-Bob Petit

I won't even get into UCLA, UNC, DUKE, UK, KU Etc...

Great line up at Ark. but not the top imo.
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